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Real Housewives of Orange County – Ep. 19 “Let Them Eat Cake”

Cake, former housewife, fur coat, and bling.

Tamra wants to share her good news with the other O.C. ladies. She meets with Heather first and shows off her engagement bling.

Gretchen shows up in the biggest feather-ish blue earring I’ve ever seen, and matching blue denim pants.

Tamra shows to women her photo book of she and Eddie in Bora Bora, cluing in Gretchen that he proposed.

Time to show off that sparkling ring again.

On the outside, Gretchen’s super happy for Tamra.

On the inside “Tamara just signed her divorce papers…” And now she’s jumping back into marriage.

Alexis has dinner with Sara, remember the tipsy chick who ruined bowling and champagne night?

Uh yah. Alexis tells how the girls ambushed her with some sort of intervention, bruising her ribs and all.

She even tells how Gretchen hurt her feelings and sided with the other women. And thus Alexis invites crazy Sara along to Heather’s party.


Oh by the way, people—Heather’s throwing a party to celebrate and announce finally taking her husband’s name after about fifteen years of marriage.

The Mrs. Heather Dubrow. You’re welcome, and enjoy.

It’s about time Vicki has showed up. She knows about Tamra’s engagement to Eddie and feels that it’s too soon jumping into something like that, right after finalizing a divorce.

Brooks arrives and bestows upon Vicki a black fur coat—that’s real fur.

I personally would throw red paint on it. I’m kidding. Kinda. Maybe.

When Vicki shows up at Heather’s home with it, I’m sure everybody’s going to wonder ‘how in the world can Brooks afford this’?


The first set to arrive: Handsome Eddie and Tamra. Tamra’s shimmering black and silver cocktail dress is just smoking on her.

The next set soon after is Alexis and Crazy Sara. Fake hellos and kisses are exchanged. Is there any wonder why the impending awkwardness exists, after Costa Rica.

Brooks and Vicki’s eyes are filled with wonder and awe at Heather’s magnificent home.

Lastly, Gretchen, Gretchen’s long 1950’s white feathered gown coat, Slade, and Slade’s CSI:Miami shades arrive.

As I said, Vicki shows off the new fur coat Brooks “bought” her and everyone questions the validity of that claim.

Other guests arrive and among them, Jeana (former O.C. housewife) steps onto the scene. She’s a guest of Gretchen’s.

I didn’t know Heather’s party was that of a club or something where directly invited guests could bring a plus-one, or plus-two.


Tamra takes Jeana’s daughter, Kara, aside to discuss the drink throwing of past season. Jeana soon joins them.

Tamra gets teary-eyed while explaining why she threw wine on Jeana and apologizing for it.

Heather’s friend informs her that Crazy Sara broke the bow off of Heather’s cake and ate it.

That cake is the most important thing at the party because it symbolizes so much…to Heather. It’s quite a center piece.

Heather tells the other girls and Tamra confronts Crazy Sara first and then Heather handles her, with a glass of champagne in hand.

I doubt she’ll waste her champ on this woman though.

Alexis comes in defending Crazy Sara because she feels Heather’s overreacting over a freaking bow on a freaking cake.

It’s about the go down. Over a cake, believe.


On the next episode: part two of this season finale. Tamra and Vicki get into it. Yes, that means Vicki “The Screamer” Gunvalson will make an appearance.


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