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Which One Is the Engine? Simple Life Episode 1

“Which One Is the Engine?” – The Simple Life Three – Episode 1

No credit cards! No cell phones! No problem! Nicole Ritchey and Paris Hilton are back and ready to earn some cash in the business world as Interns.

After celebrating their last moments of wealth by spending a little pocket money at Mikimoto – $49,604.25 – and dancing the night away, Paris and Nicole begin the first day with Bill the Butler serving them breakfast in bed along with their dogs – Ms. Foxy Cleopatra, Ms. Tinkerbell and Ms. HoneyChop. Bill the Butler warns them they need to “make haste”, so the girls pack the mounds of suitcases that are scattered throughout the Soho Hotel room. And after enlisting the aid of Bill the Butler’s hind quarters to close one overstuffed bag, they are ready to go. Nicole and Paris are stunned however, when Bill the Butler hands them bus tickets for their mode of travel.

At the bus stop, Nicole keenly observes that there are people on the bus, while Paris notes the dog picture on the outside. Nothing gets past these girls, huh? They settle in and Nicole wonders if they show movies on the bus like they do on the airplane. No one answers her. I guess they didn’t know.

The bus continues on in to New Jersey to their first stop at the Brower house, and we are introduced to Joyce, Ralph and her sons Chris and Justin.

Spotting the dogs, Joyce asks if they are potty trained and are reassured by Nicole and Paris that they are. A dog lover herself, Joyce shows them the dog shrine for her dog Madison, whom she had put to sleep a month ago. She tells them the shrine contains Madison’s ashes, and that she misses him. Nicole and Paris are sympathetic. Meanwhile, Tinkerbell, Foxy Cleopatra and HoneyChop have made themselves at home by leaving a present on the living room floor.

Later in their room, Nicole and Paris discuss getting a dog for Joyce because they feel bad for her. They think a small one would be great. They look up dog breeders in the phone book and make calls.

The next morning they’re ready for work. Although they were hours late, they stop in to say good morning to Justin and discover he had a sleepover last night with his girlfriend Brisa. They did the polite thing and introduced themselves to Brisa, who hid under the covers.

Their first day at the Quality Auto Center starts with polyester coveralls, which they hate, and instructions from the manager who can barely speak English. They manage to overcome the communication problem and learn their first task is to change the oil in one of the cars. Paris is willing, but needs to know which one is the engine before she can proceed.

Throughout Day One, Paris and Nicole try their manicured hands at moving cars around the lot and changing oil. They need a break, so they take off in a police car from the lot and go shopping for nail polish. The manager runs after them screaming all the way. Paris and Nicole return the police cruiser and are chastised by the manager and the owner.

The girls are picked up by Justin and go to a dog breeder to buy Joyce a replacement for Madison. The breeder only has Great Danes, which are huge and $2,000 a piece. They choose two of them and name them Celine and Billy. Back at the house, Joyce is speechless and then asks “Is it a dog, not a horse?”

Day Two at the Quality Auto Center, Nicole and Paris try customer service and crashing…I mean moving cars around the lot. The girls are graded on their job performance and only receive $20 instead of the $100.

Their time at the Brower’s has ended, so the luggage is packed and stacked once again for the next stop. Its hugs and kisses for Joyce and the rest of the Browers as they wave goodbye. Later, Joyce receives a visit from the Great Dane breeder, who is there to collect the $4,000 Paris and Nicole promised her. The Great Danes wave goodbye to Joyce, too.

The second half of the show takes the girls to Staten Island and the Zucarro family. They make themselves at home. Mama Zucarro has fits when Paris and Nicole don’t help with the luggage and when Tinkerbell, Foxy Cleopatra and Honey Chop make themselves at home, too.

The second internship is with an advertising agency – Kirshenbaum, Bond and Partners. Paris and Nicole start off in the mailroom. When the task of sorting so much mail for so many people becomes too much, they stuff the pieces in whatever box is empty, assuming they all know each other anyway and will deliver it to each other.

The girls then assist Kirshenbaum and Bond by making reservations for dinner meetings. Paris can’t remember how to pronounce Kirshenbaum’s name. Nicole wins an impossibly hard to get dinner reservation at a posh restaurant by making up wild stories about Bond.

Their day ends with an evening at Lou Zuccaro’s Jujitsu studio. Paris and Nicole are grateful for the Zuccaro’s hospitality, so they agree to buy them something. It’s decided that Lou needs an outside sign for his studio.

Day Two at Kirshenbaum and Bond, Nicole and Paris explore the copy machine and all of the intricate ways to make copies of their body parts. They get hungry from their exhausting task and decide to get lunch for everyone in the office.

At the restaurant they sit down and taste everyone’s order. Meanwhile, back at the office, their co-workers wonder if they are really going to get lunch or if it was a joke.

The girls pack up the remaining crumbs of the lunch order and head across the street. Before they make it across, Nicole drops the bag and the food falls all over the street. They shrug and go back to the office to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

At the end of the day, they are evaluated. Their bosses love them, so they get their $100. Good job, Paris and Nicole!

Back at the Zucarro’s, Paris and Nicole want to earn more money to buy Lou his sign. They hand out flyers to everyone in the neighborhood inviting them to come to the Jujitsu studio. The time arrives and there is a line of people snaking around the block, waiting to be pounced by Paris and Nicole. The girls make their money and pay for Lou’s sign, which arrives at 8:00 the next morning. Lou loves it, but mentions that they spelled his name wrong.

The bags are packed once again. Paris and Nicole board the bus with their three dogs, ready for another adventure.

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