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Q&A with John Zaffis of Syfy’s Haunted Collector

The Syfy series Haunted Collector has returned for a second season with all new haunted items. John Zaffis and his family are on a mission to find out if spirits really do live and exist in objects such as a family portrait or that nice collectible that was given to you from a family member. 

The Zaffis family are renowned paranormal investigators, tracking down haunted items like paintings, guns, jewelry and dolls. Once identified, these obscure items are collected and stored in the family’s museum, helping John’s clients bring normalcy back to their lives.

John’s team includes Jason Gates (Investigator), his son Chris Zaffis (Investigator), his daughter, Aimee Zaffis (Investigator), Brian Cano (Tech Specialist), Jesslyn Brown (Investigator), and Beth Ezzo (Investigator and team psychic.)

John Zaffis took part in a Q&A to discuss the series and what viewers can expect. Zaffis got started in the paranormal business when he was sixteen years old. He “had an experience in the middle of the week on a Wednesday evening. At the foot of the bed there was a six foot figure that appeared. It was transparent and shaking its head back and forth.” He had tried to explain the experience to his mom, but she was did not want to hear it because she was petrified of the paranormal world.

There was no internet for John to begin his research, so he did it the old-fashioned way; he met with people and read all the books he could find. He learned and worked with his Aunt Lorraine and Uncle Ed Warren, and believes he couldn’t have gotten the education he received from them out of a book. “I was exposed to different things, and I started digging deeper, and I realized there are thousands of people with paranormal experiences.” The scientific prospect and working with people was intriguing to him.

The biggest factor for this show is how to determine if an item is haunted. John said, “What we normally find is high readings, EMF off of particular items, and we’ll focus in on the item to see if it could be causing a disturbance. There are times when items will pick up electronic voice phenomena, and in this season, we are doing a lot of experiments to try and prove that it is a particular item triggering activity within a room.”

After thoroughly investigating the items in order to give the families peace of mind, John stores the items in a barn on his property. John has collected items over the past thirty eight years and is hoping viewers will get to see more of the barn and the rare haunted collectibles.

You can’t have a paranormal show without awesome equipment, so John added a few new things for season two, including a helicopter that acts as a surveillance system. The team is also very cautious as they take on cases. John is very guarded and careful, because he believes “there are times when the spirits and energies can trick you.” He proceeds with caution no matter where he is going or what the case may be.

Items that are most often haunted may come from tragedies or a spirit that is looking to hold on to something. John finds that items such as toys, dolls and items that may come off of ships are prone to holding on to energy. It does not always have to be the same type of item. There are no restrictions in the spirit world, and John has seen everything from a button that came from a grave site to pieces of furniture.

People are also haunted personally by items. There may be certain family members, and even pets, that an item will attach itself to. The families may think they are going crazy when it happens to one person, but then the item will begin to affect the entire family. John finds children and pets are the ones who tend to notice the occurrences more frequently.

The museum John has on his property is not considered a dangerous place despite all of the haunted items. John manages to contain it; he is guarded and very cautious with the items. He has a lot of spiritual friends who he relies on for help, including Native Americans, shamans, priests and ministers. He asks for help when they visit. He likes to try and break free some of the energy associated with the items.

John’s overall goal is to “bring peace to the families” and calm down the paranormal activity in a home. He is also aware of the skeptics and keeps an open mind, but uses a lot of scientific methods to approach the paranormal activity and strives for the best results with help from his family. John will keep going and knows that energy has the ability to attach to anything that could be from the past or the present.

It takes an emotional toll on the families and pets. In order for people to be comfortable and at ease, once they discover where the problem is coming from, John and his family just want to give the families peace of mind so that the spirits are able to rest or go off in their own realm, unless they prefer to stay in John’s museum.

John’s role models are Ed and Lorraine Warren, his uncle and aunt. He also looks to the elderly as inspiration; “they have a lot of knowledge and information for the next generation to understand.” He likes to look at every perspective, and he and his family work hard and keep going.

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