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So You Think You Can Dance, Jun 14 – Inspirational to the Very End

I’ve had a rough couple of weeks, so I’m really looking forward to some uplifting dancing tonight. I’m hoping it’s more of the inspirational auditions from the first few weeks. I could use a little of that in this last week of auditions.

The auditions travel tonight to Salt Lake City, Utah, and the judges will be Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and Adam Shankman. Mary reminds the auditioners what they don’t want to see in the dancing, and Adam demonstrates. They want no booty shaking, no self worship, and no reaching.

First up is Witney Carson, 18, of American Fork, UT, who says she will be doing Latin ballroom dancing, which she has been doing since she was 8. Interestingly, this is our first ballroom auditioner this season. She remembers watching a ballroom competition when she was younger; she knew that’s what she wanted to do. She’s going to do a sensual and sexy cha-cha and tango tonight. She likes being a woman and being sensual when she dances and knows she has to bring that confidence, even though that’s not who she is offstage.

Nigel refers to Witney as a cutie. She explains to him she just started with a new partner last August, so they haven’t competed in many competitions together. He’s not competing today, as he’s only 16. Adam decides she must be a femme fatale. She auditions with another man who also isn’t auditioning. She does some great spinning, and with her hip action reminds me of Chelsie Hightower. She gets a judges’ standing O.

Nigel tells Witney they’ve had some fabulous ballroom dancers on the show, and one of his favorites is Pasha’s partner, Anya. He finds her not only brilliant, but sensual and sexy, and that’s a gift Witney has a s well. She has great technique, great legs, great feet, great back, and add to that “a smoking hot face.” He thinks her dad will really have to look out for her.

Mary found Witney to be very girly until she went to the back and struck a pose and going straight into a woman. There’s something that just changes in her. She’s for sure what Mary would call a hot tamale. Nigel and Adam plug their ears to get ready for Mary’s oncoming scream. And it’s the first time she’s done it the entire season so far. Adam tells Witney to shut the [bleep] up as she was amazing. She is everything this show is all about. “I am a slave for you.” Of course she gets a ticket!

Cat Deeley mentions all the dance styles that have been introduced on the show and adds that until Lynn Gravatt, 33, of Portland, OR, they’d only had dance styles from planet Earth. Lynn herself calls it a “little alien space dance,” which is a mix of many different genres, as she doesn’t fit in a box. The spirit and energy that moves through her comes from the Pleiades constellation. She was in her living room with friends one day, and a force entered her body and started dancing around the room.

Lynn has three spirit guides – Divine da Flame, Devil da Flame, and Rainbow Liltebright. Devil is a beautiful man, strong, and a dancer. Divine is her highest self, what she aspires to be, and Rainbow has rainbow-colored eyes and picks out her outfits. They push her to do things she doesn’t think she’d ever do. When she dances, she feels at home, and believes her soul is from the stars. She can go into a place where she feels invincible. Cat wonders if there were any hallucinogenic drugs involved. I wonder why they’re spending so much time on someone too old to be on the show.

Lynn is currently unemployed but used to be an aerospace engineers. She worked at a large corporation in research and technology and worked there for five years, earning her Master’s. She started to feel a pull towards the creative arts, so left that field. The technology she worked with would be more implemented five, ten, or even fifteen years from now. She works with shape memory alloys and piezoelectrics. She’s still searching for herself, but feels she’s in a human body, but her soul is elsewhere, and dancing brings her most in touch with herself. If she wasn’t an aerospace engineer, Nigel would think she was slightly crazy. I think she still could be.

The actual dancing is pretty much what you would expect from Lynn. It’s a bit manic, just like her. There are a few interesting moves, then it gets bizarre. Nigel thinks it’s good to know that aliens can do chaine turns. He feels there’s a great spirit that omes across from her, a great warmth. He’s not sure she’ll find herself, but she might be happy with what she reaches, and he thinks happiness is the greatest goal she could ever find.

Mary thinks Lynn indeed looks happy, and she’s a real sweetheart. Adam doesn’t know if there’s a place for Lynn on the show, but there’s a very special place for her in this world. She explains she had a personal goal, and it was to get in front of everyone and show that life doesn’t need to be planned at 30. You can start over and be anything you want to be. The judges say no, but thank her for coming out. As she leaves, Nigel says he’s not so sure he wants to fly in an airplane in the next ten years.

After a look at auditioners who bring their family with them, including one young woman who brings her dad up onstage who she explains is an “undercover dancer,” it’s a look at Deanne “Dee” Tomasetta, 19, of Millbury, MA, who has shown up all alone, but has a very large Italian family who is kind of crazy, but not like Lynn. It’s not Jersey Shore, but every day is kind of a holiday. She’s the youngest and only girl, so has only older boy cousins and an older brother as well. She’s a little afraid to bring home a guy, as she knows there would be a lot of interrogating. Right now, her boyfriend is dance.

Nigel calls Deanna a lovely little cutie with a big smile. She tells him everyone just calls her Dee. He wants her to call him N. She wants to pursue a career in dancing, as it’s her passion. She has a lot of passion that flows through her as she dances. It’s probably all the passion she’s not able to give to a boyfriend since she prefers to be married to dance instead.

Mary tells Dee there’s one thing she knows for sure, and that’s that she loved every single second of her dance. Dee looks like she’s about to cry. She’s a beautiful dancer with elongated lines, the breath that she took, the layers, and the nuances. She couldn’t have asked for a better audition. Adam found Dee to be extremely special. She has unbelievable technique, unbelievable transition, and is completely living in her world. For someone so young, she has a beautiful wisdom about how she just danced. It was really captivating. Nigel is afraid he has to be the voice of reason … and asks her to come get a ticket to Vegas. She shares the news with her Grandma.

Gene Lonardo, 22, of Las Vegas, knows the judges want something different, and he thinks he’s pretty different. He’s near naked and painted in green splotches. He explains to Cat that his solo today will be about the life cycle of the male praying mantis, from birth, through mating, which ends horrifically for the male. Cat wonders how he’ll lose his head. Nigel is excited to see this story play out. Gene actually is a very skilled dancer, if not a little bizarre.

As the judges are laughing afterwards, Gene confirms with them, “you guys wanted different, right?” Nigel wasn’t sure what they were going to get, but adds it was not only intriguing, it was entertaining. He has fabulous technique behind all the glitter and bling. Mary admits they do ask for people to be unique, and it was certainly that. She for one loved it. Adam thinks Gene is “sort of brilliant.” He had no idea and thought it would end badly, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. He knows the choreographers would absolutely eat him up. Gene explains to Nigel the female that ate his head are the judges, as they put the fear in the dancers. Nigel adds normally when they says you’re going to Vegas, they’re not from Vegas, so Gene is going back home.