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Real Housewives of Orange County – Ep. 15 “Scream Therapy”

Marriage, name change, and therapy.

After the heated argument with her daughter, Vicki tries to put all energy and focus into work the next day. Brooks brings coffee and offers more Brooks-isms.

“She said some truthful things from her perspective.” Oh Brooks, if only you knew what all Briana actually said.

So maybe he is an opportunist, truthfully speaking from Briana’s perspective. Maybe Vicki’s relationship is unhealthy, truthfully speaking from Briana’s perspective.

Therapists definitely bring in the bucks these days. Now Gretchen wants to take her and Slade’s financial problems to a professional. Um, I thought that was what financial advisors were for.

Alexis does a photo shoot for Alexis Couture, her “other fashion line.”

Heather has decided to finally change her name from her stage name “Heather Kent-Page” to Heather Dubrow, her name in holy matrimony.

Tamra is taking steps towards her dream for an exercising-business-gym venture. She holds auditions for her fitness studio.
Another trips a’brewing for the women of Orange County, courtesy of Vicki partly. While at work, she makes calls to invite every lady.

As usual when someone to contact Gretchen, her answering machine picks up instead and directs all messages to Slade. Vicki respectfully rejects the instructions because Slade is not invited on this trip for the women.

Vicki also gets Heather’s voice mail because she’s probably busy still changing her surname.

Heather drops by to see Terry on the job and surprises him with the legal certificate bestowing her name as Heather Dubrow. I think he’s even moved to tears.

“Heather Dubrow finally. That’s cool.” He’s really jumping on the inside like a little kid.

It’s official. They’re The Dubrows now.

While Heather’s marriage is officially sealed with a name and big smiles, Gretchen is still bugging about marrying Slade or not.

Since financial problems and talk of marriage has Gretchen on edge with Slade, they’re arguing about the most trivial and stupid things. Like being on the phone in the car while stuck in traffic. They get to the therapist and unleash their concerns.

Wow, Gretchen could pay Slade’s child support? Has she been doing so since they’ve been together? That’s not odd or awkward, paying support to another women for someone else’s children. If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is.

Gretchen wants to move forward with marriage, but the relationship is at a standstill because Slade hasn’t made any progress. The excuses and promises have become tiresome. Gretch just wants the issues resolved.

Before the ladies leave for Costa Rica, Alexis wants to talk with Tamra about why she doesn’t like her. Here we go with the nose job again. Whoops, not a nose job. It was for health reason, specifically sinuses.

“Why would you trust a girl who has tits bigger than her head?” Tamra refers to Alexis quite bluntly. That statement says much more than what’s actually stated.

Tamra goes on to tell Alexis how shallow, materialistic, and fake she is, basically. Oh yeah that Terry called her fake. Nice ladies. Heather doesn’t want her husband involved in this petty drama.

“Please be respectiful about my husband and my family behind my back,” Alexis says her last peace.

“I don’t give a *bleep* [about you or your husband],” Tamra can’t get any simpler than that.

On the next episode: The O.C. ladies head to Costa Rica. Heather and the others ladies confront Alexis on her phony facade.

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