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Survivor: One World – Ep 13 – Queen of the Social Game

If Alicia is the Queen of the Social Game, then I am the Queen of Hungary.  And I don’t think Hungary has a queen.  And I am not a woman.  

I am amazed by how many people this season have thought they were in control of the action.  It is interesting how things have gone this season, and when I say interesting I don’t mean that in the sense of good television.  Interesting to see the levels of delusion people have in their lives.  But as far as Survivor seasons go…there is really not a lot that can save One World at this point.  It started off ok, but man, this has limped to the end.  I really don’t know which seasons I would rank below One World in the list of 24 – Nicaragua because of the quitting, and maybe Fiji for the terrible Haves vs. Have Nots twist.  However, that might be it.  They have two more hours and a reunion to somehow get past Thailand in the pecking order.

But as for this last episode before the three-hour Sunday extravaganza, it was an hour of dizzying strategizing.  Was it going to be a 3-3 split between Tarzan/Cha/Alicia and Sabrina/Kim/Chelsea?  Was Chelsea aiming for Alicia? Was it going to feature a new alliance with Tarzan in the finals?  Was Chelsea going to be targeted?  Was Cha going to see the end of the road? Cha and Chelsea spoke about strategy and then Cha spilled the beans.  Alicia seemed to play multiple sides, and in the end made a decision which may come back to haunt her.

What we learned this week was that Kim has two plans left and has been playing both sides very carefully.  However, now she had a decision to make – stick with Chelsea and Sabrina or align with Tarzan/Cha/Alicia.  If she stuck with Chelsea and Sabrina, she would have to manage to twist the vote to one of the other three.  And…spoiler a coming, friends…she chose to take out the last man standing.

Tarzan was actually starting to say some interesting things this week strategically.  He was stirring things up a little to push his way into a Final Four with Kim, Alicia and Cha.  Later on, he pushed the same story on Kim and Alicia about how they were being targeted.  The problem is that the ladies, unlike the dudes, liked to talk to each other this season.  Kim and Alicia compared notes, and Kim found her wedge.  The harmless Tarzan suddenly appeared like a threat to Alicia.  I love how the self-proclaimed queen of the social game is getting played week in and week out by Kim.  

Now, the Final Five is set, and we have the first season where all women stand at the end.  Micronesia had four women, but never five.  In fact, never before have there been five of the same gender at the end.  And the balance of power is about to shift.  Kim, amazingly, is the swing vote.  How often has the power broker been the swing vote?  Ever?  

Alicia and Cha need each other in the finals – however, they made a bad decision in taking out Tarzan.  Can you see the two of them in the Finals beating any of the other ladies?  I don’t.  Cha gets zero votes no matter what, and Alicia may get a few.  Chelsea and Sabrina crush them both in a vote – perhaps to Earl or Boston Rob kind of levels.  The only hope is jury bitterness acts as a major backlash against Kim enabling Alicia to get the not-Kim vote.

However, against Tarzan?  After the jury learns that Tarzan is the reason they all got voted out thanks to his decision to secretly side with the women, the men would probably not vote his way no matter what gender they share.  They should have stayed strong and forced Kim’s hand.  If 3-3 deadlock, well, maybe you force the rock.  Alicia had nothing to lose, she had immunity.  

Tarzan would have been on the chopping block, he had nothing to lose.  They would just need Cha to stay strong and gamble that a 20% chance of elimination on a random rock pull would be better than their chances of reaching the end with the all-female Final Five.

Because as I see it, the Chelsea vs. Alicia showdown happens now.  Kim will have to pick her preferred Final Three.  And it is not as easy as you think.  If Kim sticks with Chelsea and Sabrina, she risks facing her biggest competitors before the jury – with Alicia and Kitten’s votes likely not in her pocket.  If she goes against Alicia and Cha at the end, it seems like an easy choice, no?  Well, that would mean three votes on the jury will likely be very bitter – Chelsea, Kitten and Sabrina.  Would she be able to muster up five of the guys?  That’s asking a lot.  What about a combination?  Maybe take out Cha at Five – since no one cares about her – and then force a 2-2 vote and let them fight it out.  That angers the fewest amount of people before the Final Tribal.

Otherwise, this was a very non-eventful episode of Survivor.  One thing that happened was another Survivor made bad choices on a Reward challenge.  Chelsea earned the win and smartly picked Sabrina – she was in need of a Reward and finished a close second to her – but dropped the ball when she chose Kim.  The Real Queen has already had about 35 Rewards and by choosing her it made it obvious that the three of them were close.  Choosing Cha or Tarzan would be the right move – both have yet to have eat, and choosing them SPLITS THEM UP!!! You know, so THEY DON’T PLOT AGAINST YOU!!!  Seriously.

The other thing that happened was that Tarzan wore Kitten’s dirty panties on his head.  That happened.  Kitten’s reaction at Tribal was pretty awesome in her disgust and utter repulsion.