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They Went Away – The Amazing Race 6, Episode 11

by LauraBelle

With Jonathon and Victoria gone, I didn’t have nearly the same amount of sound bytes to pull from for a title for tonight’s show. In fact, I had to pull the sound byte from one of the locals in Sri Lanka. That’s right; Sri Lanka. As Phil points out at the beginning, this episode of The Amazing Race was filmed before the tsunami hit Sri Lanka. Phil dedicates the show to the memory of the thousands of lives lost and rescue workers that dedicated their lives to saving others.

Hayden and Aaron are the first to leave the Laibela Lookout in Ethiopia at 1:16 AM. They will need to catch one of two charter flights to Addis Ababa, and then find the stadium. Aaron feels that when they work together, no one can beat them. Lori and Bolo are next to leave with Bolo similarly saying if they take the time to slow down a little and read and double check everything, that they have a good chance of winning.

Kris and Jon leave, followed by Freddy and Kendra. Because of being yielded by Adam and Rebecca last week, Freddy feels they need get ahead of everyone else this time to be safe. Adam and Rebecca leave last, and she is still looking for him to grow up a little and knows if he can believe in himself, that they have a real chance of winning.

With everyone rushing to the airport to catch the charter flight, Freddy and Kendra fall behind, as she has to stop to puke. She doesn’t think Ethiopian food agrees with her very well. Kris and Jon, Hayden and Aaron and Lori and Bolo catch the first charter, and Adam and Rebecca and Freddy and Kendra catch the second, leaving thirty minutes later.

Lori and Bolo are the first to arrive at the stadium, and their clue says they need to run a four-man relay race. They need to choose a pair of Ethiopian runners that are waiting, and each take turns running with them around the track. Once completed, they will receive their next clue. I don’t understand why, but talking to the runners, all obvious athletes, Bolo tells them they need to run like they are being chased by the police. He tries to cover up saying this (apparently seeing it as wrong) by saying he knows, he’s been chased often, but it still comes off as extremely odd.

Hayden and and Aaron arrive, and Hayden feels they will have an advantage as she ran track in school, and the 4 x 4 was her favorite. I’m not sure who it is, but we hear either Hayden or Lori say they wish they didn’t have to pee. It did seem like it was probably Lori’s gravelly voice. Kris and Jon arrive as Bolo is finishing, obviously running out of gas going around the track, as he says, “I ain’t no track star.” Hayden and Aaron finish quickly, saying they smoked Kris and Jon. Freddy and Kendra arrive, and she needs to make another pit stop into the bathroom to throw up again, and says running around a track is the “last fricking thing” she wants to do right now. By the time she is done, she says she ran like an eighty-year old woman. Rebecca doesn’t fare much easier, asking when she is done, “Pack of Oxygen, Somebody?”

Their next clue sends them back to the airport to catch a flight to Colombo, Sri Lanka. Lori and Bolo, arriving at the airport first, find there is only one flight leaving at 2:30 PM, and making a pit stop in Dubai, one of the old haunts from The Amazing Race 5. Everyone makes it onto the one and only flight to Sri Lanka this day, with Freddy and Kendra just barely making it, as she had to stop to throw up again.

Once safety in Colombo, the teams need to catch a taxi to the train station, where they will take a train to Galle. Rebecca explains to the taxi driver where they want to go by saying, “Train, Toot! Toot!” Obviously catching Adam’s joy of riding on trains. Kendra says there are fumes everywhere, and needs to puke again the minute they board the train. I can’t imagine being on something that dirty, hot and stinky with an upset stomach. No one can find a seat, and they either stand or sit on the floor.

Somehow Adam and Rebecca miss the train, as it leaves just as they arrive. They ask a local if the train left with all the other teams, and he says they all left, they had backpacks. Adam and Rebecca excitedly say it’s those people they are looking for. The local just smiles and says, “They went away.” Adam and Rebecca now need to sit for an hour and twenty minutes to wait for the next train. Adam wants to leave, and we realize he wants to quit the race. It must be his obvious disappointment on not riding on the train, as he seems to find great joy in trains. Rebecca gets furious with him and says facetiously, “Yeah, let’s give up! That’s a great idea!” Adam follows with, “I suggest you stop talking to me.” Rebecca bites back, “That’s an easy one!” They eventually make nice, and she says it is in interest of finishing the race.

