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No Help at All! Growing up Gotti Episode 4

No Help at All!

Victoria is right, her hired staff is no help at all, but with that in mind I have to ask: “Why keep them around?” I love the woman but she couldn’t pick the right person for the job if her life depended on it! Instead she surrounds herself with incompetent morons like Luigi and Jay. But I digress.

The episode starts off with Victoria saying “Being a single mom is hard.” And I agree, especially when you have people like Jay and Luigi working for you. Jay is already in trouble because he forgot to remind Victoria to do something. Victoria’s friend Robert tries to give Jay a few tips on being a personal assistant but Jay doesn’t seem to like taking advice from others.

Meanwhile, Carmine brings home a coat that he bought for $1900 which he thought was chinchilla. Robert comments right away that there is no way a real chinchilla coat can cost that little. I wasn’t sure if it was real either, but Carmine looked gorgeous in it! Victoria finds out that the coat is actually rabbit with chinchilla trimming. She and Robert decide that the coat is way too expensive since it’s not chinchilla and that Carmine was ripped off. Victoria calls the guy who sold Carmine the coat and arranges to have it returned (but not without the receipt). I myself am also a big fan of chinchilla coats, but I can’t afford one.

Luigi asks Victoria if she has an ashtray and Robert brings to Victoria’s attention the cigarette butts on the steps outside the house. She immediately blames it on Luigi since he smokes there all the time. Then she realizes that Jay is also a suspect since he smokes as well. Luigi mumbles something to himself as the others go to inspect the cigarette butts outside. Jay denied ever doing something like that even though the butts were from his brand of cigarettes. Just admit it!

Back to the coat. Victoria decides that the coat needs to be returned, so who does she send on this mission? None other than her not-so-trusty assistant Jay. Oh boy! She gives him the Coat and the receipt. His job was simple enough that I could have done it! But Jay on the other hand lost the receipt and called Victoria to tell her. She starts yelling at him (as I would).

That night Victoria says to Luigi that she will give him a thousand dollars if he quits smoking for one week, and if he doesn’t make it he would have to work for her for free for one day. He asks for the money in advance for “inspiration” but she says no. He agrees and says it’s no problem. We’ll see…

The next day we see Luigi walking around a room, I believe, in the house and notices that there is a leak on one of windows. While he is doing that he lights up a cigarette. He goes to tell Victoria about the leak and she notices that he is smoking. She chases him out of the house and tells him that he lost the bet and now has to work for her for free. Don’t you love it when that happens?

Luigi is sent to work on the disheveled pool area which was ruined after a storm the night before. I don’t know if it’s just the bad editing, but Luigi doesn’t seem to do much and after kicking around a couple of chairs he sits down to have a smoke. Robert came out to have a talk with him but that didn’t work out.

That night, Victoria is trying to get some work done and asks where is Jay? She finds him in John’s room playing cards. What is he thinking? She tells him that she needs him downstairs and he follows her. As soon as they get down stairs and begin doing some work Jay runs off to play cards with the boys again! While he teaches the boys how to play poker, Victoria regrets ever hiring him. She finally gets him to join her and Robert and tells him that she can’t put up with him anymore and that he is fired. Victoria comments that she doesn’t like to fire anyone and I can kind of tell because she looks a little ill at ease.

The next day, Robert takes Victoria and the boys to a real fur shop so the boys can buy themselves coats. Robert explains to the guy that works there that Carmine was ripped off and they want to buy a real chinchilla coat. The guy brings Carmine the coat and he puts it on. At this point I was hyperventilating! He looked incredible!

Is it just me or do these boys just keep on getting better and better? When Frankie tried on a similar coat he looked absolutely breathtaking! Robert also thought they looked good and asked Victoria if they will be taking three coats and she agreed. Why didn’t they just buy one coat and then trade?

Today the boys had a party to go to. Robert, being the new assistant quickly gets them ready and on their way in a white limo. Victoria is satisfied.

With the boys happy with their new coats and Victoria’s new assistant I wonder who will be fired next? Victoria Gotti is starting to become the new Donald Trump.

By: Mrs.Agnello (Disclaimer: I am not personally related to any Agnello it is just a nickname)


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