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Total Blackout, May 30 – Don’t Panic; It’s Only Eels!

Total Blackout brings four players together to compete for five thousand dollars, but the catch is they must compete in total darkness. This sounds easy, but the screaming gets louder each week to prove that it is not easy at all. Poor Jaleel White’s eardrums!

Let’s meet tonight’s players who will compete in the darkness. Blaiz, 18, of Cove, OR, is a student. She will either “go for it or say nooo!” Let’s hope she goes for it! Next is Shereese, 36, of Portsmouth, VA, also a student, and her strategy is plain and simple, “Just go for it.” Chuck, 32, of Van Nuys, CA, is an Audio Tech. He can handle little bugs, but “once they start to crunch, he has to call his brother.” Maybe his brother should have been on the show instead of him. Julian, 28, of Oklahoma City, OK, is currently unemployed but he is not a quitter. His dad better not see him cry on television.

The first challenge looks like a conundrum, and it is all about timing. The players must jump over an electronic stick that will be swinging in complete darkness. Oh boy, why do they do this? Julian is first and is not crying yet. Chuck looks kind of like a zombie reaching out to bite someone. Shereese and Blaiz seem more quiet and relaxed, and Shereese is worried about jumping. Just jump Shereese.

Shereese made an attempt, but still got hit in the shins with a stick, while Chuck jumped over the stick on his first attempt. Julian and Blaiz are counting too slowly and keep missing the stick. Just count fast and jump like hell. Julian finally jumps at the right time. Poor Shereese must recover after missing ten times. They jump again, but this time into the black hole. It ends up being Shereese who jumps into the black hole.

Blaiz, Julian and Chuck are left to battle it out in the dark and play in some water. They must identify three items while taking a terrifying swim, which no one wants to do because there is usually a giant octopus or a shark involved on Syfy, but on Total Blackout, it is a little safer. Out of everyone right now, Blaiz looks calm, while Julian is worried because he doesn’t want anything in his ears or eyes and doesn’t want anything that is alive. Well, that leaves out all of Syfy’s options besides the water.

The first item they pour in is crawfish and Julian freaks out. He thinks it’s some kind of “multi-legged insect.” Blaiz lets out the first shriek and shouts “Fish!” No, it is not fish, but Chuck gets a little closer as is actually trying to pick the crawfish up. Julian is losing his shoe and panicking. Never panic in water.

Blaiz finally guesses that there are indeed crawfish in the water with her. The next item they throw in with the players are eels, yes little eels. Julian is having a full-on panic attack as he is touching his shoe and freaking out. He is trying to calm himself down, but it is not working. Just take a deep breath. Chuck thinks there are leeches in the water, and Blaiz guesses correctly that she is in the water with eels.

The last item they pour in are doll heads. Julian leaps out of the tub of water and is scared to death, and Blaiz is screaming and grossed out. It’s only doll heads. Well, okay, that is weird to throw into a tub of water. Chuck guesses doll heads right away. Julian closes his eyes; I feel bad for him. He finally reaches in and touches the doll heads and guesses correctly. He loses his shoe again.

Before the next round, someone needs to get Julian out the tub and give him a bag to breathe in to. They line up, ready for someone to go home. It is Julian who jumps into the black hole. Poor Julian, at least he didn’t cry.

Chuck and Blaiz are moving on to the final challenge. They must use only their hands to identify four random items in complete darkness. Chuck is getting used to the darkness now and Blaiz is doing well but she is hoping that nothing gets wrapped around me.

Chuck and Blaiz try to pick up the items. Oh my Lord, Chuck picks up a tarantula. I can’t watch this. Why would you do that? You only need to touch the tarantula, yet he is picking it up. Chuck moves onto the next tank which contains the ever-so-frightening feather duster.

Blaiz is screaming again and can barely get her hand into the tank to guess that there is a feather duster in the tank, but she finally does guess right. Chuck thinks the items are moving up the scary chart now. I think that happened when he stuck his hand in a fish tank to pick up a tarantula.

The third tank has a lizard, but Blaiz guesses it is a starfish. Since when are starfish and lizards shaped the same? The fourth tank contains a hand, a human hand, and both players freak out equally, but Chuck a little more than Blaiz as she guesses right away. Chuck thinks the human hand is a frog at first! He finally guesses correctly, and they are pretty even now as time is up!

Jaleel got a kick out of Blaiz petting the tarantula like it was a mouse, It is time to find out who is going home with five thousand dollars. I have a feeling it will be Chuck, but we shall see when they jump into the black hole. Jaleel prepares them and while Chuck and Blaiz both jump, the winner of Total Blackout is indeed Chuck.

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