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Jonathon, Help Her! – Amazing Race 6, Episode 10

by LauraBelle

As has been the case all season, there was a plethora of sound bytes to use for tonight’s title of the recap. But I had to go with a Jonathon one. The best quotes are usually about him, to him, or by him. He is definitely an odd bird, and hard to figure out.

Rebecca and Adam are the first to leave the island of Corsica at 12:12 AM, and are to take a ferry to the City Garden in Nice, France to find a bust of a famous World War I hero. Rebecca figures there will not be any ferries at this time of night, or early morning, and suggests they head to a hotel. She also states that her relationship with Adam is in the air; sometimes it’s good; sometimes not. She isn’t sure where they will stand when the race is over.

Freddy and Kendra are the next to leave, and checking the availability of ferries, find they won’t leave until 11:30 AM, so they too head for a hotel. Lori and Bolo leave next, and he is upset that he doesn’t get to eat the way he should, noting he has lost a lot of weight so far during the race. Looking at him in the face tonight, you can easily see it. Kris and Jon, Jonathon and Victoria and Hayden and Aaron leave shortly after, and all end up at a hotel for the night.

The next morning finds Hayden and Aaron up early begging for money, since they were not eliminated, despite coming in last place last week, but had to give up all their money and not receive any more for this entire leg of the race. They receive just enough to catch the ferry. Jonathon and Victoria are leaving today with a new resolve. The want to get their communication skills (what communication skills?) back on track, and Victoria will control the ground, and Jonathon the air. Sounds like a plan.

Once at the bust in the City Garden, the teams receive a clue saying they now need to fly to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, and then take a small charter to a very small town. On the way to the airport, Rebecca begins thinking of how it will be hard, hot and impoverished there. Adam points out maybe they should just get there first, before making assumptions. Good thinking, Adam. Kendra, of course, is thinking along the same lines as Rebecca, saying they are going to a depressing third world country, and they just left one.

Jonathon and Victoria try going to a travel agent to make flight arrangements, only to find their computer is down. Jonathon gets upset at Victoria trying to plan it, since he is now supposed to handle air. Lori and Bolo are the first to the airport, and get the only flight out tonight, much to everyone’s chagrin. Especially Kendra’s, since she feels Bolo had cut in line in front of her, and began referring to them as the Barbarians. Kris and Jon have stopped at a travel agent, and find the same news as everyone else. No other flights out today. Victoria ends up booking a flight the next morning with everyone else, and Jonathon comments that she did a flawless job handling it. It is so surprising to see him hand out a compliment here and there.

Bolo and Lori are on a stopover in Rome, and sleeping in the airport, not having enough money for a hotel two nights in a row. Adam gets up early in the morning and finds an earlier flight. He then gets mad at Rebecca when she tells Kris that they had found it, as now Kris and Jon and Jonathon and Victoria are all on the same flight. Adam notes Rebecca can’t keep her mouth shut to save her life, which upsets her very much. She tells him she hates being with him, and that he makes her miserable all the time. He tells her he doesn’t hate her, and she retorts back he is abusive like Jonathon and Victoria. She says she wasted two years on him, and she won’t waste another minute. She then pulls her sweatshirt hood over her face. Adam then comes over and says he loves har and apologizes.

Adam and Rebecca, Kris and Jon, and Jonathon and Victoria stop over in Rome, and end up on the same flight as Lori and Bolo. Adam and Rebecca, Jonathon and Victoria and Lori and Bolo catch the 8:00 AM charter flight, leaving Freddy and Kendra, Kris and Jon and Hayden and Aaron to catch the 8:30 AM charter flight.

Once they land, they need to get into marked vans, and direct the driver to Lewz Village. Jonathon begins looking for a guide again, and it upsets Victoria as she sees it as wasting time, now that the second charter has arrived and they are still walking around. In the van Kendra says something I don’t quite understand. She had made some very derogatory comments when in Senegal. But here in Ethiopia, she says, “People choose to be this way. I find it refreshing. The animals aren’t even as skinny.” What the heck does this mean?

Once at Lewz Village, the teams are met with a Detour, their choice of two manual labor jobs in Ethopia. In Raise the Roof, they will carry a thatched roof two-thirds of a mile to a house with the help of some locals. In Mud the Hut, they will use a plaster made of dirt, straw and water to cover an entire wall of a house; not that that’s a lot, as these houses are very, very tiny. Adam and Rebecca, Hayden and Aaron and Kris and Jon all choose Raise the Roof, and have no problems whatsoever. Lori and Bolo, Jonathon and Victoria, and Freddy and Kendra all choose Mud the Hut. I was left surprised that Lori and Bolo made this choice, as they always choose the faster, strength necessary tasks.

