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Real Housewives of New Jersey – Ep.8: “Best Friends for Never”

Friendship, breakups, dieting, and “bankruptcy.”

Jacqueline gets disappointing news about Ashlee’s progress in Texas with her father. She’s so fed up with Ashlee and her obstinate ways that she takes to a bottle of whiskey, at least I’m pretty sure it’s whiskey—you know, the strong stuff.

I wonder how many other kids have driven their parents to drink on frequent occasions.

Lauren is at the end of her ropes with dieting to get super skinny in order to become super attractive to others and boast her self-esteem.

It’s like Italians and dieting just don’t mix—or any culture where food is essence. People love food. I personally don’t think depriving the body of such delicious food is good.


On a boring, rainy day the Albie, Gregg, and Lauren are all just laying around. Apparently they’ve been waiting on Christopher who returns with a large pizza and a hearty salad for Lauren. That food looks pretty good.

“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” This is what Lauren constantly tells herself, though it doesn’t eradicate her desires to feast.

God, I’d probably ram my head against a wall if someone told me that. It sounds utterly ridiculous to me. Skinny shouldn’t be the goal.


Teresa and Joe meet with their lawyer. Yep, you guessed it. For financial troubles. When it comes to this wonderful justice system, Teresa, the truth might now always set you free. It could land you in a jail cell. But at least your conscience would be clear.

When she’s not dealing with Ashlee drama, Jaqueline’s trying to be a dear friend to Teresa. But the thing with that is Teresa’s lies and constant denial whenever the blame shifts to her. That puts a straining on Jacqueline and their “friendship.”

Honesty would surely set Teresa free in the realm of friendship and that’s all Jacqueline wants. She doesn’t necessarily want to know the intricate and personal details of Teresa’s life.

When Teresa’s making her troubles public, at the least she could go ahead and come straight with her friends and family, instead of dodging questions she doesn’t want to answer.


And now for my favorite segment: Most Adorable Children EVER. For this installment, we spend time with the Gorgas. Antonia hula hoops better than her mommy. Gino is having a solo picnic at the table in the front yard. Little Joey is wobbling around with his sippy cup.

Kathy visits Melissa to verbalize her feelings about Teresa. Melissa has her two big sisters over at this point, enjoying drama-free family time.

While Kathy’s pouring some heart out, Melissa is powdering up her face with makeup and likely thinking “Why don’t you go directly to Teresa and tell her all this?” Oh wait, she actually tells Kathy this.


The tears are trickling out from Jacqueline. It’s clear a storm is about to come, a mini one tonight. Jacqueline sits down outside on her back patio with Teresa and asks about her financial troubles.

She had to learn about Teresa’s bankruptcy from newspapers and magazines. Teresa would likely deny it all as usual, yes.

What financial troubles, Jacqueline? Teresa is a freakin’ New York times bestseller! She works her butt off. She sells exclusive interviews to magazines.

They call Teresa with questions and force her to answer. What’s worse? They don’t even bother to check accuracy of the quotes with Teresa so whatever she says may get misconstrued by readers. Particularly readers that are family and friends.

Teresa has no control over what’s printed in the papers about herself or what she says about others at all. Right.

It’s always about Teresa. She never asks about Jacqueline’s situation, particularly Ashlee, and she doesn’t support her in the general way friends should. Jacqueline’s had it up to her neck and then some.

There’s a mini scream fest between Teresa and Jacqueline, a back-and-forth. As soon as Teresa screams, it’s heard around Franklin Lakes, New Jersey bringing Caroline out of her home to come strolling to Jacqueline’s patio.

Am I the only one scared right now?

Teresa feels ganged up on. Caroline sitting next to Jacqueline makes it visibly clear it’s going to be two-on-one. Know what that means? Teresa goes straight into defense mode.

Caroline and Teresa quickly get into it and Jaqueline’s literally in the middle with no one listening to her.

“You’re crazy!” Caroline tells Teresa.

And would you believe Teresa’s surprising response? “No you’re crazy!”

As we all foresaw, the friendship between Caroline and Teresa is kaput. The friendship between Teresa and Jacqueline is all but solid now.

I think the women have broken up with each other. Next episode will make it certain where loyalties and positions lie.


On the next episode: Teresa talks to Melissa about the Danielle Staub (former New Jersey housewife) situation. The end of Jacqueline and Teresa’s friendship as we knew it finally comes.


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