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So You Think You Can Dance, Jun 14 – Inspirational to the Very End

Lindsay Arnold, 18, Provo, UT, has lived there her whole life and found it to be a good place to do that. She’s the oldest of four girls, and they’re ll really close, doing a lot together, including dance. She thinks her little sister steals the show. Her family is the most important thing to her and she’s grateful for the support, knowing she wouldn’t be where she is without it. She brings other styles into her ballroom and Latin dancing, because she’s also trained in jazz, contemporary, hip hop, and ballet.

Lindsay dances with a parter who isn’t auditioning and does some very quick Latin moves, combined with those other styles. To me, it’s just okay. Nigel thought it was fabulous, and says she’s not only a good performer, but a good technician as well, which he’s delighted to see. Mary calls her a little hot tamale, and compares her to Julianne Hough. The sky’s the limit in the ballroom world, and she can see her becoming a United States champion for sure. Adam saw her come out and immediately said, “That’s how you take the stage.” He can only say, “You’re great.” Nigel thinks she’ll have a flying career, flying to Vegas. I’ll have to review her performance again; maybe I missed something.

It makes Adam do a spit-take when a sweet young blonde, Mariah Spears, 18, of Phoenix, comes out saying she’s going to be doing krump. She knows it’s unexpected from her, but she promises to hit hard and attack it, and maybe be a little scary. The reason she connects with it, is because it makes her feel powerful and dominant, and it gives her something she doesn’t usually get. It’s like something is trying to come out of her. Now she’s fascinating. She shows some serious dance skills, but also krumps like a mother. Lil’ C would call it buck for sure.

Nigel calls Mariah mean, especially when she puts the stank face on. Adam is assuming all of that was from her rough times on the streets. Her notes say that she likes to ride horses. Adam figures it’s all the rough days in the stable making her feel ghetto. He’s not going to say she’s the first girl krumper he’s seen audition, but she’s definitely the best one. He doesn’t know how she does it. Mariah blew his mind.

Mary admits Mariah was a surprise as she came up all dainty, then broke out so rough and tough. Mary finds her the most believable krumper, but would like to see some more vocabulary. Nigel was also taken be surprise, saying some people come up and say they can do hip hop, but it’s all weak and white, but she was stronger. She gets sent on to choreography.

Murphy Yang, 22, of Roy, UT, has spent most of his day in line and says he is so cold his face is frozen in one position. He tells Cat he has mixed emotions about his upcoming audition. The past year has been crazy, and he’s been on his own lately. His parents never supported his dancing and wanted him to be a doctor or lawyer. The family moved to California without him, and his dad disowned him. It was one of the lowest points of his life. His girlfriend has been there for him, though, and makes him feel loved and like he belongs somewhere.

Murphy is determined to prove to the world that dance was the right decision, and he’s determined to make something of himself. He brings so much fun and personality into his dance with a bunch of different styles before he launches into some B-Boy. He lifts up his shirt to show “Vegas?” written on his stomach.

Nigel tells Murphy he is an entertainer. He loved what he did with his routine and the humor he put behind it, but thought with the choreography that there wasn’t enough moves for him. But as a whole, it was complete entertainment. Mary, of course, loves his name, and finds him completely charming. There wasn’t enough vocabulary, but she recognizes he had no training and did it all on his own. It’s so cool he could do that and entertain them.

Adam says Murphy is that guy whose love and passion transcend the technique, and that’s what reaches across the table. People who have demonstrated much less have blown their minds. He thinks he has a lot of untapped emotion in him. Nigel points out Vegas written on his tummy, and asks if he has choreography written on his back. Murphy offers to add it, but he gets sent before he has a chance to.

It’s Murphy and Mariah, and eighteen others, working through the choreography round. Murphy has the disadvantage of a partner who can’t keep up. It proves to be a big disadvantage to him as he’s told he isn’t strong enough right now. He gets consoled by his girlfriend. Hopefully he can take with him all the wonderful things they said about him. Mariah does makes it.

Dareian Kujawa, 19, of Boulder City, NV, is feeling confident and excited. He’s trying to channel all his energy. He grew up in St. Paul, MN, and says they were low income and didn’t have a lot. AT 14, his family was evicted, and they ended up living in a one-bedroom apartment. There wasn’t much to eat, and he dreaded going home. It affected his schoolwork, but he set a list of dance goals for himself, then began to dedicate himself to his dancing. It gave him faith and something to believe him.

Nigel asks the shirtless Dareian if it’s hot in Nevada, and that’s why he’s not wearing a shirt. However, it’s “bloody cold” in Salt Lake City, and Nigel tells him he could “poke someone’s eye out with those nipples.” He has a great contemporary routine packed with emotion and stunning techniques.

Nigel tells Dareian he’s absolutely fabulous. When he went into the little kick, followed by the roll and back on his feet, it was absolutely tremendous. He wonders if his teacher moans at him about his feet, and Dareian admits everyone does. Nigel agrees that he has lousy feet, but he’ll just have to work harder and harder and harder, because it’s the only thing that let him down.

Mary agrees Dareian was a joy aside from the feet, but he has great heart, great passion, and “check out those abs.” Adam stands up and give shim a “Whoa!” and asked what he really thinks, cracks he was okay. He thinks this is what the show is all about and he’ll have choreographers clawing his eyes out to work with him. He has consistency, stamina, strength, and also keeps a connection to the music. Adam thought he was awesome. Nigel feels bad that they’re sending him to a place where many people lose their shirts, Vegas.