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Total Blackout, May 16 – Rats, Roaches, Spiders, Oh Syfy

On tonight’s episode of Total Blackout, there are four teams, three challenges, and only one win. Yes, tonight’s episode is a special team episode.

Let’s meet these enthusiastic people waiting to roam around in complete darkness for five grand. Sarah, 35, and Melissa, 31, both from Granada Hills, CA, best friends. Melissa is 6’1 and says she can pretty much scare off anything or anyone. I like her attitude. Go Melissa! Allison, 39, and husband Tony, 34, from Los Angeles. They are relying on their good communication skills to get them through the show.

Perky married couple Dallas, 25 and Tahlia, 25, from Austin, TX. They are “super confident” that they are going to win because, as Tahlia said, “We win, that’s what we do.” Deshelle, 34, and LaTonya, 41, from Philadelphia, a niece and aunt. They are determined and “in it to win it,” but imagine all the family gatherings. Every time something goes wrong, LaTonya can bring up Total Blackout.

The first competition involves coffins. No way. I don’t even want to know. But the catch is they must search the coffins in a makeshift graveyard. Wait, it gets better! The teams must search the contents of each coffin and find the most mouse traps. Oh, this sounds like a blast. They must do all of this in complete darkness.

Melissa and Sarah are first. Melissa advises Sarah not to cry. The screaming begins, and Tahlia runs into the wall and discovers she is not really good in the dark. I am concerned for her; she does know this show is filmed in complete darkness, doesn’t she? Melissa and Sarah touch something furry. It is a mouse.

Dallas believes he touched something furry and finally guesses correctly that it is a rat! Tony thinks something is on his foot and begins describing what is in the coffin. It literally turns into the Million Dollar Pyramid. “Maybe like a rabbit, small gerbil like thing, things that when I touched them, they scurried?” Finally his wife saves him … “Rats!”

Jaleel gives Deshelle and LaTonya some words of inspiration. Deshelle and LaTonya are standing in front of a coffin full of roaches. Run away, save yourselves. Okay, go ahead and stick your hands into the disgusting coffin full of roaches. They do guess correctly that there are roaches, yes roaches, in that coffin. There are no words.

Sarah and Melissa scream and make me so nervous I think I screamed. Melissa tells Sarah to suck it up. I don’t think she would want to even do that. Dallas is reaching into the rat coffin and feels nothing but “furry balls.” I won’t even say anything. Deshelle and LaTonya are back at the rat coffin and trying to attempt to feel around for mousetraps. Sarah is still screaming and LaTonya joins her.

Dallas and Tahlia are extremely giddy and reach the coffin with spaghetti and teddy bears in it. Dallas can’t stop laughing. Okay, this is just hysterical. Sarah and Melissa are convinced they have discovered worms. Melissa screams at the top of her lungs. I am searching for ear plugs as she screams “Oh Sh*t! I don’t like worms.” Sarah also constantly needs to pee. Everything imaginable makes her want to pee.

I would not want to be stuck in a horror movie with these two. No way! Sarah and Melissa are still screaming. Jaleel advises them that they need to reach into the coffin. Melissa doesn’t do rats; she had rats in her attic and almost died. Okay then, good luck with winning! 

Allison and Tony are doing a little better, but Allison is not exactly helping her husband. They must collect mouse traps. Dallas and Tahlia are on the move, and Dallas is still giddy. 

They make it through the first round One team needs to take a dive into the deep black hole. The team leaving is screaming even on their way out. Goodbye Melissa and Sarah. Deshelle and Latonya have survived along with Tony/Allison and Dallas/Tahlia.

For the next round, Jaleel informs the teams that they will be hoisted in the air and must walk across a platform with large holes cut into it. The reality is that there are no holes in the platform. Tony and Allison are going first and do not realize they are playing on solid ground. Each team feels they went up really high when in reality they did not go anywhere.

Tahlia informs her husband to “Watch out for Vaseline and stuff.” Really? Oh Lord. Tony and Allison have a plan and go about it in a sliding stealth mode. DeShelle and LaTonya turn it into a game of Marco Polo in which Jaleel chimes in to help them along, but not to confuse them. They are already on a fake platform in complete darkness, no confusion there.

The screaming decreases since Sarah and Melissa jumped through the black hole. While the teams are in pitch black darkness, their greatest challenge is not allowing their imagination to ruin them and take over. Dallas and Tahlia have discovered to go toes forward and Dallas feels slippery stuff. Where is that? Water world? DeShelle and LaTonya are going very slowly and holding hands so they don’t fall. Tony is scared for Allison’s safety and is finally on the finish line.

Allison reaches the finish line and Tony needs a drink. DeShelle and LaTonya also reach the finish line, and their strategy worked. Did they have one? No one is sure really if they had a strategy. Finally everyone tip toes through the challenge and makes it to the finish line. Deshelle and LaTonya made it in the best time and are safe.

But one team must jump through the black hole, and it is the very giddy Dallas and Tahlia. Tony and Allison are safe. 

The final challenge is going to be buckets of fun. In total darkness, one member of each team must identify three items one at a time. At the same time the other team member must pull a corresponding rope and identify the related item that falls on top of them. 

Okay, let’s get ready to identify whatever disgusting items will be awaiting the teams. DeShelle and LaTonya are scared, but going forward, Tony is in front of three plates containing mystery items. It makes you cringe just thinking about it. 

Tony guesses first. It is a fish head and worms along with claustrophobia and really gross items. DeShelle and LaTonya also guess correct. The second plate Tony again guesses correctly, cheese. DeShelle and LaTonya calmly guess cheese and crackers. Both teams are doing well. The last plate has spider webs on it. Both teams guess. DeShelle is screaming as the spiders fall on her.

LaTonya begs to get out of the box before she has a “nervous breakdown.” Jaleel thought she was going to have a cardiac arrest and he was going to have to call 9-1-1 for her. But LaTonya was laughing, so they were okay. The teams have successfully and safely completed their challenge.

Jaleel prepares the countdown, and one team is about to win five thousand dollars, while the other is about to jump into the black hole. The winners are Tony and Allison! Congratulations Tony and Allison.

Don’t miss next week’s exciting episode of Total Blackout, Wednesday, 10/9c on the Syfy channel and may your nightmares inspire you. Here is a tip for you folks, bring a flash light. 

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