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Real Housewives of New York City – Ep. 2 “Say What You Mean, Just Don’t Say It Mean”

Shopping, renovating, blackmailing, and GLAAD.

Heather and her husband join Aviva and her husband for dinner.

Amongst talk of the Hamptons and converting to Judaism, Aviva’s ex-husband slips into topic.

And it’s confirmed that he was intimately involved with LuAnn and Sonja once upon a time.

Ewww. That is indeed some love fest.

The public park setting is wonderful this time of day in New York City.Kids are playing and the mood is light.


This pleasant scene is about to be interrupted by LuAnn and Ramona who walk along from opposite directions and meet at a bench.

Though the greeting is mature and cordial, you know this conversation will be anything but.

LuAnn immediately confronts Ramona about bashing her parenting skills and running away at Sonja’s party.

Ramona explains she didn’t want to discuss their beef at Sonja’s party because it wasn’t the time or place. Don’t get that confused with running off like a coward from the situation.

LuAnne claims Ramona has been blackmailing her. Blackmailing her for what, I’m not clear on. But Ramona is taking stabs at LuAnn by using her kids. Or so LuAnn says.

Clearly there’s some miscommunication there or denial and lies on somebody’s end.

In the end, they both agree to just disagree and not say anything attacking the other. LuAnn leaves feeling like she made a deal with the devil.

Carole and Aviva head downtown for shopping and chatting while further uptown and we learn Carole is in an open relationship with a musician who tours with Aerosmith.

Ramona comes up quite a bit in conversation. The new housewives, Carole, Aviva, and definitely Heather are a bit weary of her.

Carole seems like she would rather steer clear of drama. She’s such a Kool Kat. Kids, “blackmailing,” complicated relationships, and all that nonsense goes over her head.


We get a look into Heather and Aviva’s domestic lives. Aviva’s kids are surprisingly calm and have dinner etiquette as they have meal at the table at home.Heather’s kids are well…kids. Who need silverware, even if you’re at a restaurant .

The back and forth between the women’s families is a sight, hilarious even.

Is this woman hip or what? She’s certainly secure and comfortable in who she is and what she wants.

Sonja is renovating her home, but she’s distracted by the guy, Rich, hired to check out her draining and pipes—in the house. Sonja may have to temporarily move to a hotel.

Later she’s set to present at the GLADD Awards and misses her cue because she was left in the green room. Don’t worry she does come out—though a little late—and makes up for it with her Sonja charm.


On the next episode: Carole hosts a raucous downtown brunch, while Heather invites some of the ladies on an across the pond jaunt.

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