Freddy cuts his finger badly. Kendra tells him he needs First Aid, and tells him he probably shouldn’t keep sticking his hand in “this crap.” He retorts that maybe it’s “Holy crap.” Victoria next cuts her finger as she goes running off screaming hysterically. Jonathon does nothing, and sits there and keeps working. While the workers there clean Victoria’s cut and wrap it, Kendra yells, “Jonathon, help her!” He yells back he doesn’t know what’s wrong with her. Not that it’s that hard to say, “Gee, honey, what’s wrong?” I think Victoria just needed to stick her hand in some of Freddy’s holy crap.

Once through with the Detour, the teams need to take two donkeys to St. George’s Church, carved into rock, below ground level. Lots of funny comments are made regarding the “asses”, and it is surprising to hear ass not connected with Jonathon tonight. Rebecca pulls a donkey and says, “C’mon you, Ass!” I knew she wasn’t talking to Adam, though, as her pet name for him is “Wussy Boy.” Aaron says he’s good at guiding asses, and points towards Hayden.

Victoria refuses further treatment on her finger, as she doesn’t want to be eliminated for that. As her and Jonathon run off with only one donkey, she tells him she needs to put her shoes on. For some odd reason, Jonathon is carrying only Victoria’s shoes, a local is walking with them, carrying Jonathon’s backpack, and Victoria is walking barefoot carrying her backpack.

It is very warm and touching to see the local kids taking such an interest in these Americans. The racers all respond very warmly, including Kendra who says the kids are unbelievable, and would love to take some of them home with her. Kendra thinks she is having an asthma attack, but notes she hasn’t had one in fifteen years, since she was a little girl. Freddy tells her it’s probably just a panic attack, and they are able to move on.

Once at St. George’s Church, they turn in their donkeys, and are met with a Yield, followed by the Road Block. For this, one member of each team will need to enter the eight-hundred-fifty year old church, receive a pendant, then search the worshippers outside for a matching pendant. They will receive their next clue from them. Hayden and Aaron choose to not yield anyone, then Hayden makes it through the church, and notices the energy there upon leaving. Receiving the next clue, they find they need to go to Laibela Lookout, the pit stop for this leg of the race.

Lori and Kris choose to do their Road Blocks, after each of their teams passed up the Yield. Getting to the Yield just before Freddy and Kendra, Adam and Rebecca yield them, and Adam chooses to do the Road Block. Freddy blames Kendra, since she was up on the hill instead of down below with him. Jonathon and Victoria make the sudden discovery they were to travel with two asses, not one, so they turn back to get their second. Note to Victoria, you were traveling with two asses and didn’t notice. Jonathon, of course, blames Victoria for her panic when they were leaving the Mud the Hut Detour.

Hayden and Aaron arrive in first place at the pit stop, winning a vacation to Mexico. Phil notes he was worried about them, after coming in last place last week, but now they have completely turned it around. Lori and Bolo arrive in second place, and Phil tells them they don’t smell so good. Kris and Jon come third. Freddy and Kendra get through the yield before Victoria and her three asses return, and Kendra does the Road Block. Victoria borrows one of the kids’ shirts to walk through the church, assumably because she saw it as disrespectful to walk through a church, her top half clad only in a running bra. Kendra has finished, but Aaron is still trying to finish this task. Freddy and Kendra come in fourth, and admit they thought they were going home after being yielded, and Adam and Rebecca arrive eventually in fifth place. This means … Jonathon and Victoria are last, but they arrive with great fanfare with a crowd of kids with them. He tells Phil he hopes it’s a non-elimination round, but this isn’t the case. Jonathon and Victoria are eliminated.

Jonathon’s parting words are that the world is a tough place, and if you can conquer anything, you are doing a good job. He also says he knows they fought a lot, but they enjoyed every minute of the race. I am glad they have not won the race, as I don’t think that behavior should be rewarded. Although, I am still left trying to figure out what type of person Jonathon is. At times, especially when he was with local kids, he could be the most kind person out there, but at other times, he was the ass, and not the ones braying alongside him on the walk.

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