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Real World Philadelphia, Episode 19 – Midnight at the Oasis

by DrivenAmbition

It’s that time again folks, but this time the show didn’t open with scenery. For the opening of the show, all we see are the crazy seven packing for that adventure-filled trip to Fiji.

Something interesting was the conversation that Shavonda had with the ever un-trusting Shawn. Basically, the conversation was all about Shavonda getting permission from her, shall we say, associate, to skinny dip. When she asked he simply said, “I don’t want them to see you naked” I wonder if he brands his property.

The next day, the roommates got onto the bus, and they were off. When they reached that beautiful place known as Fiji, they were greeted with what I call the Fiji song.

Their first stop was far from a resort. It was rustic, primitive, and not as chic as it seemed. The shower came out of a bucket, and the bathroom was a community one. But the sights more than made up for it.

The first night in Fiji, they go to a bar. Way to be creative; Philadelphia definitely doesn’t have any bars.

Sarah, that vixen we all know and sometimes love, couldn’t wait to, for a lack of a better term, get laid. Enter Freddie, a tall British guy, with (as Sarah described them), nice teeth. When Sarah finally did get him to her room, he was willing to do everything except have sex; did she fall for another gay guy, I think so. If at first you don’t succeed, try try again, ever the optimist, Sarah decided that since Freddie was a no-go, Freddie’s friends would have to do. Finally after Anna Nicole Smithing her way into another man’s arms, she snags him – but when Shavonda comes into the hut to ask a question, guy number two flees the hut like a bolt of lighting. For that night Sarah decided to quit while she was behind.

Landon and Shavonda knew that something was going to happen in Fiji, but much to the dismay of Landon, nothing happens that night. While cuddling and kissing, we hear Landon tell Shavonda, “I Like You”, but Shavonda doesn’t answer. He then offers her a place to stay, and she declines. Gee, first Landon has to give up alcohol, now Shavonda. Oh well, better luck next time.

The next day we were able to see more of that beautiful scenery, and then we hear that sound that makes us want to smack someone. That’s right, the judgmental Mel judges again. This time she tells Sarah about what all of the hut boys were saying about her, and that for a lack of a better phrase, they were saying that she was easier than third grade arithmetic.

Later that day, Sarah and her pal Willie walk along the beach discussing Mel and all of her problems. At the end of the walk, they decide that Mel is judgmental. No kidding.

This week the show actually had a moment in which I was moved. Mel, Landon and Shavonda, attend a small ceremony, that was definitely the highlight of the show.

Perhaps what I consider to be the most dramatic part of this episode is when Mel flirts with the same guys who she claimed were talking about Sarah. This obviously upset Sarah, and back at the hut, the two battling broads have it out.

Meanwhile, in Landon and Shavonda land, the couple tries the romance thing again. This time its Shavonda that does the talking, “I want to, but I’m scared”. Then we hear more kissing noises, and then Shavonda leaves.

The next day, the temperamental roommates we love leave the huts behind to peruse a resort. While at the resort, the roommates take showers, eat, and change clothes, while Mel and Sara make up. Fiji, so far, has been paradise for everyone except the roommates. Is anyone going to have sex? I guess we will have to wait and see, but so far the drama has been reminiscent of Real World Las Vegas; have we found another Trishelle in Sarah?


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