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Survivor: One World – Ep 13 – Queen of the Social Game

Other than that…I’m kinda checked out from this season.  That, and the fact that we have a short turnaround for this episode (the F6 always gets the short end of the stick) means we’ll move right into the Top 10.  I’ll only add that Tarzan was certainly frustrating at times, but he was a true Survivor character and a little bit more game than we gave him credit for.  To be perfectly honest, without Tarzan, how boring would this season have been?
Treemail Top 10

• Tarzan told Kim and Alicia that if they took him to the Final Four and he finished fourth that he would try and sway the jury for them.  Interesting strategy – seems ridiculous on face value, but if Tarzan was capable of winning a challenge, he’d be one immunity away from a shot at the top prize.  Of course, all he wanted anyway was shocks for his car and to lose 25 pounds.  Again, isn’t this guy a doctor?

• I was very thankful for my high definition TV during the beach conversation between Chelsea and Cha.  Very thankful.  And even more thankful later on when we got to get an up close view of Chelsea’s shower.  

Reward Challenge – Essentially, it’s the bat spin.  They spin around three discs to remove them, each bigger than the last.  Then they must spin them to reveal three numbers and use those numbers to solve a combination to win.  I expected Kim and Chelsea to do the worst of the group because – speaking from experience – the bat spin usually affects tall people a LOT more than shorter people.  The prize is a day on a yacht with drinks, shower, clothes, a meal and a soft bed.  Essentially all six were tied after the spin, with Chelsea and Alicia trying the combo first.  Kim and Cha caught up, but Chelsea got it on her third try.  Hysterically, she hugged the combination wheel and thanked it for her reward.

• Chelsea – “This is one of the nicest sailboats.  Ever!”  Clearly, this woman has not sailed very much.  

• I am wondering how many shipper fan fiction emerged from Chelsea and Kim’s declaration of love for one another.  Chelsea said it felt like a honeymoon – so there’s your setting.  Extra points for figuring out how to include Sabrina.

• Kim, for the first time, is made to look foolish.  As Alicia, Cha and Tarzan steamed back at camp and considered who to take their anger out on, Kim’s name is brought up for the first time among the women.  We see Kim on the boat say, “I don’t think they’re questioning me, they never have.”  And she adds about her ability to lie, “I scare myself…sometimes I don’t know if I’m telling the truth.”  Maybe flashing the “baby blues” is all she needed to do – but I think Sabrina is selling Kim short.  

• Tarzan’s coconut stew.  Sounds pretty awesome, right?  Especially since he cleaned up nicely to cook – by washing his hair in the 7-Up box.  Unfortunately he has chosen to drain the fruit in his filth-stained buff.  Needless to say, that probably wouldn’t pass health inspection.  Sometimes he seemed like a bipolar Survivor – he’d come up with a vote plan one minute and call Alicia a bitch for winning a challenge the next.  He would give a clear explanation of a strategy, and then throw his underpants in a clean wash.  Strange, strange man.

Immunity Challenge – a recycled challenge where Survivors use a series of large fish hooks to snag puzzle pieces in three stages.  The pieces serve as “bones” to be place on a fish skeleton.  It is a race mainly between Kim and Alicia, with the others popping in and out along the way.  Kim blows a huge lead, but eventually catches up to Alicia but loses by mere seconds.  

• Kim flashed the baby blues on the women and convinced them all that Tarzan was plotting against them.  “They’re as excited to take him out, as they were to take out Kat,” she said.  Like candy from a baby so far.

• At Tribal, Kitten’s cleaned up nicely, but packed her prime bitchface, later on even calling them all bitches under her breath.  Tarzan reveals his duplicity for the guys, and basically torpedoes his whole game.  He must have known he was going home.  He also revealed that he was wearing Kitten’s pink tank top and earlier put her panties on his head.  That made the next few moments uncomfortable – more so after Mike flipped Tarzan the bird upon his exit.  Stay classy, banker.  And then the last man fell, and may the best woman win.

Votes – Tarzan 5 (Alicia, Kim, Chelsea, Sabrina, Cha), Chelsea 1 (Tarzan).  And with Kim’s idol, she is now in the Final Four, one challenge from a great shot at a million.  Tarzan departs with a Survivor poem and a yell.  See ya, you amazing freakshow!

Next week – No show.  However, this Sunday, the three hour finale.

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