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Real Housewives of Orange County; Ep. 17 – “Monkey Business”

Costa Rica pt. 2, river rafting, and a breakdown.

Alexis flees the table after the women beat up on her. She doesn’t want to be around anyone and would rather weep alone.

But some of the ladies come after her, like Vicki and Gretchen. Sorry, Gretchen, you’re not allowed into the room.

“I don’t think Alexis is pretentious. I think she’s a great girl. She’s drop-dead gorgeous and they’re all jealous.”

Vicki, tell them how you really feel. I mean, really. Do you actually feel that way?

“I’ve been nothing but that freakin’ girl’s friend. Why in the world would she let Vicki in her room and not me?”

Now Gretchen wants to play the friend card on Alexis.

Alexis packs her bags and leaves—well this isn’t new because she doesn’t have a nanny to watch her kids, so she couldn’t stay the week in Costa Rica anyway. Psh.

The fact that the women ganged up on her during the Alexis Intervention only gives her more reason to fled Costa Rica.

The next Costa Rican event for the women is heading to the beach.

Gretchen is still super annoyed and bothered by Alexis only speaking to Vicki the previous night. Alexis just doesn’t value the friendship they were supposed to have.

Sorry, girls, but the tides in friendship were changing since the beginning of the season.

It’s likely Alexis’s last day on the trip, so Gretchen pulls her aside by a rock on the beach to express her feelings.

Miscommunication is a fixture with people, and Gretchen and Alexis “talk” is no different.

Alexis feels like Gretchen is making the situation all about her. Gretchen feels like Alexis is being too defensive and isn’t grasping her honest feedback on why the others think Lex is so pretentious and fake, for lack of a better word.

After Alexis leaves the beach and Costa Rica altogether, the women all get along and run around, playing like little kids. A monkey hops along the beach towards the women and I think it’s more fearful of them.

I’d run the other way to escape that screaming and commotion.

The women each take a plant to have it grow into some sort of tree.

“Should we get one for Alexis?” Vicki’s the only one concerned about this.

Planting the trees together brings the women a little closer and sort of binds them—symbolically anyway. It’s a happy moment and there’s no screaming. There’s peace. And amongst all that, the thought of dying pops into Vicki’s mind.

Yep, the other ladies are convinced she’s slowly unraveling and losing it.

Ironically as Vicki plants away, the one meant for Alexis falls over and gets ruined, something similar to the like. Heather isn’t surprised.

Onto the next Costa Rican activity—and I like how organized this all is—white water rafting!

Heather’s concerned about the balance of the little boat. What about another ore to keep steady. Alexis sort of screwed the ladies over. Nonetheless, they’re all pumped and antsy about it.

Holy shiznit, there are piranhas in the water! No way are they stepping into that water just to get into the boat.

Maybe I should just scratch off river rafting from my bucket list.

Yelling, yelling, and screaming. Majority of it’s coming from Vicki “The Screamer” Gunvalson.

I would not want to ride a roller coaster ride with her, thank you very much.

Going down the river, Vicki consumes some of the water and regurgitates it back into the river.

Now Heather has to leave Costa Rica. Aw man. Two down and three left on Survival Island, though I believe Heather is capable of sticking it out if she wanted.

The remaining three have lunch and wow Tamra and Gretchen are matching in loud pink jackets and dark caps. Vicki’s crying and brings up her ex, Donn. Her mental state is kaput.

On the next episode: Fresh from the Costa Rica trip, Eddie takes Tamra to Tahiti. Vicki takes Brooks to get his teeth fixed. Alexis is still hosting, trying to become the next Katie Keurig (and no that’s not a typo on my part, refer to Alexis). Gretchen and Slade are arguing some more.

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