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Real Housewives of New Jersey – Ep. 6: “Uncivil Union”

Coming out, bad jokes, wedding preparation, and therapy talk.

It’s a typical day at the Guidice residence: the girls are running about the place and there’s yelling. Oh Milania. The little cutie that spells trouble is pestering big sis, Gia.

What’s going on with Gia lately? Her angry eyes, temper tantrum, and blow up at Jacqueline’s Field Day caught everyone off guard, including me.

Teresa serves her daughter some waffles and tries to find out why Gia’s so upset over what’s going on with her and Zio (Uncle) Joe (Joe Gorga).

C’mon, children feel what their parents feel. Teresa’s upset so Gia is upset. Gia only sees Teresa’s side of the family brawl, which probably explains her anger towards Joe.

Joe Gorga is beyond fed-up with Teresa’s drama and the constant fighting. Therapy isn’t exactly the traditional Italian way, but it doesn’t sound so bad right about now.

He texts Teresa – this seems to be the main source of communication with these people – about seeing a therapist and how he wants to work things out.

Out of everyone on the show, Teresa of all people certainly does not need a therapist. Especially with all the personal issues she may be going through, with husband Joe and finances.

Kim D. is with her when she receives Joe Gorga’s text and she does nothing but feed Teresa’s obstinate mind set against therapy.

Rosie officially comes out to her niece and nephew, Joseph and Victoria.

The kids are more understanding than she expected and completely cool with it. As for questions, does everyone who’s gay have “gay-dar?”

I guess that’s the first thing that pops up in Joseph’s mind. Sure. Maybe. No antennas are involved undeniably.

Kathy and her family return to the shore, renting a shore house. The Gorgas and some friends of Kathy are also joining.

One sizzling hot woman catches Rosie’s eye for the night. Rosie practically drools at the sight of this woman who gives her special attention in the hot tub.

Sadly, the friend of Kathy is taken and straight. Rosie’s day will come.

Caroline’s brother, Jamie, is getting married to his partner of 13 years, Rich, and has invited the family to Chicago where it’s being held.

Teresa is invited since she’s a friend. That’s going to be a fun time. Awkward moments between an in-denial Teresa and a for-good-reason standoffish Caroline.

What’s going to add to that fun is Joe Guidice who—let’s face it—comes off as narrow-minded towards homosexuality and anything related.

Joe makes a homosexual joke about Greg, friend of the Manzos, that goes a little too far. Not to mention just flat out rude and crude.

On the next episode: Jamie’s wedding day. Teresa tries to make nice with Caroline, but it comes off as fake—as usual and pushy. Family and friends discover more magazine interviews done by Teresa that places them in a negative.

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