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Episode 4 – You Are The Weakest Link, Good – Bye

Since none of the celebrities made their targets last week, the panel is looking for answers. ANT mentions that the celebs aren’t putting in quite a stellar performance at Fit Camp.

Daniel doesn’t participate due to his back issues. They say Judge Mablean gives a lot in the exercising process but gets annoyed at herself and others. Harvey feels the answer is this:

**** the celebs are too used to being pampered. They’re laaaaaazy. *****

Perhaps, VH-1 should consider my idea to prove this. Have a group of regular “Joe’s” like me and a few other fat Americans and have them compete against some celebs. Let’s see who does better.

Losing weight isn’t easy and the aggressive weight-loss targets on this show are hard to meet. Having said that, it does seem that some of the stars are resistant to what the program requirements are.

This week, in order to shake things up, ANT tells us that the teams have to vote off one member – the weakest – and send that person to the other team. Mablean felt like it was bad news. Her predictions are that Kim Coles and Joe G will be making the switch.

That seems to be the overall consensus, although Team Baldwin aka the “Eastsiders” are NOT happy. Daniel says he’d take anyone but Kim. Kim doesn’t want to be on his team, either. Nananabooboo. So there!

In the end, I was a bit surprised by the vote. Kim, Wendy, Ralphie and Mablean herself all voted for the judge to get the heave-ho. Mablean says that, because she was the team lead, and the team wasn’t doing well, she is taking responsibility for that and feels it’s her fault.

Daniel’s Team did trade Joe. Joe voted for himself, but Mia also voted for herself. Daniel had some harsh words for Joe and said that he wasn’t a team player because he gained weight and well, he didn’t want him on his team anymore. This was after Joe had said that the “Eastsiders” were the closest thing to a family he has ever had.

Ralphie’s team needs to vote for a new captain, but that’ll happen later.

Daniel gets up to weigh himself. He needed to lose 7 lbs; he lost 6, but that was without exercise. Marisa asks him how he’s going to cope with having another (former) team leader on his team.

Daniel says that the Eastsiders is a democracy so Mablean’s just going to have to get used to that. He has a new target of 3 lbs. Harvey doesn’t want him to ‘break himself’.

ANT leads us through the story line of Kim and her crush on Harvey. He also mentions that Harvey doesn’t think of her that way. He looks at her as a client. In order to step it up, Kim has hired her own personal trainer to give her that something extra.

Did it work?

I guess the jury’s still out on that since Kim, who was targeted to lose 5 lbs, only managed to lose 3. Marisa asked her if she was over her man problems. Kim said, “What man? Ain’t no problem?” Marisa reminded her that she can find a new man, one who won’t give her the same type of problems.

What does Harvey say to that? He told her to do more exercise. Her new target is 4 lbs.

Judge Mablean had her day in court, so to speak. LOL. She has been having a tough time. She had some issues and struggling with her teammates, who just traded her. She lost Zero. Zilch. Nada.

She is hurt most because people tell her she doesn’t listen. Dr. Katz told her pretty much the same and asked her to stop lecturing the panel when they are just trying to help her out. Mablean has resisted working on the emotional stuff with Marisa Peer. She doesn’t believe in that ‘mumbo jumbo’.

Mablean then turns around and says to the panel that she wants them to tell her what to do. Of course she does, but only so long as it’s what she wants to or thinks she should hear. She’s awfully resistant to giving up some control and is not going to get back on track until she reevaluates.

Harvey told her that he respects her for being a strong woman and that he will give her a target of 2 lbs. He knows she’s got the will power of a POW (Prisoner of War).

Mablean’s issues make me wonder – Will the pressure of the weight loss targets, the public weigh-ins and such like that cause some of the celebs to do drastic, and potentially unhealthy things?

I know that’s not the intent of the show, however. It’s possible.

Next up is the spin class. Harvey thought it’d be a treat. Little did he know how the celebs would b*tch and moan. Ralphie ended up working a one on one session with Harvey while Cindy, the spinning instructor, worked with Biz, Mablean, Kim, Wendy and Joe G. Daniel had to bow out due to his back.

Ralphie quipped that when he tried a spin class with his girlfriend, Lahna that he fell off the bicycle. The visual was enough to keep them from pursuing the issue, I suppose.

Cindy told the cameras that this was the most resistant group of people she’s ever worked with. Wendy bailed mid-way through the session. She asked for padding. She and Kim mentioned that their ‘private parts’ hurt.

The one thing about this show is that NOTHING IS SACRED! It borders on too much honesty sometimes. I didn’t need to or want to know that their hoo-haws hurt, okay?

Eventually, Wendy got back on the bike, but Ralphie got the best workout of them all. Harvey kept him moving and grooving the entire time.

