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Survivor: One World – Finale – May The Best Woman Win

That’s what we had for the Finale – for the first time ever, the Final Five were of the same gender, and in this case, all women. As we watch the opening season in review, it is pretty amazing when you recall the early victories by the men and the women begging the guys for an ember for their fire. We can now go back and map out the root of the men’s demise and the women’s rise – the Evil Queen. It was Colton’s decision to instigate the voluntary hand-off of immunity in order to take out Bill – for no reason other than he was annoyed by the comedian and arguably prejudiced against him – that started the downward spiral. That put them at even numbers when they could have had a gender advantage.

Imagine that they failed to make that move. Likely Cha goes out fourth overall. The tribes merge. Let’s say that the Monica vote happens again, and Colton’s injury doesn’t change. That puts the guys at a 7-5 advantage at the merge – with Bill taking Cha’s slot. Now, all of a sudden, the women cannot dominate. Likely, the restructured Salamis become the power alliance – Kim, Kitten, Chelsea, Sabrina, Jay, Michael and Troyzan. Would the four women hold power here? Uncertain, but it would certainly give the boys a shot.

The season basically turned on an act of selfish racism. Chew on that for a moment. As we would later see, Colton sort of walked back his actions at the reunion, but not really all that much. Has he learned anything? Who knows. I get the feeling that he has, but he’s such an attention whore that as soon as the red light of the camera was fixed on him, he regressed. Much of the reunion was all about him – amazing for a guy who finished 13th – so much so that Probst was ready to put his mom on screen, and the producers shuffled the order so he could sit next to Bill, even though Monica went out between the two of them.

However, I have already said more about him than I wanted to – and I am glad that the rumors of who the returning three formerly injured Survivors coming back for Season 25 does NOT include him – and I need to get into the actual Survivors who did not get carried out on a stretcher. Plus, I wanted to yap on a bit about something so I can give those who have not watched the episode yet (and really, if you are one of those people, why are you reading this?) to move along before I reveal what I really wanted to name this episode, and what could be said is the real title defining this entire season.