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American Idol, May 16 – Three Very Different Singers

While Joshua is in Louisiana still, he’s riding in a limo and gets a text from Jimmy telling him what his final pick will be for this week, No More Drama. Jimmy explains now that he feels he needs another moment like Man’s World. At Mary J Blige’s performance at the Grammys, she took it to church on the stage. She combines things that Joshua has like R&B and the church feel. It’s funny, but seeing Joshua perform it, I can “see” and “hear” Mary. I don’t really love this on him though. I get what Jimmy is saying, but that doesn’t seem “Joshua” to me.

Randy feels at this point it doesn’t matter what Joshua does and what he sings, as he’s laid everything there is to lay on the stage. People should just stand up and vote for him. The natural performer he is, he just tries to deliver every song. That’s why it was great that he sang Imagine and now is singing something to where he’s pulling his jacket off. That’s what being a great artist is about, being an amazing performer and having that true star potential, Joshua Ledet has it.

Jennifer thinks Joshua has the perfect marriage of knowing exactly what he’s doing and letting go at the same time. It’s just that magic that happens with him. You know he’s going to take off the jacket, and when he takes off the jacket, it’s how you take off the jacket and it feels so natural. The earpiece falls off and someone else would panic, but he doesn’t, as he knows he’s going to start taking it to church right there. It’s what’s exciting to watch about his performances. There’s spontaneity and you don’t know what’s going to happen, but you know it’s going to be out of this world.

Steven uses the way Jennifer’s going on and on to explain how Joshua’s performance is. He’s not sure if it’s normal drama or enough drama. He watched him and felt the last forty years in the music business. It was over the top. Joshua admits he was nervous singing this song because Mary killed it so much at the Grammys. He kind of believed in himself like Jimmy.

Jessica’s text from Jimmy tells her he’s chosen I’ll Be There for her. He tells Ryan tonight he wanted a record that appeals to the audience as well as showed how young she is. He cheated by copying Barry Gordy. He worked with the Jackson Five on this song that took Michael Jackson out of the teenybopper songs and to an overall audience. Jimmy is right on with this one. It’s finally not something far too old for her. However, I would have liked to have not heard her do three ballads tonight.

Steven tells Jessica the song reminds him of “Don’t bore us; get to the chorus.” Perfect song, perfect voice. She nailed it. It was gorgeous and wonderful. Jennifer calls this a good choice by Jimmy because of all the reasons he said as well as the perfect tone in her voice. She almost sounded like Michael as well. She maybe needed Jermaine in the one part, but came back and killed it at the end. Randy liked it okay, but didn’t love it. Once again, we’re at the end with all the dynamic singers, and there was never a “moment moment.” He would have even preferred if she did more of the Mariah version. It was okay, just not “oh my God.”

Jimmy texted Phillip with the song choice of We Got Tonight. He explains to Ryan that he wanted to find a song for Phillip that addressed the guys and the gals and he looked to Bob Seger. He found something emotional and romantic with a dark edge to it and a melody that he thinks Phillip will want to stick to. Phillip does just that, stick to the melody, and with the song shows a different softer side we haven’t seen of Phillip yet. It’s great. The judges are on their feet.

Randy tells Jimmy it was the perfect song at the perfect time. He feels this is Phillip’s best performance on the show ever. Finally, in the end when you need moments, like he was saying to Jessica either, he had a giant moment. They’ve been talking about him singing the melody, but he showed he could do something else. He got ’em. “This boy right here is in it to win it and he’s ready.”

Jennifer knows one thing. There’s about twenty million girls out there who wish Phillip was singing that song to him. He was singing it, and it was really sweet. It was just like a lullaby. Steven says when Phillip first came out there, he sang like [muted]. He just didn’t care. Steven doesn’t care if he gets bleeped. Phillip showed he has the passion wrapped up inside of him. It doesn’t matter if you hit the notes or not. It’s about the passion and he just nailed it and went over the top. We can relate to all of that.

Whether or not Jennifer stays on the show isn’t on my mind anymore. I’m more concerned now with who will stay Thursday night. There is no arguing that these are three great performers, yet one of them is going to leave. It comes down to choice, whether you choose to keep the guy who always nails it, the gal who has been training for this since she was a little girl, or the guy who can set the place on fire with a great performance. Who do you just to keep, and who do you choose to lose?

Here’s some quick stats. Jessica was eliminated, but was saved. Joshua has appeared in the bottom three before, while Phillip never has. No one who has been saved has ever made it to the final two. But, the save has only been in place for a few seasons. Before that, the person would have just gone home and dropped out of the stats. Only twice before have people who had appeared in the bottom before moved on to final two, Fantasia and Diana DeGarmo and kris Allen and Adam Adam Lambert. Only once has someone who have never been been in the bottom three before been eliminated while two who had been in the bottom before were eliminated. Danny Gokey went home while Kris and Adam made it to final two.

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