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Break Out the Boxing Gloves – The Apprentice 3, Episode 2 Commentary

By: Tony Roach

Last week proved to be a decent premiere for The Apprentice. We were introduced to eighteen candidates who sang songs together, laughed with each other and even made a commitment to always remain a team no matter what. Well, that pact lasted a whole seven days and now the second episode of The Apprentice 3 looked more like a ninety minute preview of the reality boxing show The Contender. This week the contestants decided to hold nothing back when it came to how they felt about each other. Maybe they are buckling under the pressure of Donald Trump, or maybe they made a bet to see who can drop the F-bomb the most. Either way this episode gave the sensors something to do and had more “bleeps” than an episode of The Osbournes.

This week the two teams “Magna Corp” and “Net Worth” were given assignments to renovate two motels. Magna Corp came out on top thanks to the “party skills” they acquired in college, as Danny pointed out. They were able to mingle with their guests and provide a comfortable atmosphere, which helped them receive a better scorecard according to a Yahoo survey. However, Magna may have won the mission, but boy did Net Worth provide the entertainment. Just like Mr. Trump said, “this team is a mess” and that was definitely the case in tonight’s episode. I thought that Brian and John were actually going to box a few times. Brian may not have good leadership skills, but he sure does have patience. Although he is not soft-spoken, he sure did take a verbal beating from Kristen and John. I found myself getting a little on edge a few times hoping that he would step up a little and put those two in their place. It’s one thing to be honest and tell someone how you feel, but it’s another thing to be brutally honest and degrade someone on national television. Kristen and John actually seemed to take pleasure in letting Brian know how they felt about him. It was like they were trying very hard to find the meanest thing to say, just waiting to for Brian to flip out and go crazy on them. Personally, I thought that it was sexual tension brewing between Brian and Kristen. Because I have never seen two people so passionate about arguing with each other, unless they are in love!

Other honorable mentions included Verna wandering around town in circles, hoping that if she walked up and down the block enough she would miraculously end up home. That wasn’t the case. Carolyn actually talked her into coming back and some how got everyone, including Donald Trump, to view her walk off as a “great comeback”. The boardroom provided some laughs and was very brief considering Brian told Mr. Trump to fire him. But where did Chris come from? One minute he is sitting quietly minding his own business, next thing you know it looks like his head is about to blow off and he started pounding the table. F-bombs were being thrown all over the place; candidates were screaming even Donald Trump and company looked as if they have never seen anything like it. I think that this episode provided some good entertainment and I still find it easy to relate more to this season’s candidates. Does that mean that I have some anger issues…or do I just like seeing other people express their anger? Either way I liked tonight’s episode and I’m betting on Kristen to be the next to go. One more thing, I said it last week and I’m saying it again. Does anyone else think that Carolyn is looking good? Maybe it’s just me, but I’ll still tune in next week, if not to see Carolyn then to see who will succeed, who will fail…who will be the next Apprentice!

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