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Real Housewives of Orange County – Ep. 16: “Rumble in the Jungle”

Costa Rica, zip-lining, intervention, and a “white elephant.”

Before the O.C. ladies leave for Costa Rica, Tamra admits to throwing Terry under the bus. Over dinner and drinks on a double couple night, Tamra tells Heather and Terry about her confrontation with Alexis and that she blurted Terry called her fake. T

Terry nearly chokes on his drink, but all is quickly forgiven as long as Tamra backs Heather up during a planned intervention for Alexis on the trip. Done.

Alexis packs two suitcases full of all kinds of cute, probably newly purchased clothing for Costa Rica. For what exactly, I’m not sure since she says she’ll be staying half the time of the actual trip.

Heather’s looking forward to going on this trip with all of the ladies. I see a lot of heels. I’m sure Mrs. Dubrow will not be alone in the shoe department. I wonder how well heels go with the tropical jungle.

“Try to dress elegantly and pack lots of cotton clothes.” Slade does some research on what to wear to Costa Rica and reads off his finding s to Gretchen.

“You’re stressing me out. I don’t have any of that.” She’s annoyed by these suggestions. “Help me pick something. I don’t know what to take.”

Gretchen should phone other women and find out what all they’re brining. She’d feel better about what all she “doesn’t have.”

The ladies have to take a little detour to pick Vicki up in Florida and then they’re officially off the Costa Rica. It seems like as soon as they arrive, Vicki ditches the welcoming drinks and quick dining with the girls to chat over the phone with Brooks. My God.

It’s clear early on that Heather and Tamra are fed up with the just the sound of Alexis. Alexis’s imitation wedding ring comes up again and she makes an excuse about how she can’t stay the full trip because she doesn’t have nannies and babysitters to watch her kids.

Really? She and her husband are supposedly living the high life. And didn’t she know about this trip for a little while? She couldn’t find a nanny? Is Jim too busy to be a dad?

I’d be ecstatic to travel to Costa Rica under the same circumstance as the O.C. “housewives,” but wow, Vicki is on another level.

“My love tank is full!” Still not completely sure on what that means.

Zip lining through the jungle canopy has the O.C. ladies screaming with excitement, while their shifting friendships have them screaming at each other.

It looks like loads of fun. While the other women take in the experience, Alexis causes a fuss over how cautious the activity is because she’s worried about her nose falling off in the jungle somewhere. She paid good money for it I bet, so I don’t completely fault her. Much. Heather and Tamra chalk it up as a cry for attention.

After zip-lining, Tamra asks Vicki about her first marriage. Vicki was younger than Briana is when she got married. She’s still torn up about the Vegas marriage and she’s compensating by upping the crazy hyper-ness (yes, I made it a word). But we have to remember: “she’s happy.”

Everyone’s getting ready for the first night of dinner in Costa Rica. Heather and Tamra pair up to talk before and so does Gretchen and Alexis. I’ll put my money on it that both conversations having a mutual topic.

Alexis is stewed over what Terry said about her. Gretchen doesn’t feel awkwardness because all the tension is between Alexis and the other women. Such a good friend.

To lighten the mood, and while they’re waiting on Vicki—yet again—Heather makes a high-brow joke nobody gets. Points for trying, Heather. Alexis and Gretchen are on one side of the table as Tamra and Heather sit on the other.

So since Vicki’s absent at the moment, why not talk about her before getting to the nitty-gritty (i.e. Alexis intervention). When Vicki does finally show up, she opts for sitting next to Alexis instead of her “friend” Tamra.

Since the women are altogether in Costa Rica, so the guys back home may be planning some kind of Bro-night. When they ask Alexis if Jim is coming, she doesn’t give a straight answer. Heather says Terry called Jim the before the women left for the trip. Alexis’s excuses aren’t adding up.

Big whoops there. I say it’s a good time for that intervention. It’s time to discuss “the white elephant” in the room, or sitting at the table.

Heather and Tamra waste no time telling Alexis how they feel. How pretentious and superior she comes off.

Flashback time! Enjoy Alexis’s moments of flashing her so-called lavished lifestyle to everyone from past seasons.

What stings Alexis the most is when Gretchen chimes in, trying to calmly explain to Alexis—as a friend—what the ladies are saying and how true it is. Dang, Gretchen. We know how she’s felt all along.

On the next episode: Alexis leaves the dinner table in tears. She confronts Gretchen about not backing her up at dinner. The ladies go white river rafting.

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