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Surreal life Season 4, Episode 2 Surreal Life Day Care

by Tweetwara

SOOOOOOOOOOO, after all his antics, Verne wakes up and discovers the mishaps of the night before (Oh HOWWW embarrasing!)

The cast is given the opportunity to watch 10 children and raise 100 dollars per child (1000 dollar total) for charity. The catch is, they have to keep the kids happy and if a kid cries to go home they have to let them go home and they lose 100 for each child that doesnt make it the full 4 hours. This was a challenge for most of the house guests because none of them have children. But they know how to take care of children somewhat… right?…

The children each arrive with name tags and some info about themselves. Some are very happy, while others are in tears. Verne knows that some of the children are going to be frightened of him because of his size, which happens. It is really cute when one little boy explains “well he didnt grow”.

The house guests run around and play with them. Adrienne got a lot of slack for over-doing it with them, but being that some of the cast were taking one too many breaks I think she was doing what is necessary for taking care of that many children. Two children are sad and cry for their parents and have to leave along with a brother of the little girl who left because it was a package deal. Another little boy falls and goes home, so overall they lose 4 kids and 400 dollars.

The cast all give their hand in helping; Adrienne runs around and plays with them, Jane does face painting and make up with them. The other house guests help out too except for Verne, who stays out of the way because the children are bigger than him and keep beating him up everytime he comes around.

In the end the remaining children leave happy and leave a HUGE mess which everyone but Verne helps with cleaning. Verne’s size was sort of a factor but it was more about the laziness then anything else.

That night Chyna decides to be Flava Flav and stay up all night and keep everyone else up in the process claiming she usually doesnt go to bed until 7AM. The others are less than thrilled with that.

So stay tuned for more whacky-ness at the Surreal life house! :five:


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