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Real Housewives of New Jersey – Ep. 4 “Drowning Pool”

Work-outs, venting, and childishness.

Teresa is pushing friends and family farther away. Caroline is convinced the woman is insane and completely jealous of Melissa, a younger, beautiful, better version of Teresa. Kathy, Teresa’s cousin, has not yet cut ties, but rather bites her tongue. Whereas her husband, Richie, has had it with Teresa.

Working out and venting frustrations go hand-in-hand. So while Joe Guidice pumps some weights at home, Teresa tells what happened at the Summer Solstice party.

“I know so many men who went with her. Before she was married.” Joe says about Melissa.

While Teresa goes on about the argument and how everyone’s against her, Joe puts down Melissa, Teresa’s brother, Joe, and everybody else in the childish manner we’re familiar with by now. Joe Gorga is a woman (that’s the polite version of it) and his name is really Josephine. Caroline is boring. Rosie looks like a butcher boy. Melissa is a loose woman (that’s the polite version).

Melissa tosses a football back and forth with her husband, Joe Gorga, and tells him about the big argument she had with his sister at that same Summer Solstice Party.

“Talking to Teresa is like talking to this football right here,” Joe tells Melissa.

Their conversation is a bit more adult than the former.

More walking out and venting frustrations, this time with Jacqueline and Teresa. Jacqueline lets Teresa know how upset she was for getting put in an awkward position at the Summer Solstice party. Teresa responds, “Your loyalties should lie with me as my best friend.”

There’s no getting through to Teresa, for real. Jacqueline’s trainer briefly leaves the women to find her some alcohol, or lipstick. This trainer looks totally out of it to me. Her head’s nodding off every now and then, her clothes looks sloppy for a trainer, and she’s barely working out herself.

Christopher Manzo, Caroline’s son, is trying to buy a new car — a Jaguar. But it’s just about out of his price range. It’s ridiculous in Caroline’s book.

None of Joseph or Victoria’s friends show up to the end-of-the-school-year party. Kathy’s pissed, especially when none of the other women show up, like Jacqueline or Caroline.

Richie told the kids not to invite their friends once he found out Kathy invited Teresa and Joe Guidice. Because he doesn’t want the kids’ image ruined at school and doesn’t want to publicize that they are related to the Guidices. As hilarious as it is, the show has aired and that ship has long sailed.

Jacqueline video chats with Ashlee. As soon as she starts missing her daughter, Ashlee gives off that similar “F*** you” attitude even online and Jacqueline’s feelings are if she doesn’t change she’s never coming back home.

The Gorgas and Guidices—Teresa at least—arrive at Kathy’s party with the beautiful kids. Joe Guidice is nowhere to be found.

“Here comes drama,” Richie says under his breath. This guy is hilarious.

Melissa has a hard time being around Teresa after their blow-up at the Solstice party and she can’t even fake saying nice words to her. At least the kids are all playing and having a good time. Kathy wants to be the glue and pull Melissa, Teresa, and the family together.

Richie talks with Joe Gorga about how Teresa maybe needs therapy. He’s joking, but the guy’s serious at the same time. Old-school Italians don’t believe in therapy. They just ignore each other and don’t talk for years.

Teresa tries to get her little girls and their cousins to hug for a little show of family love. It comes off as so awkward and forced. Particularly since she’s coaching Audriana to give them a hug.

Caroline and Al celebrate their twenty-seventh anniversary at the little apartment above the Brownstone, Al’s longtime owned restaurant. They reminisce on the old times, before living the luxurious life they live now.

Joe Gorga adores his nieces, especially God-daughter, Gia, so he calls Teresa over to try and talk things out again. Everyone’s looking on just to see what happens. The brother and sister are talking and there’s not yelling.

Teresa starts crying because she doesn’t want to say the wrong thing to Joe. Yet she opens her mouth up about Melissa.

So much for a peaceful chat. Teresa wants the “old Joey” back and Joe wants the old Teresa back, before the fame and image took over.

“Maybe you changed. When I got married, I put you before my husband. When you got married…” Teresa plays tit-for-tat.

Everyone’s fed up with her bull.

“You’re just the meanest brother ever,” Teresa tells Joe.

“I’m an angel from God,” Joe responds.

Teresa brings up how Joe Gorga has trash-talked her husband for eleven years. Joe tells her God will strike her if she keeps lying like that. He’s beyond fed up with her childishness, denial, and lies, and curses her as he walks away from it.

Teresa’s shocked and wants to leave the party. She searches for her kids and announces she wants to go. Once again, Teresa storms out on everyone.

On the next episode: Field day for the real housewives and their families: that means games, fun, and tug-of-war in every meaning imaginable. Jacqueline and Teresa get into an argument. Gia gets involved in the family tension she’s already aware of, thanks to Teresa.

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