As the others’ train arrive at Galle, they board Tuck Tucks, three-wheeled covered motorcycles that are being driven by a driver. They need to travel to Fort Galle. At the fort they are met with a Detour – Tree Trunks or Elephant Trunks. In Tree Trunks the teams need to find their way to a coconut plantation, and each person on the team needs to climb a tree fifty feet, walk across a tight rope contraption, collect a jug of sap, walk back across the tightrope, and back down and turn in their jugs of sap. In Elephant Trunks, the teams need to travel to an elephant polo field, and each person needs to board an elephant and score a goal. The only team to choose Elephant Trunks is Freddy and Kendra. Self-proclaimed Master of Pachyderms, Freddy, says they won’t ever get that kind of opportunity again, so may as well have fun.

Lori and Bolo, Hayden and Aaron and Kris and Jon all choose to climb the coconut tree. Kris and Jon finish this with ease, but Lori and Hayden both struggle. Hayden is afraid of heights and gets stuck up there. She eventually makes her way down. As everyone is finishing, Adam and Rebecca arrive in Galle on their train. They choose to climb the tree as well.

Their next clue sends them to the Galle bus station to board a bus to Kandy, Sri Lanka, and then find their way to the Kandyan Art Association. Hayden states the obvious, saying the U.S. has nicer buses and trains. Kris and Jon, Lori and Bolo and Hayden and Aaron all catch the first bus. Freddy and Kendra catch the second, and Adam and Rebecca the third. Once at the Art Association, they find they will all bunch up together again, lucky for Adam and Rebecca. The hours of operation are 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM, and they all will spend the night there on the streets of Sri Lanka. I just can’t help but imagine what would have happened had they been sleeping on the streets when the tsunami hit.

Once the teams are allowed inside the Art Association the next morning, they need to purchase a bowl of rice, and take it to a monk at the Temple of the Tooth. The monk ties a string around their wrists and chants something, that Lori believes must be a blessing. Kris says her and Jon are both very religious, and that ceremony meant a lot to them.

The next clue sends the teams to the Lion Rock, which they travel to in their Tuck Tucks. Adam and Rebecca get delayed as their driver stops for gas. Once at Lion’s Rock the find a Road Block. One member of each team needs to climb the more than one thousand steps to the top of Lion’s Rock, use binoculars to find the flag designating the pit stop, and then climb down the rock, join their teammate and finish at the pit stop.

Adam, Jon, Freddy, Lori and Aaron are the climbers of the rock. Lori gets most of the way up and finds she doesn’t have her ticket she is supposed to have. She climbs back down, reaches Bolo, and starts screaming, “Bring me the freaking ticket!” She is furious at Bolo for not reading the directions fully to know she had to take the ticket with her. Kris grabs Bolo by the shoulder and attempts to send some positive thoughts to him.

Jon is the first to reach the top, and finds the pit stop flag is next to a pool. He races down the Rock, joins Kris, and they race in their Tuck Tuck to the pool. Once there, Phil instructs them to swim across the pool to reach him. Doing so, they, of course, find they are the first to arrive, and receive a European vacation for doing so.

Freddy gets back down the rock, saying to Kendra, “That Adam’s such a nancy-boy, I passed him.” Freddy and Kendra, Hayden and Aaron and Adam and Rebecca all race for the pool. They all run up to Phil who instructs them to go back to the beginning of the pool and swim over. Hayden and Aaron arrive second, Freddy and Kendra third, and Adam and Rebecca fourth (of course, he’s such a Nancy). Lori and Bolo come flying in, but are last of course. They are hoping for a non-elimnation leg, but are eliminated. They argue over the Rock mishap, yet when prodded to do so, Bolo praises Lori saying she is the strongest woman you will ever meet. She feels they get along so well, and knows now they will be together forever.

Lori and Bolo met the same fate Jonathon and Victoria did last week. They didn’t take the time to read the clue, getting ahead of themselves, and this is precisely what Bolo promised at the beginning of tonight’s show he would not do. All of this seems to pale in comparison, though, to the things that have happened to Sri Lanka since the filming of this. It was hard to watch the show and not wonder how different this beautiful country looks today, post-tsunami. Just as the episode where Jonathon’s abuse of Victoria came to light with the slave house visit and the visit to the Berlin Wall, it is hard to think of fun, light things like a race. Phil winds up the show telling us we can make donations for the tsunami victims at CBS.com.

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