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School Spirits, June 20 – Guardian Angel or Demon In Disguise?

There have been many paranormal series on, and most of them showcase the same places, such as prisons, mental asylums, and haunted homes with possible possessed families. There is a new series on the Syfy channel that heads to some of the scariest places you can imagine… colleges and their trusty sorority and fraternity houses. We hear from the students, alumni, faculty, and more that these colleges are steeped in history.

The series was created by Seth and Julie Insogna Jarrett as an attempt to find college students who are willing to share their horror stories. Not just the average sorority and frat house party stories, but their terrifying life stories of what they have experienced during what is supposed to be the happiest time of your life… Well, sometimes it turns out to be the most horrific experience.

The first episode takes place at the University of Michigan. These stories are based on actual events, re-told and re-created by the people who lived through them. It starts out with a young girl and her dog, Rambo, at the Gamma Alpha Gamma Sorority house in 2007. She is typing away on her laptop with her trusty friend, not knowing that later she would be praying for the real Rambo to save her.

She heads upstairs at about midnight with Rambo the dog, who begins to whimper and shake. She notices a change in the air and she could feel eyes on her (okay this is the part where you turn around and run the hell out of the house! Run!). She notices a man at the end of the hallway, wonders who this person is, and ponders if she should scream. My guess would be yes, scream and run!

These girls were really excited to live in their sorority house, but they had no idea what was about to happen. As the tagline states, every campus has its secrets and now we will learn firsthand that keg parties are not the only scary thing going on around campus. With the creepy background effects and eerie music, the series makes for a good show. It is also interesting to have a series that is not based and investigated by the same people and the same locations.

The house itself reminds me a little bit of the house featured in the film The Haunting in Connecticut. It has that eerie, old feel to it, with so many rooms one could get lost just trying to find the kitchen. Then, the show takes viewers back one year earlier to find out how all of this paranormal drama started, not Mean Girls drama. This is more like The Exorcist type of drama.

Caroline Rankin, class of 2009, has always wanted to attend the University of Michigan even though she had thought she would never get in. She said she was very shocked when she got her acceptance letter. She was very shy, and found out about the sorority. Despite the campus being so large, Caroline found a place she could be a part of. Nicole Sands, also class of 2009, was another University of Michigan student who helped initiate Caroline into the sorority. They gathered noise makers, balloons, banged on her door, and made her feel like one of them.

Caroline was very excited to a part of the sorority. Caroline and the girls found a house for their sorority which was originally a fraternity house and it was a mess. The girls were very excited to live in their in new house and it started out good. Student Kristen Mrozer, class of 2010, felt safe and cared for after meeting her fellow sorority sisters. She knew that now these girls would always have her back.

The few months were really great; they had parties, talked about guys, and did their studying. They mainly wanted to become familiar with the house, though. Kristen, being the explorer that she is, discovered a room in the basement that was usually off limits. It is a room that the previous fraternity had left items in from previous rituals for the fraternity. Kristen described this room as a time capsule. If it was off limits, they should have left it alone.

The girls started to clean the house, and assigned Kristin house manager duty. They felt like all they did was clean and nothing ever stayed clean. As the new house manager was cleaning the trash can, she discovered maggots, and also noticed maggots in their food. Okay, yeah, time to move out now! After being on maggot clean-up duty, one of the girls screams for Kristen, noticing a bat on the ceiling!

Don’t you ever wonder why people just don’t leave? A lot of the occurrences that happened in the house were not making sense. Kristen decided to go in the basement (good move) where she was alone, it was quiet, and she is minding her own business, doing her laundry, when all of the sudden, Kristen heard thumps, or possible footsteps.

She drops the laundry and runs like the wind. Okay, good move. She made her way to her friends as they hear her screaming, and then spot the look of terror on her face. Another instance, Caroline went up the second floor of the house alone. She felt the atmosphere change, and she said it felt like, “Something electric was in the air.” It was a sensation she hadn’t ever felt before. She felt like someone was in the room with her. All of the sudden, a person appeared, standing in front of her friend’s door. Okay, so she is alone in the house, sees a creepy man, and  just stands there. What is wrong with this picture, folks?

Caroline watched as he disappeared. She walked very slowly towards her room, went inside, and locked the door. She did not tell her sorority sisters, for fear of being judged and called crazy. She began to question herself… and her sanity. There was a difference in all the girls, and they all noticed it.

The girls became agitated, were not going out, and one of the girls was going through a break-up. It was a tough time for her, so she tried to seek comfort in her room at the sorority house, but could not find any refuge or comfort. She did not feel at home in the room.


My name is Janel, I have been writing and published for many years. I wrote two poetry books. I was the Associate Editor of my college newspaper. I hope to write my life story one day and finish it.