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Viva Las Vegas! – American Idol 4 – 1/26/05

By Annie

Viva Las Vegas!

You know what they say about Las Vegas: What happens there, stays there. Certainly this proved to be true for many of the squeaking, squawking, screeching contestants. Fortunately, some made the grade and are on their way to Hollywood.

Among the glamour and glitz of my favorite playground were thousands of contestants and our beloved judges, Randy, Paula and Simon. Kenny Loggins (still looking fine!) joins them as a guest judge.

Whoa! Wait a minute! STOP the press! Men of the world get ready to restyle! Ryan combed his hair! It was a definite improvement!

First up was 16 year old McKayla Gordon who sang Lullaby of Birdland. I didn’t think she was anything above ok. I was positive the judges would give her the boot, however the judges loved her saying she was “born to do this”. Perhaps you had to be there.

Next was Jeffrey Grey who worships Neil Diamond and (surprise!) sings “America”. When you see Randy hiding behind his papers, it’s time to leave the stage.

Amanda Avila is a Vegas showgirl and shows off her singing abilities by singing “I’m Going To Love You Forever”. After Simon is assured that Amanda will bring her showgirl friends with her, the male judges give her silly grins and thumbs up.

No trip to Vegas is complete without BEI’s (Bad Elvis Impersonations). BEI’s included Christopher Tamura, Jane Woodall and countless others. Ugh. Who finds this entertaining??

Richard Malfetta from the Malfetta Brothers (last night’s show) returned for another try, leaving his brother at home. He sang “I Who Have Nothing”. Simon still doesn’t like him but the other judges give him a yes.

Emily Neves is a girl that just wants to have fun. She sang an awful rendition of the Lauper tune but we sure liked her personality. The judges told her to sing another song. Welcome to Hollywood!

Joseph Land is only 28 years old. Honest! Don’t you believe it??? Twice over maybe. Buh-bye Joseph.

Dino, a reject from the second season, has a brother, Desi. We learn this voice runs in the family. Maybe next season we’ll get Billy and have a Dino, Desi and Billy remake! (Kudos to anyone who remembers that group!)

Sharon Galvez, another Vegas girl, wows the judges with “Saving All My Love for You”. Simon is obviously flustered by beauty.

Jason Galber just can’t wait to be king and sang about it. Don’t you just love The Lion King? Too bad there are no kings in Hollywood.

Psychic Bobbie May predicts she will be in the top ten. Kenny Loggins says that’s the first time he’s ever seen anyone destroy two careers at once.

Jennifer Todd is “SOO going to Hollywood” after impressing the judges with “If I Ain’t Got You”. She really had a gorgeous voice. Kenny suggested there is an image problem (can you say D O W D Y?). I’m willing to bet she cleans up nicely and is a force to reckon with. Go Jennifer!

Mario Vasquez – what can I say? I have found MY American Idol. Mario serenaded me – just me – with a song called Whatever Happens. Yes, Mario. You are going to Hollywood, and might I add that I only live 25 miles from there in case you need a place to stay or someone to show you the sites or someone just to sit and gaze at you.

Oh yes – the judges liked Mario too. VIVA LAS VEGAS!! :clap:

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