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Total Blackout, May 9 – Tell Me I’m Not Licking a Toilet Seat!

On tonight’s episode of Total Blackout, there are four players and three challenges. The players are competing for five thousand dollars in complete darkness, and the catch is that they must conquer their fears, phobias, the competition, and also the ick factor. 

Let’s meet tonight’s players. Cliff, 21, from Trabuco Canyon, CA, is a student. Okay Cliff likes to close his eyes and just face his fears head on, and this has worked for him in all scenarios except for his fear of driving! Here is a tip for his fellow Trabuco Canyon residents – stay off the road when Cliff is behind the wheel.

Next up – Chellena, 42, from Chicago, IL, a music director. She is a winner and likes to win and will win. Go Challena!  Justin, 24, from Riverside, CA is a bank teller. Justin believes he is mentally tough and very competitive. We shall see when we watch him scream in the dark. Good luck, Justin, may the force be with you, or at least a flash light. Irina, 46, from Russia, is a mom. Moms have seen it all, so she may just be the winner, or maybe she watched Rocky V and took notes from Ivan Drago. Good luck players. 

The first challenge already sounds gross and vile. The players use only their mouths and identify each object. Cliff is worried he may have to put things like chickens, live puppies, cattle, and things of that nature in his mouth. Where do these people come up with these insane ideas? The must identify four items correctly and after the first challenge one player will be eliminated by taking a jump through the black hole. Jaleel explains all their answers will be right on the tip of their tongue. 

Oh this is so beyond gross; I think I am going to close my eyes. Cliff starts off and walks head on into the door. Good one! Challena is doing a lot of laughing, but at least it is not screaming! Irina is giddy and tries to test the first item, which is an ear. She makes a reference to ole Mike Tyson and immediately guesses it is an ear. The gross part is that she really did quite a lot of nibbling on some random person’s ear.   

Justin makes random guesses, such as a bug, and a mouse. No and No! Irina takes her turn and just can’t deal with this. Cliff has his turn and guesses an ear, and bada bing, he is correct! 

The next item is a cow tongue, and Cliff guesses a fish and a fish head over and over again, oh this is too much. Challena gets right in there digging in and using her animal instincts, handling this piece of meat. She finally guesses liver. Gross. Irina starts screaming at random times and just can’t get to this cow tongue. Finally Cliff guesses correctly after first shouting cow head.

Nothing like French kissing a co ,says Jaleel. No way in a million years; that is all I will say. But it is not over yet; they have the ultimate taste test. I will give you a hint: millions of people sit on it every day, and now these people are licking it and trying to figure out what it is. Okay, do you want to know? It is a toilet seat!

I know, I know. A toilet seat … no way! I would run for my life, and they could keep the five thousand dollars. Cliff must now taste the toilet seat; oh I can’t handle this … He is kissing it and licking it and now so is Irina. Oh, help these people, get them some wipes and Clorox. Cliff keeps guessing and finally guesses a toilet seat! Irina says, “I hope it’s not a toilet.” Challena is practically eating the toilet seat, finally guesses correctly, and is so grossed out. 

It is Justin’s turn again, and he goes toward the human toe, which is yet another wonderful item to be licking. I need a barf bag. Irina finally guesses it is a toe. Challena just starts sucking away and guesses a toe right away.

This is so gross, so thankfully it is over. One contestant will be jumping through the black hole and the other three will continue to go on to more torture. After Jaleel’s countdown, poor Justin does not make it to round two.

 The next challenge features the players doing the electric limbo. The object is simple; try not to get shocked. They better be flexible, because they are going to have to bend over backwards. The player that takes the longest to limbo is going home. 

Irina is first and finds there is a catch – there is no electric limbo, just the sound of electricity. The guards are in charge of making the old school Frankenstein sound with a little limbo music.

Irina must get low and limbo like her life depends on it. Cliff starts to limbo, and so does Challena. She has a system and is really getting into this limbo. Cliff throws his back into it and pushes through it as quickly as possible. Jaleel tries to throw out some inspiring words, but the players just try not to get fake electrocuted. Irina, Cliff and Challena finish and all do well.

One more player will be sent home through the black hole. Challena and Cliff are the two to stay in the game and will have to go swimming for the final challenge. Folks should know by now not to go swimming in the dark on the Syfy channel.

It is pure adrenaline and fear as the two contestants prepare to take on the unknown. It is a unique show, because it truly shows when the mind wants to push itself it really can. Cliff and Challena will be submerged in icy water and must identify three items correctly that are dumped on top of them in the icy water. The player who identifies all of the items the fastest will win.

 Cliff thinks he may have peed himself (bummer), while Challena is ready and waiting. Cliff goes first and is afraid already, as item number one is submerged. He guesses correctly that it is a fish. Challena is next and she finally guesses correctly after some screaming. 

The next item is a mophead, and Challena and Cliff are freaking out, shouting all kinds of random crazy stuff. Cliff finally guesses and has one item to go. Challena guesses right as well. The last item is an octopus, and they both guess correctly.

They act scared but time is up. After Jaleel’s countdown, Cliff is sent through the black hole, leaving Challena is the fearless winner. Congratulations Challena. You competed and won five thousand dollars on Total Blackout.

Don’t miss next week’s exciting episode of Total Blackout, Wednesday, 10/9c on the Syfy channel and may your nightmares inspire you. Stay out of the dark, Folks.

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