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Interview With Dolly Neely of Survivor: Vanuatu

by Grant

Hey Dolly! Thanks so much for taking all of our questions! You were one of my favorites on the show and we were all disappointed that you weren’t around longer. Congratulations on all that you’ve done!

It’s hard to come out of there with any life-changing views after only six
days, but lots of former Survivors say that the experience changed their
lives and opened their eyes as to the way they are living. Did you come out with any new views on the way people live or the way you’ve led your life up to this point?

It really only proved to me that I need to be a little more direct and make clear decisions. It was hard for me to choose which girls I liked and which I didn’t. That’s just me, Dolly in the middle!

I am a lot like Switzerland. I couldn’t have done anything differently
given another chance and wouldn’t want to anyway. Six days was plenty.

Your elimination from the game came as a surprise to many of the viewers at home, and it was all made possible by Eliza’s swing vote. Do you hold any grudges towards Eliza after she voted you out after you kept your promise with her, or have you moved on?

I definately don’t hold any grudges. Eliza is Eliza. I am just glad I didn’t have to share my entire summer with her.

Up until about the day of the Tribal Council that you were eliminated, it seemed like you really were the swing vote. Looking back, do you regret ‘advertising’ the fact that you were the one with the power? What would you have changed about the way you played the game?

Wouldn’t have changed much! I was in the middle. I liked everyone but that isn’t the name of the game. Besides, after tribal and being voted off – that’s when the fun begins…..

You were one of a few people this season who seemed to be a very hardcore Christian. Did your beliefs ever conflict with those around you? Any religious debates ever start up, or was everyone pretty accepting?

We did have a debate one afternoon by the fire, which envolved Eliza, who is jewish and Amiwho, well I dont know what she is but she is gay so she had some different opinions. I am open minded, never preachy so it was fun. I learned a lot in those six days.

After living six days without very much food or water, do you feel you would’ve been able to continue on for the other thirty-three days or would it have been too much for you? Do you think you would’ve been able to stick it out?

I’ve always heard the first week is the hardest, that’s when they really bare bones you out there. After that you start to win rewards, which includes some more food and comfort items.

I realize now that I don’t need to eat as much to get by and that’s nice. I could have made it, but I am not sad that I didn’t have to find out.

Was there anyone presented on the show differently than you saw them on the island? Were you happy with the way you were portrayed?

I think the producers did a good job showing everyone’s personality. I love what they showed of me.

I am certain that they have footage of each of us that would shock most
people. Hopefully that always stays in the vault!

Have you kept in contact with anybody from the show? Did you make any friendships that you can picture keeping for years to come?

I guess I loved Mia the most and well, actually the whole first 9. We spent a lot of time together over the summer. I hope to always be in contact with everybody.

Why did you, along with Julie, Mia, and Lisa, decide to vote for Leann over Eliza, who at that point seemed to be bugging everybody? What was the rationale behind voting out the “quiet one” over the mouth? Was it obvious that early on how close Ami and Leann were?

Eliza was just the obvious choice … or at least that’s what I thought. She really was annoying.

I had no idea about Ami or Leann, I just knew I didn’t want Eliza to win.

What do you think the future holds for you? Any plans on moving out to Hollywood and trying to make it on the acting scene or are you going to stick with the sheep?

I want to try and keep it simple. Maybe a soap or something like that would be good. You know … the new shepherdess in Salem Place or some such thing.

I do love Los Angeles …… keep your eyes open! In the meantime I am the spokeswoman for Mercer County and I have a few commercials airing now.

Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans out there?

I want to say thanks for the love and pray for Mark Burnett to do an
ULTIMATE SURVIVOR so I have another chance!

Thanks very much for yout time Dolly, and best of luck!


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