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Real Housewives of Orange County – Ep. 14: “Happily Never After”

Puppies, princesses, rings, and relationship talk.

Alexis prepares a Puppy-Princess party for her twin girls’ birthday.

With Heather’s guidance, Slade goes ring shopping for Gretchen. As in an engagement ring to show that Gretch is more than just a girlfriend of three years to him.

Let’s see, she’s a cash cow, hot commodity, and jack-of-all-trades. A ring might represent all of that. He has to be getting a ring that’s bling-ed out to the fullest. Oh shoot! Slade’s finances are in a bad place right now.

Tamra has an appointment with Dr. Terry Dunlow, Heather’s husband. She’s getting a tattoo of Simon’s name removed from around her finger.

Once the skin is gone, Tamra feels much better. And there are no more unexpected trips to the restroom over nervousness.

The Puppy-Princess party is in full effect. More make-up on the little girls, please! Alexis wants it to look like her girls actually have cake on their faces instead of just on their plates.

The adorable puppies arrive, and now I just wanna reach into the TV and rescue — I mean grab – as many as I can.

For some reason, Alexis decides to announce to the little princess girls how difficult a birth she had with her twins.

Thank God these kids have no clue what she’s talking about, nor can they pronounce all the big medical words she spouts out.

Almost everyone else has seen Heather’s mansion. Gretchen feels like she’s missing out, so she comes over and is astounded at the place. It’s phenomenal, we know.

They sit and chat in Heather’s boudoir, her private sitting area in her private and posh bathroom.

Gretchen talks out her concerns about marrying Slade. She still has no clue he went ring shopping (window shopping, technically) for her.

Finances can make or break a marriage and Gretch is more than aware of this. She’s been down the marriage road before and refuses to go back if debt is involved again — which Slade’s sure will be in this case.

Turns out Heather did not get the acting part for that TV show to be shot in Canada. But she is sort of relieved about it.

No time lost to spend with the kids and hold down the mansion for the family. At least she still has the restaurant pet project. She still plans on executing that idea?

Vicki will probably never get over the fact that her daughter, Briana, ran off to Vegas and got married. She’s trying to accept the situation with forced smiles and faux support because she doesn’t want to lose Briana.

Well, Briana isn’t convinced Vicki’s relationship with Brooks is solid or healthy. No one really knows the guy. It seems like Vicki is jumping into another relationship and throwing caution to the wind.

Briana voices her concerns to Vicki, and the mother and daughter really get into it.

I mean, Vicki pulls out the screaming tactic she used on Gretchen at the Bunco party. “I’m happy for once in my life!”

That’s serious. This relationship has taken a turn and will need some repairing. But who’s willing to compromise for the other?

On the next episode: Brooks lends his support to Vicki in the aftermath of her argument with Briana, but the mother-daughter rift pushes Vicki over the edge.

Tamra sits down with Slade to hash out their past, but will they forgive and forget?

Heather decides to surprise Terry by finally taking his last name. Later, Gretchen and Slade seek couple’s counseling while Alexis attempts to mend fences with Tamra – neither effort goes well.

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