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The Voice, May 8 – And the Winner is … Purrfect the Cat Edition!!

They came, they sang, and now tonight we find out who will be crowned The Voice.  But not before the producers stretch out what could be handled in a five-minute program into a two-hour event.  For those of you who can’t remember, here are the finalists:

Team Adam: Tony Lucca

Team Blake: Jermaine Paul

Team Cee Lo: Juliet Simms

Team Christina: Chris Mann

(Does anyone else find it kind of funny that the only woman left is on Team Cee Lo?)

Tonight will feature performances by Flo Rider, Hall & Oates, Lady Antebellum and Justin Bieber. (Oh boy.)  As Carson Daly goes through the coaches for their thoughts at the beginning of the evening, I have to give a shoutout to Cee Lo who is wearing a t-shirt with all of the members of his team from this season on it.

Jermaine Paul performs I Want You Back, with James Massone, Jamar Rodgers and Pip. (The bow tie is back!)

We get an outtake reel that is pretty funny, followed by Juliet Simms and Flo Rida doing a medley of his hits.  I think I would have rather seen more outtakes.

Now it’s Beautiful Symphony with Chris Mann, joined by Katrina Parker and Lindsey Pavao.  The end wasn’t as painful as the beginning.

There’s a bit about the Bromance between Adam Levine and Blake Shelton.  The end result is: they love each other, everyone else loves Cee Lo Green, and Christina Aguilera wonders why nobody loves her.

Jermaine Paul, Chris Mann and Tony Lucca join Hall & Oates on stage. I’m sure Tony was wondering if Christina was going to complain when John Hall sings the B-word during their rendition of Rich Girl. I much prefer this to Flo Rida. Can we just call it a night and go out on a high note?  No? Didn’t think so.

We get Cheesa, Matthai, Kim Yardbough and Sera Hill singing Superstitious.

Juliet Simms takes the stage with Jamar Rodgers, Rae Lynn and Erin Willett to sing With A Little Help From My Friends.  Okay, this wasn’t too painful.

It’s a bit on Purrfect the cat.  Really? I mean, really? This show has really gone to the dogs.

Next up is a wonderful performance from Lady Antebellum debuting their latest single Wanted You More.  

Tony Lucca performsGo Your Own Way/em>with Jordis Unga.This is my favorite of the performances of the night from Voice contestants.

An Saturday Night Live skit on Cee Lo and cats. (Again with the cats?)

We also see all four finalists get their choice of Kia cars.  While drinking champagne.  There’s a screen shot for MADD.

And now, as we’ve been told umpteen times already by Carson Daly, Justin Bieber sings Boyfriend.  Is it too late to bring back Purrfect the cat?

Now it’s time to find out who is The Voice. (If I see that cat take the stage, I’m changing the channel!)

Carson goes person to person, giving them a chance to get in a few last words. Did he also get a dig in on Christina while talking to Tony Lucca?  (Not one-dimensional and a more than a member of the Mickey Mouse Club?)

fourth place Chris Mann

third place Tony Lucca (Wow!)

second place Juliet Simms (Wow! Pt2!!!)

The winner is … Jermaine Paul!!!!!!!

So much for the odds!!!  I thought Jermaine was great, but I never thought he’d win over Tony or Juliet!!!  But you gotta give it to him.  They hand him a mic and ask him to sing I Believe I Can Fly while crying and hugging everyone in sight. Needless to say, it’s not the most elegant performance, but you can’t help but be moved by him.  

So that’s it for The Voice, Season 2!!  Congratulations to Blake Shelton and most especially, Jermaine Paul!

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