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Happy Campers Surreal Life 4, Episode 3

By: Tweetwara

It’s another day in the Surreal Life House. Jane gets up early and wakes up the “cheerful” cast. The paper comes and tells the cast they are going camping. Verne says he hates camping (Mini me seems to not like much of anything…).

The crew arrives at the farm and are excited to see cowboys, which Adrienne and Joanie think are “cute” and “hot”.

Verne doesn’t want to put on any of the western gear (and to think someone spent ALL that time making him an outfit). Jane says that Verne is always saying he can’t do things and most of the time the things have nothing to do with physical limitations. The cast gears up and is excited to ride. They put Verne on the horse. They try several ways to get him on the pony, but it doesn’t work cause his legs can’t stretch wide enough.

Marcus feels bad for Verne because he can’t ride the horse. He feels that Verne doesn’t try things because he is afraid of the disappointment he may face. The others are glad that Verne at least tried and put on the clothes.

The cast enjoys the horseriding, as they go out looking for cattle. When they see the cattle the horses start going crazy. They are then told that if they brand the cattle, they can have steak, but if they don’t they will have to eat franks and beans. Jane, who is an animal activist, strongly disagrees. In fact the whole cast disagrees besides Adrienne, who just can’t have franks and beans for some reason. Jane is upset and walks to the van. Adrienne feels that it’s okay because “it was going to happen eventually anyway”. The cast watches and grimaces as Adrienne catches and brands the poor little cow.

Adrienne goes to the van and tries to reason with Jane. Up until that point they had talked about being so similar and being such great friends. Adrienne says if she knew that Jane would be so upset she wouldn’t have done it (yeah now she says it). Jane forgives her and they hug (aw…)

They then ride to the campsite. It’s announced that someone gets to be “cowboy of the day” and will sleep in a tent and pick someone to join them. Of course cow brander Adrienne is picked and takes Jane as her guest.

As they cook the food Verne talks about being scared, so Marcus tells him he has his back and Verne says Marcus is “The Man”.

The cast sits around the fire and laugh and joke. They also say things about each other they don’t like (jokingly) and people don’t get offended (for now). Jane tells Verne sometimes he is really sweet, but then other times he is really difficult. Brat tells Joanie she would never have her do her makeup because Joanie uses too much and she is too pretty for all the rouge and stuff. Joanie thanks Brat and gives her a hug.

Joanie starts to talk about how she has no friends or family and has a rough time with relationships. She stuns everyone when she confesses to swallowing a whole bottle of pills and trying to commit suicide. The cast is shocked and says that Joanie always comes across as so happy. (Totally a Kleenex moment and it is only Episode 3. It usually takes ’til at least episode 6 for this kinda crying and drama!)

Everyone is glad they are able to open with each other and understand each other better. They end with a big group hug.

SOOO Surreal Life has totally gone after-school-special/Lifetime movie, sniff* 😥

Stay tuned for what another day brings!


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