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Flank Is For Skanks! – Starting Over 01-19-05

by LauraBelle

Leave it to funny girl, Denise, to come up with today’s title. She’s always good for a sound byte or two, but this one takes the cake, or pie, I guess.

Candy and Denise begin their day arguing about meat. Candy is making carne asada for dinner. Denise has decided she wants to us up the hamburger meat she bought, so wants to make herself a hamburger on the grill. Denise doesn’t know what the heck carne asada is, and why Candy, of Puerto Rican descent, can’t just say carne is beef in Spanish and asada is a special way of preparing it with a marinade is beyond me. When asked, she says it’s flank steak, a really good cut of beef. The sets Denise off because of the attitude attached to Candy’s comment, and Denise is off making flippant comments about flank steak and Candy’s need to cook it, and why it’s so much better than her hamburger. Eventually she comes up with the winning sound byte, “Flank is for skanks.”

Rachael is making a banana creme pie, and never having made it before, asks Candy for help. Candy takes it upon herself to dole out the responsibilities for it, and asks Denise to cut up the bananas for it. Denise does as told, but by the time they get ready to serve the pie, the bananas have begun to turn brown, since they have been sitting out for about thirty minutes. Candy gets upset, won’t use Denise’s bananas, and re-cuts some on her own. This infuriates Denise, as she doesn’t see what the big deal is over a few brown spots on the bananas. Off camera Candy is referring to Denise as Miss Clairol Redhead. Everyone retires for the evening and the editing shows the storm and thunder outside; we can all read the foreshadowing into that one.

The next morning everyone is to meet early for a special group meeting. Denise is late, and no one can understand this as she personally has three alarm clocks, one of them set an hour earlier, and for some reason Denise only pays attention to the clock set an hour earlier. Eventually she is ready and they travel together to a gymnastics gym. All of the women take turns jumping on the trampoline. Bethany says she has never done this before, but I’m not sure how she would remember if she had or not, since she didn’t even know what a Christmas tree was. Denise breaks out some old moves, and is quite good. She must have been in gymnastics at one point when she was growing up.

After their workout, they gather back at the house for Group with Dr. Stan. He would like to discuss depression today. He notes how they all came out of the gymnastics session in a good mood, and says this is because of the endorphins our body releases when we involve ourselves in physical activity. He asks the women how many of them have ever been depressed, and most of them have. He explains there are two different types of depression, situational and clinical. He says Cassie has suffered from both throughout her life, and this is where part of her confusion comes from, never knowing what she is depressed about. Denise opens up and says she tried to commit suicide when she was twelve because she was depressed that her parents were going to get divorced. Dr. Stan says that people that are often depressed are very poor problem-solvers. This is what makes them stay in bed with their covers over the head. He explains a good way to get past this is to force yourself to get up and do something, and get some of the endorphins released, feeling an accomplishment. Sometimes Dr. Stan irritates me, but this time, he is making very much sense.

Rachael and Iyanla have a one-on-one in the hills of CA. I am dying to know what is up with Rachael and the blankets. She is always walking around with one draped around her. Even outside here, while probably just some type of shawl, it still looks like a blanket at first. Perhaps on some level, it is some need to feel safe and warm. I would think that was going against Dr. Stan, as instead of getting up out of her depression, doing something and facing her day, she’s dragging her shroud and blanket with her. Rachael opens up to Iyanla and says she has never shared all her pain with her family or anyone else, only a checklist of the things she has been through in her life. She is angry with her mom, she realizes, as her mom had promised her she would never leave.

Iyanla then goes back to the house for a one-on-one with Candy. Iyanla talks about the conflict she sees with her. She talks quietly and seems full of sweetness, but when push comes to shove she can be quite rough, and loses that femininity. Iyanla wants to know where it all went awry, and believes it stems from her childhood, her father programming her to believe femininity wasn’t good. Candy explains the pie/banana incident, and is expecting Iyanla to agree with her side. Iyanla wants to know why Candy took it upon herself to direct people in making Rachael’s pie, and asks what gives her the right to take over like that. Candy doesn’t understand why everyone wouldn’t want the pie to be perfect. Iyanla explains these aren’t her children, and they also aren’t inmates at a prison, and calls Candy a control freak, saying that controlling people is brought on by a fear of being vulnerable. Iyanla winds up the session with Candy telling her she wants her to begin a workout program

Dr. Stan is meeting with Denise, and he wants to help her find ways out of that depression. He suggests they work on that problem-solving, as she definitely has a problem with that. He suggests if she had a strict schedule to keep to she wouldn’t feel that boredom. He cites a study that showed that college students that hold down a job get better grades than college students that don’t have jobs.

Candy goes on to meet with personal trainer, Marcus, who had previously worked with Sommer. She chooses to work on the treadmill with him. Later a nutritionist arrives, and gives the women some food hints, such as staying out of the middle aisles of a store, as that’s where your processed food are. Stick to the outside where the dairy, meat, grains, fruits and vegetables are. I had never thought about it before, but that makes perfect sense. She discusses the benefits of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. She also tells the women Omega 3 Fatty acids found in fish are great for lifting depression. She leaves the women with a book on foods that are meant to help them feel better mentally and lift their spirits. She also leaves them with instructions for them to plan a meal together. When Candy offers to organize it, the nutritionist shoots her down right away. She says Denise will be doing the organizing, and Candy will only be in charge of the dressing.

After their dinner, Denise and Candy try to resolve their differences, but nothing comes of this as they only repeat the same things they have been saying since Candy moved into the house. I am hoping these two do one of those complete turnarounds and see each other differently by the time one of them graduates. It would certainly show they had resolved the problems from their past, for Denise to accept someone that was controlling like her father, and for Candy to allow herself to be vulnerable.

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