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Real Housewives of Orange County – Ep. 18 “Will He or Won’t He?”

Bora Bora, moving forward, proposals, and rings.

Lucky Tamra! Her boyfriend, Eddie, is a world class traveler.

Tamra just got back from Costa Rica with the other O.C. ladies and now Eddie wants to take her to Bora Bora, Tahiti.

Why would Eddie want to take Tamra to Bora Bora all of a sudden? Is there appending proposal?

If there isn’t Tamra surely doesn’t want to let the other women know because it’d be totally embarrassing.

She feels like she’s going to be waiting on a ring for the duration of the trip.

When Eddie turns to Tamra on the plan, after they receive the champs (that’s champagne for those of you who don’t speak Heather Dubrow lingo).

“I have a surprise for you.” Eddie smiles and Tamra stops breathing for a minute. “We’re going to get massages,” he says.

Okay, well massages are cool too, I guess. I’d take it.


Upon arriving in Bora Bora, Eddie and Tamra are super excited.

“I have something for you.” Eddie walks towards Tamra with his hand behind his back and presents a black box.

The black box is unwrapped and inside is…not a ring. Inside the box is a cute little coconut bra. My goodness, Eddie!


Gretchen calls her father to discuss Slade. She found a text on Slade’s phone from the jeweler about a ring.

First of all, this is a weird conversation to have with your father. Definitely so, because you searched your boyfriend’s cell phone.

All in all, Gretchen just wants to find out from somebody–anybody, I guess–if Slade plans on proposing to her.

She isn’t ready for Slade to propose because she doesn’t want to tell him ‘no’ straight out to his face. Understandable.


A table on the beach awaits Tamra and Eddie. Is he going to propose now at dinner? Tamra’s preparing herself and smiling all the while just in case.

It would be so romantic if the ring were in the wine. Or even the food. Or hidden on the table somewhere.

Eddie talks about moving forward and that includes moving in together as one whole family. There’s no mention of a ring or even marriage in his equation.

Tamra’s like, I’d prefer a ring before moving to that next step. Which is a huge step.

“I wasn’t raised traditionally. Chuck that out the window, baby.” Eddie sips his wine and his mood is still unchanged.

Tamra on the other hand is a little disappointed and wants to go back to their room.


Vicki takes Brooks to the dentist. Alexis presses on hosting segments for the news and whatnot.

Gretchen directly asks Slade is he was planning on proposing to her. As soon as he says ‘yes’, Gretchen unleashes the wrath.

Why would he ask her to marry him now? Doesn’t he know how her past relationship has affected her now?

“Your name isn’t on my company. I could break up with you tomorrow and you would have nothing. Nothing!” Just in case Slade didn’t already know this, Gretchen makes it crystal clear for him and us all.

“I just want to let you know that you mean more to me than a girlfriend,” Slade says.

Gretchen would like to marry Slade and is at a point in her life where she’d like to have babies. She’s not doing any of that until the finances are cleared up.


Tamra is going to enjoy the rest of the Bora Bora trip with no kind of expectations. If Eddie proposes, then awesome. Even if he doesn’t on their romantic trip where it’d be perfect, he will somewhere in the future. Le sigh.

Eddie and Tamra try opening some clams. Tamra’s having a really difficult time opening hers for some reason. Eddie takes it and tells her sometimes she just needs her hands for things.


As soon as the shell is popped, a beautiful engagement rings glistens in the sunlight. Oh. My. God. I’m floored just as much as Tamra. She’s got the ring!


On the next episode: The ‘Wives gather for a decadent (and drama-filled) party at Heather’s home. Former Real Housewife, Jeana, makes an appearance. Tamra tells the ladies her exciting news. Where’s Vicki? Sara, the crazy friend who caused unnecessary drama at bowling night, is back and rips the bow off Heather’s cake.


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