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Real Housewives of New York City Premiere – “A New New York”

New wives, prosthetic leg, love fest, and dinner parties.

The season 5 premier introduces not one, not two, but three new housewives to the New York City circle. Heather Thomson, Carole Radziwill, and Aviva Drescher.

LuAnn and new housewife Aviva (whose name I love, btw, and not just because it sounds like a brand of paper towels) discuss their highbrow lives and catch up with each other.

We even get a quick French lesson as they start speaking the romance language to show off their skills.

Turns out there’s a bit of a “love fest” between the ladies and their exes. Translation: a couple of Aviva’s “new” friends have had relations with her ex-husband.Gross.

Sonja’s having a party and LuAnne attends with Aviva—who feels awkward because Sonja is friends with and has probably slept with her ex-husband.

Other new housewives, Heather and Carole, arrive. As a New York Times Best-seller author, Carole is the local celebrity right now.

Ramona arrives with her husband, Mario. LuAnn is less than happy to see Ramons after she degraded her parenting skills. The woman hasn’t apologized yet. And I doubt Ramona will, unless someone dopes her up with the Pino Gritio.

Avia gushes over Carole’s book about dealing with her husband’s cancer. Ramona comes over and the conversation shifts to mommy talk about kids. Boring. I agree, Carole.

LuAnn inquires if Heather speaks any other languages, like Italian. Well that convo is a bust so LuAnn quietly moseys over to Ramona, near the Pino Gritio and alcohol.

“Honey, I need to talk to you,” When those words leave LuAnn’s lips, she’s usually expecting an apology.

Picking up right where they left off, LuAnn is still annoyed with Ramona about the disparaging comments she made about LuAnn’s parenting (from last season) and tries to discuss it with her at the party.

Ramona isn’t having it. She takes her Pino Gritio and marches off.

Aviva and Sonja go for mani-pedis. Sonja’s taken aback when Aviva takes out her large bag. Why, you ask? We learn Aviva has a prosthetic leg, which she introduces not only to Sonja, but to everyone for the rest of the episode.

Honesty is the best policy, right? Why not be upfront about things.

Heather and Ramona clash because they’re both big talkers, fast talkers, and think they know everything. Ramona meets her match in this one because “this woman will not shut up.”

At the dinner party, Ramona freaks out over Sonja saying “my husband” instead of her “ex” husband since there’s an eligible bachelor sitting to her right.

Carole skipped the dinner party so she meets with Aviva and LuAnn for lunch to catch up. It’s total Bash Ramona time. LuAnn has some issues with Ramona threatening her through the kids.

The three housewives agree to never become “mean girls.” Sure, we’ll see how that goes. As usual.


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