Ralphie was ready for a good weigh-in. He told Dr. Katz he’s been busting his a$$, exercising and eating right. He’s been walking a lot, doing sit-ups and he was so hurt when the result was a 1-lb. gain. You could see it in his face.

He said he felt like got punched in the face by the scale. Dr. Katz told him that he’s improved his lean muscle mass. He’s gained 34 lbs of muscle and muscle weighs more than fat. The scale isn’t the whole story.

Marisa asked him if he considered quitting now. He answered honestly and said there’s a part of him that said, “I’ve got to go.” I know the pain of that and I applaud him for owning up to it and trying to work on it. I know how disheartening it can be.

Harvey asked him if he did any cardio. Ralphie said yes and he’s been sweating like he’s “R. Kelly at the Kid’s Choice Awards.” Yes, he went there.

ANT asked him how last week’s challenge was considering he had an ear infection at the time. Ralphie and Joe were chosen from their teams to take a stress test. Since stress packs on pounds, the team member who had the lowest stress score would win computers for their team.

While a monitor checked the levels, the opposing team badgered poor Ralphie and Joe. Ralphie got screams in his ears. He handled it well and scored a 2.8, which is pretty low on the stress scale. (I think I’d score much higher for much less stress. I am stress-personified!)

Joe had to listen to Mablean berating him and saying that his fiancée didn’t really love him and he wasn’t serious about losing weight. It was harsh, but Joe kept his cool. He scored 2.5 so the Eastsiders won the competition again.

It’s Biz’s turn to be weighed in. His goal was 8 lbs. He only lost 3. He told the panel that he didn’t exercise. He was very busy and said he would make it up next week.

Marisa asked him if his women friends noticed the change in him. He said yes. Harvey told him to do his best to make the time that diet and exercise go hand-in-hand and he has to do it. His new target is 4 lbs. Biz says he’ll double that.

I’m betting he won’t! Who wants in on that action?

They show Wendy at the Diet for Health Center. She’s excited because Jill, who owns the place, tells her that her goal weight is not 125 lbs as Wendy often thought. Wendy has almost that amount of weight in lean mass. She needs to be more realistic about her ideal body weight.

Wendy’s thrilled. She only has to lose about 50 or 60 lbs to get to a good weight for her frame. The best thing about this plan, to me, is that the scale is NOT the only indicator of success for the celebs. They do metabolism monitoring, fat composition testing and more.

So, how did she do? Well, her goal was 5 lbs. Wendy only lost 2. It seems she had a run-in with some frozen yogurt or something. Dr. Katz told her that he felt she could’ve done better. Harvey gave her a target of 3 lbs and told her to look and move forward.

Mia’s goal was 7 lbs. She lost 4.5 lbs. Dr. Katz said it wasn’t quite the goal, but still pretty good. He asked if she’s sticking to the dietary guidelines he gave her. Mia talked to him about how she’s trying to get into soy cheese and trying to get everyone around her to get into it too. Marisa notes that Mia has a fan base, supporting her.

(I tried finding the site, but it’s a group that’s private. However, post a message of support to Mia at her forums on http://www.miatyleronline.com)

Harvey told Mia her weight loss target was 15 lbs. She was shocked. Then, he said he was just kidding – it’s 3 lbs. Jokes like that are frightening to me. The only way to lose 15 lbs in 2 weeks is not healthy.

We see Joe now. He talks about how his new diet has been giving him gas. Joe’s fiancée realizes that it’s an embarrassing problem not just for Joe but for her. He can’t seem to contain his gas. Even the Eastsiders have noticed. Biz says, “why you always be playing the trumpet around here?”

ANT quipped about the situation, “Whoever said Love Stinks knew what they were talking about.”

Joe’s goal, since he had gained 12 lbs the previous week was 14 lbs loss. He didn’t make that. He lost 9. Dr. Katz was pleased; however, Harvey rolled some footage that showed part of Joe’s secret – he lit up again.

Joe returned to smoking to help him deal with the diet. He has a new goal – 5 lbs. He does intend to tackle the smoking as well. Personally, I think it would be extremely hard to do both at once.

This week, the losing team gets a punishment – a house guest for the evening. Will Ralphie’s team win again – especially now that switch has occurred? Mablean’s weight loss, or lack thereof, counts for the Eastsiders and Joe’s counts for Ralphie’s Angels.

Daniel’s team won for the first time. They lost 13.5 lbs and Ralphie’s team lost 13 lbs. Funny thing? If Daniel’s team kept Joe, they’d have won by a bigger margin.

Anyway, Ralphie’s team had one on one sleepovers. Kim got ANT; Ralphie had Marisa; Joe and Dr. Katz shared a room and Wendy got a workout with Harvey.

Next week we get to see the fall out from the team trade.

Can’t wait – Ralphie threatens to get naked to avoid some drama!

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