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School Spirits, June 20 – Guardian Angel or Demon In Disguise?

Katherine Rankin, Caroline’s mother, came to visit the house. Caroline noticed a difference in her mom while she visited the house. She was uncomfortable, and more quiet than usual. Caroline took her mom into the basement to show her the house, and Katherine felt a complete feeling of uneasiness.

Caroline continued ahead of her mom, and she felt a thickness in the air as she continued into the creepy room in the basement. She felt that someone, or something, did not want her in the basement. Caroline called for her mom, as she could not move. Why would they keep going and not just leave? I don’t get it, but okay!

Caroline turned quickly and saw a face. A man appeared out of nowhere. Note to college kids, bring holy water, lots of holy water! I think she should have gotten out there like a bat out of hell. She should have trusted her mom’s instincts.  The man standing in front of Caroline had horrible dark circles, he was pale, had such anger in his eyes. Katherine had seen the man also, and felt as if she had been knocked backwards.

They made a run for it, thank the Lord. Caroline needed to justify what she saw, and began to share her story of what she has been experiencing in the home. Katherine stormed out and wanted nothing more than to leave, but Caroline would not go. She wanted to stay with her sorority sisters. Shortly after, the girls started fighting and became isolated.

Nicole believes it was the house causing all the drama. Kristen became deeply upset when one of the girls knocked on her door and wanted her to get rid of her dog, Rambo. She felt she was being picked on, so she sent the dog to her parents’ house. At least Rambo would be safe.

After the dog left, the girls decided to throw a Halloween party for the neighborhood kids. Yeah, real good idea! They needed to find a way to cement their bonds of sisterhood and bond together, so what better way than celebrate Halloween in a house that has been tormenting them. They all felt excited like they were finally having fun.

Kristen felt it was ironic to have a haunted house party in a house that was experiencing paranormal activity. Caroline had to make her way into the dreaded basement again, but this time she was indeed apprehensive. She was worried that something awful was going to happen. She should have listened to her instincts.

They all were nervous, and having kids come in made it worse. The girls created several insane Halloween and movie themed rooms in their haunted sorority house. The kids made it out alive. They felt relief, but it was not over yet. Caroline had turned to go back into the house, through the back stair case, and she found a room on fire, with a girl inside screaming bloody murder. She was trapped in this torment. They should have gone for help.

This is very different because it is not a prison or an insane asylum, so it makes you wonder if ghosts, spirits, or whatever you want to call them, feel at home anywhere, with colleges being no exception. Caroline watches as the girl inside scream,s but there is no smoke and no heat. Caroline watches for a few minutes, then all of the sudden, both the fire and the girl were gone.

It was so real, so Caroline investigated the room to look for candles or any signs that there was, or could have been, a fire. Kristen said it was like a sickness and so much anger that continued to get worse. Nicole said the girls became people she didn’t recognize; they were no longer her friends. One of the girls had gotten into a severe fight, nearly lost her mind, and had to be removed by the police.

Kristen relies on her cross to calm her down. She had never thought when her grandmother gave her the cross that she would rely on it so much for safety. Caroline had stopped caring about things that mattered to her. She was watching television one night, and suddenly she felt something near her. She looked over, and through the wall the same man from the basement walks in.

She described him with his white shirt and jacket, leaving her worried and afraid. This time the ghost looked very serene, so Caroline introduced herself. Nice thing to do. After she acknowledged him, he left, leaving her even more confused. Something terrifying happens with poor Nicole, next. While she was sleeping, she was shoved out of bed and thrown across the room at around three in the morning.

She looked over towards her bed where she found a man hovering above her bed. Why don’t they tell someone? Call someone, Ghostbusters, anyone. Just get help. They see men in their house that should not be there, fires that start randomly, and now Nicole is shoved out of her bed. It is time to move out. Nicole described the man and what he was wearing; she looked right at him and felt as if he was trying to tell her something!

Nicole knew she needed to do something fast. She went into the dark hallway then into the kitchen and one of the burners on the stove was on and an overwhelming smell of gas. Nicole turned the burner off and is shaking and sweating. If the gas had met with the flames, the house would have went ablaze. She was reluctant to mention any of this to her sisters or her family.


My name is Janel, I have been writing and published for many years. I wrote two poetry books. I was the Associate Editor of my college newspaper. I hope to write my life story one day and finish it.