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Survivor: One World – Finale – May The Best Woman Win

Of course, Troyzan and Leif don’t listen to her – Troy out of spite, and Leif because I think he forgot who was in the Finals. FINAL VOTE FOR THE WIN – Kim 7 (Sushi, Kitten, Alicia, Cha, Tarzan, Jay, Michael), Sabrina 2 (Troyzan, Leif), Chelsea 0

Reunion Top 10 and more
• Chelsea joins the ever-growing Zero Vote Club. Move over – Albert, Natalie (RI), Sash, Russell, Mick, Stephen, Sugar, Cassandra, Dreamz and Becky.
• No question about it – Chelsea and Cha go down in the best looking Survivor women category. Even Kitten cleans up really nicely.
• Kim’s biggest move – getting to really know everyone. Truly big move. That and her Jedi Mind Trick with the baby blues. And being 8 feet tall might have been scary.
• Probst was a little loopy – first he forgot it was the Bill elimination that came from the surrendered immunity, and Matt was already gone. “Who can host this show?” And then the awkward moment when Colton’s mom revealed that some in the family were not so cool with his homosexuality. At least that can be a Jeff Probst Show topic – Reality Show Villains and the Demons They Hold.
• Why was Bill dressed up for a Prince look-a-like contest?
• Colton, if you keep saying you are not a racist, it makes you look like a racist. Actions speak much louder than words. And your words were pretty loud. He is going to go down as a villain NO ONE wants to see come back. Even Russell has his charms, not Colton. Anyone notice how Bill, Leif, etc., none of them seemed to think Colton was being honestly apologetic? Even Colton’s mom was saying he was not saying the right things.
• Why was Mayim Bialik at this show? Besides the CBS cross promotion, of course? Her defense of Colton makes me rethink my Amy Farrah Fowler Deserves An Emmy Campaign.
• Tarzan’s back and forth with Probst about his vocabulary, his patients, his wife, and where his Tarzan yell was appropriate at home *(gulp) makes me come to this realization. I like Tarzan and I would welcome him back to another season. I would gladly see Tarzan, Kim, Chelsea (obvious reasons), Cha (two obvious reasons), and maybe Kitten after her Jury speech.
• Alicia’s teary apology in response to her special needs kids joke about Cha? See that, Colton? THAT is how you give an apology and make people believe it.
• Kim beats out Tarzan, Troyzan and Chelsea for Fan Favorite, and deservedly so.
• Troyzan actually says that people compare him to Hatch. Richard Hatch!! And not the original Apollo on the 70s Battlestar Galactica!! Hatch. To paraphrase, Lloyd Bentsen. We know Richard Hatch, Richard Hatch was a great Survivor. Troyzan, you are no Richard Hatch.
• Monica talks about her husband, Bill about his bad standup, Leif’s wife gets some screen time, Cha interestingly said she scaled back her game when Matt got voted out. If you ask me, you scaled back waaaaay too far.
• Next season – They go to the Philippines, first season out of Samoa and Nicaragua since Tocantins. We get three tribes, apparently sharks, snakes and storms. Awesome. And three returning, formerly injured Survivors. There are rumors of who they are – and if so, I am pleased, as one of them is one of my favorite Survivors ever. One clue if you want to figure it out – go watch M*A*S*H*

Next week – Nothing. Enjoy your summer!!

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