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Real Housewives of New Jersey – Ep. 5 “Spoiled Sports”

Red team, blue team, winning team, losing team.

Teresa doesn’t tell her husband, Joe Guidice, anything, right? Once again, she vents about another argument with her brother. Joe Guidice doesn’t really want to hear anything about it.

To be honest, it only fuels the fire between Teresa’s husband and her brother. Joe Guidice says he’ll kick everyone out his life, including Teresa’s parents and other family. He could care less about them and the situation. Dang.

With cousin, Richie Wakili, Joe Gorga hits the gym to sweat out his issues towards Teresa, but ends up questioning his bad behavior instead. Joe feels horrible about the names he called Teresa at Kathy’s pool party. It was out of anger and he didn’t have the gym to work out and vent by.

Jacqueline is hosting Field Day at her house. Joe Guidice and the three little girls will go off to the shore, while Teresa and Gia attend, because if the two Joes cross paths, it probably won’t be a good time for anyone. As Teresa says, “Space is good.”

Secret insecurities are revealed when Caroline’s daughter, Lauren, hits the driving range with her dad to discuss her weight loss.

Gia’s growing up quicker than Teresa likes. It’s time to go bra-shopping and already there’s talk of puberty. My goodness, I don’t even wanna think about that conversation with a ten-year-old.

Everybody meets up at Jacqueline’s in full gear for competition on Field Day. Melissa is prancing around in the tiniest black short shorts.

Hopefully it’ll all be family friendly, jeez — just friendly period. It’s all fun and games, until someone hits the wrong button and a ten-year-old takes the games too seriously.

The Gorga’s are competitors. Gia is twice as bad as Teresa when it comes to competition. And not everybody plays nicely.

Teams are made and can you believe Teresa, Melissa, and Joe Gorga are all on one? As team leader, Albie Manzo must have some sort of concoction brewing. Caroline keeps score for the teams.

Gia is fed up with being on a losing team and calls out her Uncle Joe as a cheater. She’s super ticked off. Weeping and yelling and throwing down bandanas out of anger. Caroline and Jacqueline try to soothes Gia’s meltdown.

But no one really wants to be told to do something they’re essentially doing. Even if they’re being a brat about it. Gia didn’t go tearing the place apart, she just stormed off and wanted to be alone in a room in Jacqueline’s house.

Sadly, she can’t get her way like that. At least she shouldn’t be able to. Jacqueline attempts to read a book to Gia about being a bad sport and sore loser.

Frankly, I’d get upset too. That book is probably meant for baby Nicholas. I’m offended for Gia. But Jacqueline does it all out of the goodness of her heart.

Gia complains about how she only wants her mom, Teresa. Jacqueline and Caroline don’t comply so Gia storms out in Teresa-like fashion. Hmm. There must be a pattern here.

On this particular day, Gia disrespects Jacqueline and Caroline, doesn’t want their unsolicited advice, groans and rolls her eyes at their words, and sulks. Teresa comes into the house to see what the fuss is about.

“I said I only wanted you. I didn’t want to listen to them. Jacqueline started reading to me and it was torture!” Gia’s temper tantrum surprises the others.

“I don’t get involved with anyone else’s kids and I don’t want anybody else involved with mine,” Teresa tells Jacqueline and Caroline. “She’s my kid and I’ll take care of it.”

Kathy, the sweetest person ever, comforts Gia. Field Day ends with a big luncheon and prize cheese for the winning team.

On the next episode: Rosie gets some lovin’ and attention. She comes out to her niece and nephew. Caroline’s brother, Jamie, is marrying his partner. Teresa tries to play up the family facade.

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