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Real World Philadelphia, Episode 20 – Alpha Male

by DrivenAmbition

Fiji, home of love, lust, and drama. This week, the roommates spend part of the day on a boat tour of a river. They eventually decide to take those bizarre donut floats under the waterfall. Shavonda was afraid of the water, but because Landon, someone she met a few months ago, told her he’d keep her safe, she decided to jump off of the hill and into the water.

Later the roommates visit a restaurant, and Landon and Shavonda end up slow dancing, as if they haven’t done that before.

The next day everyone goes sand boarding. The guys mostly enjoyed it, but the girls were able to hold their own as well.

Later at the beach, Sarah goes topless and Landon loses his swimming trunks. The funniest thing was when Shavonda sprayed Landon’s butt with sun block. Gee, that Shavonda is so handy to have around.

The dramatic highlight of this weeks’ episode is when later that night, the roommates all play truth or dare. Some of the dares included stripping, and Landon dared Shavonda to make out with him for 30 seconds. Karamo said that he was disgusted. But then again, is what Shavonda and Landon do any of Karamo’s business anyway?

The next day, the roommates take a bus tour, but that’s not even the most interesting part. Later that day, while on another boat tour, Karamo tells Sarah that he feels that Shavonda doesn’t pay enough attention to her own race. I have to wonder as an African-American myself, does Karamo speak for all black people? I know he doesn’t speak for me.

Bad weather forces the roommates to cut their boat trip short. That night Landon and Shavonda share another bed, but nothing happens.

The next day the bad weather has passed, and the roommates, minus Karamo, decide to sun-bathe and Shavonda goes topless, and I have to say, I wasn’t impressed.

Later, at the resort, Landon watches Shavonda get ready for their farewell dinner. At the table, Karamo decides to bring the night down by telling MJ that he has a problem with him and Landon. MJ ignores it, but then decides to ask a question to all of the roommates. The question was, “If we were stranded on an island, who would you pro-create with?” Everyone gives fairly honest answers, then Karamo decides to further bring down the night by saying, “I’d slit Landon’s throat because he’d be the only other alpha male, and then I’d mate with Vonda”. I am really starting to not like Karamo.

That night Landon and Shavonda share another bed, but this time something may or may not have happened. The morning after, the roommates minus Karamo all hint around to the two love birds, but Shavonda clams up, as does Landon. When the other roommates drop it, MJ brings up the night before, when Karamo brought the party to an end with his personality that just makes everyone want to smack him a few times. MJ proposes a roommate conference, where they can get everything out on the table. I’m sure it will work, we all know how accepting Karamo is.


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