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American Idol, May 23 – A Winner, a Proposal, and a Legend

It’s a tribute to Randy Jackson telling every finalist throughout all eleven seasons that they can sing the phone book. Steven even said it at some point. A chorus of the top 12 minus Phillip and Jessica sing the phone book … literally. This is too funny. They even get exasperated with Joshua when he goes off on a musical tangent. Scotty McCreery presents Randy with a wrapped phone book.

Jennifer finally appears again, onstage, to sing two songs,Going In and Follow the Leader. The bagy pants don’t do much for her. It’s just not the best look for her. She ditches the baggy top and looks much cuter, but still needs to ditch those pants. It’s a huge production between the two numbers with the wind machine working in overdrive.

Ryan shows off the Idol alum in teh audience, with Lauren Alaina (looking fabulous, I’ll add), Taylor Hicks, and Ace Young and Diana DeGarmo, who are now a couple. They come up onstage and announce their news that they have moved in together. He says it’s always been home to them, so he felt this was the perfect place to ask a simple question. Ryan asks for the lights to be dimmed, and Ace gets down on one knee and tells Diana he loves her to death, she’s his best friend, and he wants to make it last forever. He’ll do anything in his power to make sure they the most amazing life together. He asks her to marry him and she accepts. She’s speechless afterwards, but does accept. Who needs The Bachelor?

Hollie Cavanagh breaks the love fest to sing You’ll Never Walk Alone. Her dress is really cute. She’s joined by Jordin Sparks, the season 6 Idol. They do combine on this song beautifully. Hollie does get a little pitchy, but we’ll forgive that tonight.

Ryan mentions the passing of Robin Gibb last weekend and mentions he performed on the finale stage two years ago. The top 12 guys take the stage again, this time to sing a medley of BeeGees hits, starting out with How Deep Is Your Love They follow this with How Can You Mend a Broken Heart and To Love Somebody.

This time when Jessica Sanchez sings And I’m Telling You, she’s being joined by Jennifer Holliday. I think Randy is going to jam his head off listening to it. It really is stupendous. Can we make Jennifer Holliday the season 11 winner? It’s almost scary. I wish Jessica had been able to put that emoton in when she sang alone and that she didn’t need someone else backing her. Jennifer and Randy give them a well-deserved standing O. Steven is curiously missing from the table this time. Jimmy must be really confused now with his Jennifer vs. Jessica snafus.

Aerosmith takes the stage; that’s why Steven was missing. I think this is possibly the only act that could have followed Jessica and Jennifer Apparently the band finally got over being mad at Steven for taking the Idol gig. They sing Legendary Child, and it’s great. Can we make Steven the season 11 Idol? Right now I’m desperate for a winner announcement. I’ll take anyone being named the winner. they also perform Walk This Way, with J-Lo and Randy jamming out at the judges’ table.

The final two take the catwalk together to sing Up Where We Belong. Phillip looks really nervous. He obvoiusly knows it’s just about five minutes away from the big news. Regardless of his nerves, the two song good toether, in a land of opposites, similar to the original version of this song.

Ryan takes the main stage and asks Phillip and Jessica to come up and join him. The results are delivered to the stage. Before Ryan opens it, Phillip says it’s been an honor to be there playing with the band, and believes he’d never sound as good without them. He also pays homage to the fans. Jessica appreciates the crew and fans as well.

After the record-breaking 132 million votes, the winner is Phillip Phillips. Heejun Han comes in and kisses him, as do the other finalists. Scotty McCreery takes the stage to give Phillip the official trophy as well as his guitar for the final number. Jessica is smiling throughout, but it’s clear it’s fake and that she’s really let down. This is the something she worked towards since she was a little girl.

Phillip sings Home, his Idol coronation song. He is stoic through half of it, then finally loses it and starts sobbing. The marching band comes in to join him again, and that’s all we hear, as he can’t get any words out. He takes the guitar off and goes down the stairs to his family, then hugs it out with the judges.

It was quite the finale. There was never a boring moment. The legends that took the stage to join the Idols were amazing, and certainly the most stunning of all was Jennifer Holliday. She’s still got it. But it wasn’t just the music, as we had our first Idol proposal. Now we need some Idol babies. And of course, we have a new reigning Idol. Whether Jessica or Phillip won, it still would have made for a great story, but the pawn shop worker turned Idol winner and future rock star is the story that the night ends on.

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