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Real Housewives of New Jersey, Ep 7: “True Love, True Lies”

Big hats, bowties, magazine covers, and a gay wedding.

It’s the day of Jamie’s wedding. The Lauritas and Manzos are preparing their wardrobe for the event.

Chris Laurita, Jacqueline’s husband, shows her the latest issue of a yet another magazine Teresa graces the cover of. She bashes Caroline, Melissa, and even sweetest-person-in-the-world Kathy.

Greg, Christopher and Albie Manzo’s roommate/friend, needs toothpaste. While waiting in line to purchase some, he stumbles upon the In Touch magazine with Teresa on the cover. He has to bring it to Caroline’s attention.

If that friendship was kaput in the season premiere, it’s past toast now. Caroline takes the high road and tries to bite her tongue. It has to be bleeding by now. She doesn’t want this drama with Teresa to ruin her brother’s wedding day.

What’s comical about the magazine cover is that Teresa and her girls are posing with a dog. Teresa is terrified of dogs, as the last episode suggested. A dog ran across the yard and Teresa hauled ass the other way, verbalizing her fears.

Jacqueline inquires about Teresa’s magazine cover and what all she said. Teresa plays the blame game and rebuffs any responsibility for what makes the cover and what the magazine includes in the interview.

Down at the Jersey Shore, Melissa, Kathy, Joe Gorga, and Richie discover In Touch magazine. They’re bothered by the quotes, but more annoyed by it than anything.

Everybody’s like “I’m over it. Whatever she needs to do to get money and get exposure.” That’s kinda sad, when your family and friends feel that way about you.

Teresa would probably deny that though.

Back on the bus again, the same bus Joe Guidice made the crude joke about Greg, Teresa and Joe are trying to make nice with everyone.

They’re not buying it. Not for real.

Teresa compliments Caroline’s dress and tries to spark up some conversation. Carolina keeps her answers short and crips, with no kind of friendly expressions.

Gosh, take the hint, Teresa. Caroline’s trying to bite her tongue instead of biting your head off. The talking is making that very difficult, if not tortuous.

Chris Laurita is planning some sort of big trip and everyone is invited.

That isn’t the wisest plan since there’s so much tension between Caroline and Teresa, and Teresa and the Manzo, and Teresa and…everybody. Dang.

Bowties, champagne, ducks, dogs, and big hats equal a good day. Okay well, Jamie’s big wedding day. Hats are mandatory for the women and I guess the men can wear shorts and slacks with some plaid.

Meaningful words are exchanged, tears are shed, and kisses are shared. Caroline makes her speech and now I need my box of Kleenex.

I miss Dina right about now. It so would have been a great occasion for her to make a guest appearance on the show.

Teresa has yet to respond to Joe Gorga’s texts. Joe texts Teresa from the shore for what seems like probably the last time.

Joe Gorga is definitely being the bigger man in this situation, and he does quite impression of Juicy Joe (Joe Guidice). He stills loves his sister and brother-in-law.

The night ends with everyone releasing wish balloons into the air. Let us hope some kind of peace is found among certain siblings and in-laws, and friends.

On the next episode: Teresa gets into it with Caroline and Jacqueline. Teresa and Joe Guidice meet with their lawyers and jail time is possible for one if not both of them.


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