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Interview With Julie Berry of Survivor: Vanuatu

by NiceGuy286

Hi Julie! Thanks for speaking with us today! Congratulations on your accompishments in Vanuatu – we all really enjoyed watching you on the show.

What was your main motivating factor in applying to be on Survivor? Did you watch any of the previous Survivor seasons before you applied?

I LOVED Survivor prior to my application and watched most if not all (skipped some Thailand)! My motivation was random. The same week I sent in my video, I had also recieved my acceptance to the peace corps days after. I thought at the tme that I could rock survivor out … everything about it turned me on to the experience.

What, if anything, did you do to prepare for Vanuatu?

I read A LOT of travel books, studied the food and resources avaliable. Mainly I worked out like a beast, and ate french toast every morning, ate high protien foods. Talked to myself a lot at night; once I got the “yes” sleep was replaced with anticipation.

Looking back at how things went down after the merge, do you think the decision you and Twila made to rejoin the women’s alliance was the best move to have made at the time?

“At the time” is the key phrase in that question … yes!!! I went with the best offer that was given to me, and what I saw. The guys would have gotten rid of me first if I stayed with them.

Ami seemed to be the running things in the women’s alliance. Was the editing responsible for how that came across to the viewers or is that the way it actually was?

What you saw was factual, but what you didn’t see is A LOT!! That is what people have to remember! Ami had nothing to do with my “strategic self”. Ami to me was a fun play partner … I was tied to Leann(gave her my word) and as a result, Ami was a secondary alliance because of her alliance with Leann. Ami was much more likable to me, and as a result I wanted to work with her more then say Scout, or Twila. But ironically, I never talked “strategy” with Ami; she was running her corner and everyone else was running theirs.

Going back to the final tribal council, Chris seemed genuinely sorry for what he did to you when you were voted out. At the time, did you really believe that he was sorry or did you think he was just faking it to get you to vote for him?

Yeah, I mean I think he “felt sorry” for me, and yes I know he genuienly likes me, but I was way over my head emotionally compared to him. I think he bullshitted perfectly that last tribal and his charm did win my vote and ultimately the game.

You were quite obviously upset with Chris at the final tribal council but things seemed to be better between the two of you at the reunion. Are you still on good terms with Chris?

We said from the beginning it is like a brother sister relationship, and it will always be that way … definitely on good terms with Chris, talk to him all the time.

How accurately do you think you were portrayed on the show? Anything happen on the island that you wish was included in the show?

Well first off I am much funnier then any edited job could cover, and well, let’s face it – there is such little room for “fun” on Survivor. I was very ill in the beginning, and I am not as meek as I might have come across. I am a positive person, and the fighting takes priority. Tons I wish could have been shown, mostly the laughing, fun, and friendships.

Was there anything surprising that you learned about yourself while on the island that you will take with you?

Mind over matter. I know I had that strength, but it can always be tested! More importantly, I discovered where my line of friendship and moral code was drawn in myself and in comparison to 17 other strangers.

Since Vanuatu ended, what have you been up to?

Full on love affair, it’s a full time job you know!! I moved to LA, just bought a car, have my little cozy apartment, and living and loving!!

Have you kept in touch with anyone from Vanuatu?

Yes!!! Of course – Leann the most– she is also moving out to LA. Chris, Ami, Chad, Mia, Eliza … the list goes on … but those are the people I really feel close to.

Now that you’ve done the Survivor thing, what are your plans for the future?

I am going to get my masters in Marriage and Family Therapy in a year or so. Jeff started a charity insprired through my childhood called, “The Serpentine Project” that will play a huge roll in both of our future plans. It is for children who through whatever circumstance have had missed opportunities and through our charity we plan on enabling growth and development for those children.

How have the other Survivor ‘alumni’ reacted to your relationship with Jeff?

The Vanuatu cast are very supportive of us; for one, most of them know us on a deeper level, and saw the foreshawdowing before either of us did. They are all quality people, and for them knowing me, they know that it is serious and for real.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about applying to be on Survivor?

If you actaully make it on then you don’t need any advice; you’re picked for being you so just be you. They are looking for rich character. Besides that, watching it on TV doesn’t show or can not show the struggle you will face … and that is why this show rocks.

Thanks again for your time Julie, and best of luck to you and Jeff!


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