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Wickedly Perfect, Episode #4 – Living Works of Art

by Heather

Episode four opens with the Wickedly Perfect contestants hanging out in the estate’s kitchen eating Mitch’s homemade biscuits. Host, Joan Lunden, enters with a member of the Board of Directors for the Bruce Museum in Greenwich, Connecticut. Joan says for the next challenge the teams will serve as the entertainment for the museum’s season opening party. Each team will create a living work of art inside a life-sized frame. The teammates will be judged on the quality of the frame, the overall concept, and the costumes. At least one of the costumes must be made from scratch. For the individual project, the contestants must each make a masquerade mask. They have 36 hours to complete this week’s challenge. Each team gets $1500 to buy supplies for both their group and individual projects.

Team Artisan’s Darlene and Kimberly are excited about the challenge. Darlene says she has a lot of sewing experience and is looking forward to making the costumes, while Kimberly will tackle the task of making the life-sized picture frame. Tempers flare when Margo tries to help Kimberly build the picture frame. Margo says Kimberly wants all the glory but won’t finish projects. Kimberly says she’s going to have to ‘watch her back’ around Margo from now on.

Meanwhile, the Crafty Beavers are getting along well, particularly Heather and Amy, who have become good friends. The team has chosen a “pop art cabaret” theme, and this time Amy is taking the leadership roll in the project because of her fine arts background. Heather gets annoyed with Mitch because he is taking a backseat in this project, choosing to spend most of his time working on his individual project. When he finishes his eccentric, black boa laden mask, Mitch decides to play mind games with Team Artisan. He walks through the kitchen where the ladies are burning the midnight oil on their project to show off his creation.

It’s show time at the Bruce Museum. In this episode Bobby Flay is replaced with guest judge Patricia Fields who is best know for her work in dressing the cast of HBO’s hit series ‘Sex and the City’. Judges Candace Bushnell and David Evangelista are also at the museum as Joan unveils Team Artisan’s living work of art, entitled “Women Through the Ages.” Amy, Darlene and Kimberly are wearing dresses reminiscent of the 1800’s, all made from scratch. They’re surrounded by a gold-painted frame as they act out a scene of women drinking, smoking cigars and playing cards. Denise and Margo (who say they wouldn’t fit inside the frame) watch their teammates from across the room as museum guests laugh in amusement at the skit.

The crowd gasps in amazement as The Crafty Beavers are unveiled. All the teammates are dressed in colorful cabaret garb, except for Tim who has a tuxedo jacket painted on his bare chest. The group is inside an intricately hand-carved frame, complete with special theatrical lighting. David says he loves the colors used in the Crafty Beavers’ project. The judges ask Team Artisan who built their frame. Margo says she did, infuriating Kimberly. Back at the estate Kimberly confronts Margo saying what she did was sneaky and ugly, and that ‘the gloves are off’.

Amy says she feels confidant that the Crafty Beavers will win because they are a team of ‘really creative people’ against a bunch of ‘housewives’. The teams assemble to hear the judges’ critiques. David says Team Artisan’s hair and make up didn’t look like that of women from the 1800’s, however, Patricia was impressed with the team’s handmade costumes. As for the Crafty Beavers, David says he loved their use of color, calling it ‘eye candy’; however, Patricia was not impressed with the bland color of their frame. Candace adds the team’s lack of a storyline made the crowd lose interest quickly.

After deliberating, the judges decide that Team Artisan is the winner, saying they had substance while the Crafty Beavers were all flash. Patricia says she wasn’t impressed with their individual projects, saying Mitch’s prized mask was downright ‘ugly’ and looked like a spider. Nevertheless, the judges choose Heather’s and Tim’s masks as the weakest individual projects.

Out at the Rock Garden, Mitch, still scarred by the ‘ugly’ comment, confronts Patricia saying he didn’t think insulting his mask was professional. Patricia stands her ground saying his individual project was all flash and no content. Candace goes on to say that Mitch needs to develop a thicker skin and that creative people should to learn to deal with criticism. It’s time for the big decision. Amy and Mitch both decide to vote Tim off the show.

Reminder: Wickedly Perfect has moved from Thursday to Saturday night on CBS.

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