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How Do You Say 'Wacko' in French? – The Bachelorette 3, Episode 3

The men get a message to meet Chris and Jen at a basketball court. Once at the court, they find out they will be playing four on four basketball to win dates with Jen. Fabrice and Ryan are team captains and get to choose their teams. Fabrice’s team wins, and then they find out that there will be two one-on-one dates, and one group date. John Paul, the highest scorer, and Fabrice, the lowest scorer, both get one-on-one dates.

Jen and Fabrice go to The Cotton Club, where they are serenaded by Vanessa Williams. After the song, they have some cocktails and talk. Fabrice says that he wants kids and he wants to settle down. He confides to Jen that he had his heart broken a couple years ago and he’s over it, but tears start to run down his face. Then, before you can say “wacko” he leans in for a very long, very racy kiss. His tongue is everywhere. Jen looks uncomfortable during the kiss, and when Fabrice really seems to go in for the kill, Jen backs away. Fabrice continues to maul Jen, saying, “I just want to hug you! I get so lonely at night.” Jen looks right into the camera with bewildered eyes. She later tells us that the moods were a bit extreme and it was the weirdest date yet. Apparently French men aren’t all that suave after all.

Back at the men’s apartment, the guys diss “Frenchie”. Josh The Virgin says that Fabrice told him that he doesn’t see marriage as being forever, then he would probably end up divorced. Jerry says that Frenchie makes him sick.

Jen goes out with John Paul next. Jen is nervous, as this is a carbon copy of her first date with Andrew, way back when she was among the hopefuls. They take a helicopter to a hotel were an ultra-romantic suite has been set up. The two eat and John Paul tells her about his company. Jen and John Paul then slip into bathing suits and are massaged, and then take a dip in a Jacuzzi. Jen says that she finds John Paul more attractive than some of the other men because he’s not throwing himself at her. They then share chocolate covered strawberries, and they both seem to be having a great time.

The men that were left in the loft discuss what Jen is looking for. Josh The Virgin says that Jen is looking for a soul mate and that being successful doesn’t matter much. Jerry says that maybe she’s looking for someone that is successful as well as a soul mate. They then ponder what it was about Andrew Firestone that made Jen say “yes” to him. Jerry seems to be looking at things strategically.

Now it’s time for the group date and they head to Central Park. They goof off and play football for a while. Josh tells Jen that he owns a home and he wants to be able to provide for a family. Jen says that she doesn’t feel that Josh wants to get to know her, that he just wants to impress her. She can’t get a word in when they talk. Ryan busts in on her time with Josh, and Jen is relieved. She feels comfortable with Ryan and likes to talk with him. Jen talks with Keith after Ryan, and he talks a lot about things being natural between the two of them, which makes things very unnatural.

Jerry is next, and the two row around in a pond and Jerry gives Jen one of the best kisses ever. Jen is thrilled about the kiss. She said that she feels comfortable with Jerry, yet gets butterflies. Jen then talks with Wendell, and she feels comfortable with him, too. She says that he’s the kind of guy her mom told her to look for. Awww.

It’s time for the rose ceremony! Tonight, six are staying and two are going home. She talks with Ben for a little while, and feels more relaxed with him than she has in previous conversations. Fabrice and Jerry chat for a while. Fabrice thinks Jerry is phony, and Jerry thinks Fabrice is an ass. Fabrice continues to ruffle feathers as he has conversations with some of the other guys. Wendell says that Fabrice is an idiot, and that Fabrice knew he was going to be sent home and was trying to start trouble before he left.

Jen talks to Jerry alone. She likes the way he makes her feel, but wonders if he is charming with all the girls. She is nervous about meeting with Fabrice. While he and Jen are talking, he says that he would be happy to tell her stuff about the other men. He says that Keith is nice but feels uncomfortable with her, Ryan is a nice guy and she should get to know him better, and that Jerry is a charmer. Surprisingly, he didn’t say more about Jerry.

Jen chooses her six. She keeps John Paul, Jerry, Ryan, Ben, Wendell, and Fabrice (Fabrice? Why?). Fabrice is chosen last, and he is pissed. He accepts the rose, but gives Jen a dirty look and doesn’t hug her or say much of anything to her. Jen was put off by his reaction, and Fabrice said that he thought it was ridiculous, that she picked him last to play with him. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new psycho to replace Stu! Fabrice says that he’s proven to Jen that he likes her, now she must prove it to him.

On the next episode, the guys have to write Jen a letter telling her why they would be a good husband to win dates. They also race to the Empire State Building. At the next rose ceremony, Fabrice interrupts the proceedings to make a confession. Stay tuned!

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