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Interview With Candida of The Rebel Bilionaire

by atarus

Candida had her share of ups and downs on ‘The Rebel Billionaire’, but in the end she stood up for herself and showed that she is truly a strong person with a good heart. Read on to learn more about Candida!

When you were team leader, your team accused you of being bad at leading. What are your thoughts on being the team leader for that challenge?

Well, in retrospect, I was bad! There were many factors that may have contributed to this (i.e. my team didn’t listen to anything I said from the outset… it was the most difficult task, in the most extreme heat, we had no translator for the first time during a challenge, we were an hour away for the first during a challenge, I was working with a team who believed I would be going home no matter what if we lost, and 1,000 other reasons I could cite.)

The bottom line is, construction/decorating in a pinch is not my strong suit, and I also failed at picking a team that would work best and work with a sincere effort under these extreme conditions (with one exception).

Did you ever feel like you were included in the group, or did you feel like an outcast from day one? Is there anybody from the game that you are still friends with?

Sure! For the first few days after Aisha & Spence’s elimination, there were no challenges and we all were bonding a great deal. I was definitely part of the group before the first Hong Kong challenge (at least I thought the bonding was sincere, though I was warned it was not).

I am the closest with Jen, Sam, & Aisha whom I would consider friends for life. I have great love & admiration for Sara & Gabe as I watch the show. In the short time I got to know Tim, not only did I hear positive things about him, I found him to be someone I would like to know better… actually there is a special spark I see in almost everyone and I definitely wish each and every person only the best.

What was Sir Richard like in person? How much of the time you were out there was spent interacting with him?

Richard was much as you see him. The man could party all night, then get up in the early morning and repel off the side of a building. What struck me the most about him though is his philanthropic heart –part of the reason I wanted to be involved in this experience. I believe we all would like to have spent more time interacting with, and learning from him. Most of our personal time was limited to the group dinners, and an occasional airplane conversation or something along those lines. I have not yet had the opportunity to pick his brain, but it’s coming!…

How do you feel about your editing on the show?

I’m sure it’s no surprise that I wasn’t pleased with it. I am a person who is honest, maybe to a fault, and the dishonesty of much of the editing was difficult to watch. Events were changed, statements were taken out of context, and characters were created. (Interestingly people who came across as really mean didn’t seem so on camera and nicer people seemed flat, whiney or ineffective.)

I was prepared, to some extent, to become the victim of ‘reality editing”. I’m sure it happens to the best of us. What doesn’t happen often and I‘m hoping won’t happen again, is words being put in the mouth of someone in a socially and racially insensitive way. During the Dumphries Village episode, I was ‘edited’ to say critical comments about ‘being in the bush’ that I never said. I found this to go beyond the bounds of acceptable reality editing. I’m hoping that I am the last person that something like this happens to.

Tell me a little bit about the business you run/own.

I own a packaged foods company by the name of Earth Café that makes raw frozen desserts sold in health food stores. Our desserts are made 100% without the use of animal products, yet they taste like typical dairy, sugar laden desserts, without the cholesterol and refined sugar, even without wheat, harmful oils or heavy processing that goes into most desserts. The desserts are made ‘raw” because raw foods protect the vitamin, mineral & enzyme content of a food, along with its life force and ability to heal. Many people have found they lose weight, double their energy, even cure themselves of depression and diseases by consuming a diet of raw foods. We try to make it easier for them by creating something that is indulgent and fun to eat, while being very healthy for you as well. Ok, this is starting to sound like an Earth Café infomercial so, if you’d like to find out more, you can visit us at www.earthcafetogo.com , and get the whole spiel.

I started this business after a lifetime of battling various health conditions myself. I also noticed that after eliminating dairy products, I started to have less headaches and look younger. As an entrepreneur, you know there’s a business opportunity here. However, manufacturing and getting the products to market was the difficult part. We still encounter many obstacles that being on the show has helped me to learn new and exciting ways to overcome.

What did you learn from this experience to take back into the business world, and for your life in general?

Speaking of which, first of all I learned that really, nothing IS impossible. If you had asked me if I would have thought that some of the things we accomplished were realistic, I would have said never in 1,000 years. I honestly thought that Gabe and I crossing the ropes was next to impossible. I would have thought getting pulled under a riptide in level V rapids, then rowing for two more hours, hiking for two after that, with bruised ribs in 110+ degree weather would have been impossible. Some of the business feats we accomplished in the span of time we were allotted … same thing. When I came back home, I applied that same sense of ‘nothing is impossible” drive to the tasks and obstacles I’m always met with with Earth Cafe, and it really has helped me tremendously (though boy am I exhausted)!

I have also learned that I am not perfect. I have the ability to say and do things to other people that may hurt, just as they have the ability to do that to me. I haven’t enjoyed seeing myself in situations where what I’ve said may have hurt someone’s feelings. Although this is a surreal situation involving extreme circumstances that don’t happen in everyday life, I still feel that a lot can be learned about a person’s spirit. At the end of the day, someone may be able to say that I was a terrible leader, or that I had too many suitcases, but I don’t think that they would ever say that I am not a good person. It’s that side of me that I always want to shine in my business world & in my life in general. This experience taught me to never lose site of my ‘inner candle” (as Sara would say). If ever it was tested, I would say that these 8 weeks brought me to the limit, but they do say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – especially true of The Rebel Billionaire.

Was there any hint to the real prize while you were out competing, or were you kept in the dark the entire time?

We were kept in the dark LITERALLY the whole time. We guessed, I had my own ideas – but the prize wasn’t revealed until the moment after the winner was revealed.

Given the chance, would you do this again, or perhaps another reality show?

Hmm. I don’t know if I would do this again. Because of the people I met and had the opportunity to connect with (including people who have written me letters that have so touched and moved me) I’m glad that this experience was part of my life. Are you asking if I would do another reality show vs. this one if given the chance, or if I would do another reality show (in the future) knowing what I know now? I can say that if I were to ever do something like this again, I would play a little closer to the cuff, be a better listener, be a little more guarded, & pack more of my own food for sure! If I had the choice I would love to have participated in the first season of The Apprentice, and being on The Bachelorette wouldn’t be half bad!

One more time, thanks so much for doing this!

Thank you, it’s been a blast!!! Blessings always, Candida.


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