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So You Think You Can Dance, June 20 – No Time for Drama

The remanning sixty-one contestants are sent for another round of choreography to a Jason Gilkison cha-cha. He explains they can’t fake chemistry in this routine. The girls need to be sassy, cheeky, and sexy, and the guys have to be there for the girls all the time. Cyrus is having a hard time with it, but is refusing to give up.

Cyrus takes the stage with the first group, and his struggles show, but his hard work shows as well. He’s doing a lot with no prior experience in ballroom. The other five make it through easily. Cyrus is pulled out by Jason who tells him he seemed to really struggle, and they want him back later to dance for his life. He promises “y’all” they ain’t seen nothing. Others don’t get that chance. Amber Williams, Asher Walker, and Dee Tomasetta are all sent home.

Aubrey enters this round full of confidence after the compliments she was given being compared to Mia. She plans on winning a seat on Mary’s tamale train. Her group takes the stage and she seems a little off. The judges deliberate, and her face clearly says she’s waiting for more compliments. She is asked to step forward. Jason tells her it’s bad news. She didn’t quite make it through the challenge, so it’s the end of the line for her. She looks completely shocked. She leaves crying and says she’s been auditioning for four years and can’t get work or a job. She doesn’t know what she’s doing wrong. She’s clearly not doing a lot wrong, as she made it this far.

The ballroom dancers, Witney and Lindsay, make it easily through the cha-cha. Zombie hip-hopper Stephan Stewart does surprisingly well and is told he was incredibly rhythmic and really brought it in the routine. Ballet dancers Keon Wespecha and Eliana Girard are appreciated for their feet and legs.

Alexa knows she needs to dig deep after finally showing emotion only when she wasn’t dancing. She tells Cat Deeley last year she’d crumble and lose it, but this time she thinks she can rise to the occasion. She’s in the final group. In her rush to show emotion, she’s doing it, although the dancing seems to suffer. It doesn’t matter, though, as she’s finally showing some fire. The judges congregate, and Jason calls Alexa out and tells her she was one of the best for him today. Nigel notes considering what they went through with her, one of the first things Jason said was, “look at that girl’s personality,” and he wasn’t there for any of the earlier conversations.

Cyrus is getting ready for his dance for his life. It’s the fire in him, as he knows he gets to be himself 100%, and there’s no better feeling. He can’t wait to show the judges what he’s got. He explains when you present yourself, they’re either going to love you or hate you. He has something the world needs to see. He starts dancing, and the others in the audience sit up to take notice. He’s fascinating to watch. I am so hoping he goes through. I’d love to watch him grow and get to do solos every week. Adam tells C that if he did Cyrus’ moves, he would have to be at a chiropractor the rest of his life.

Nigel echoes Cyrus’ dancing style, saying, “Y-y-y-y-yes.” Mary agrees, as do all the other judges, with Adam giving him eighteen yeses, and and Lil’ C telling him it was extra buck. Cyrus is glad they liked his style and doesn’t want to get to that point again. He realizes there’s another point he needs to get to that he hasn’t reached yet.

With fifty-two people left, they now have to do a contemporary choreography round with Travis Wahl. They have just one hour to learn the routine. Cyrus calls it crazy, and Witney doesn’t know what to do. Travis is looking for perfection. After three rounds of choreography today, these people are wiped. This time they won’t hear how they did until after everyone has performed.

After everyone performs, Nigel calls thirty-four dancers to the stage. They are told they have made it to the next round. This includes Cyrus, Witney, and Amelia. The other eighteen are called up to the stage and are told they just aren’t sure about them, so they are asked to do the routine one more time. It seems like most of them are being sent home. In the final group, contemporary dancer Joshua Alexander and krumper Mariah Spears are paired together. The judges seem to be in disagreement over Mariah. Joshua makes it, while Mariah doesn’t.

The dancers aren’t done yet. They now have to perform final solos, and Joshua wants to show the judges a new trick. While practicing, he goes into a back flip and falls flat on his back. I think his spotter wasn’t doing a good job with him. He tells whoever is listening to call the medic onsite. Disturbingly, a camera guy just runs in closer to get the action instead of calling the medic. The spotter can’t seem to get him moving, but on a stretcher he seems to be moving his eyes.

Alex Anderson, 19, of Chandler, AZ, is first onstage for her solo. Debbie says to whoever is listening “this child could win.” If Alex makes the show, she could be growing in front of America, and she wants her family and America to see that. The problem is all those other dancers want it just as badly. The last soloist is Chehon Wespi-Tschopp, 23 of Zurich, Switzerland. He does a great ballet routine with leaps like you’ve never seen before. He has seen the show before and is so jealous of the other styles, wanting to break out of the ballet mindset. The judges love him.

Nigel calls all the boys to the stage and tells them thank you for some of the best solos he’s ever seen at this stage He has apologies from all of them to some of the people they aren’t asking to stay with them, acknowledging they are releasing great dancers. Tre, Dres, Adrian Lee, and Brandon Dumlao are sent home. Nigel calls it the cruelest cut of all, because they’re all brilliant. Adrian is proud of what he did this week, but realizes what he brought to the table wasn’t what they were looking for. When the girls take the stage, Nigel explains they are looking for uniqueness this year to keep the show moving forward, and aren’t always looking for the best. They aren’t cutting any of the girls at this point. They’re stoked to say the least.

Thirty-five dancers will leave Vegas on the good side. With these shortened weeks for the show, there just isn’t time for drama, either good or bad. We saw dancing tonight, and that was it. We didn’t see the dramatic inspirational stories, but also didn’t see the backbiting between dancers. Perhaps that’s why they are looking for more unique dancers this year. If Fox cut the show time in half, they must have decided it wasn’t doing well enough in the ratings, so Nigel is trying to spice it up with some different types of dancing. This means an extra interesting year for the viewers. We won’t have a hoard a stunning contemporary dancers and tap dancers who never make it far. We’ll have an animated popper robot and a belly dancer, among other interesting dancers. Find out if they do indeed make it next week.

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