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The Voice, May 7 – Final Showdown (Christina & Tony) Edition

Juliet Simms’ Duet with Cee Lo Green ~~~ Born To Be Wild

Juliet and Cee Lo start out on motorcycles.  She’s being overpowered by the music.  He’s dressed in a studded MC jacket.  She’s dressed in something that Paul Stanley of KISS might wear.  I think she’s playing it easy with the vocals here as we were told earlier that she’s sick.  It doesn’t sound bad. But I wasn’t amazed by her vocals.  Not bad, but not as great as we’ve heard her before.

Tony Lucca’s Duet with Adam Levine ~~~ Yesterday

Ok, this is one of the best songs, ever.  So don’t screw it up.  Adam’s singing with Tony playing acoustic guitar.  The thing about this song is it’s not about tricks and runs, but about getting it right and connecting emotionally.  Adam and Tony are doing that in spades.  Impressive.

Jermaine Paul ~~~ God Gave Me You

This is Blake’s song.  Jermaine sounds great singing it.  There’s less country in this than in Blake’s version.  He walks down to Blake and shakes hands. The stage lights up as Jermaine hits the big ending. It was really good.

Chris Mann ~~~ You Raise Me Up

Well, who couldn’t see this song choice coming? There’s someone who is signing the song at the left of the stage. (Or is that the right?) Why?  Do they do that for all the songs? Chris starts in the back by the band then walks down a red carpet and is joined by a choir of people dressed like I used to dress when I went to Catholic school.  Christina is in the audience crying.  Chris himself looks emotional. 

Cee Lo: (did he change tee shirts?) You are by far one of the most incomparable vocalists I’ve ever heard.  If I ever fall in love again, please sing at my wedding. 

Christina: Thank you for raising me up.  You got here by true talent alone.  It was so beautiful. I love my team.

Me: Hmmmm.  Notice they didn’t give either Adam or Blake a chance to speak.  Was that just because they’re running out of time, or were they worried someone might say something?  Hmmm.

Jermaine Paul’s Duet with Blake (Shufflin’) Shelton ~~~ Soul Man

Blake and Jermaine look like they’re having fun before they even start singing.  There’s plenty of swagger on stage between them.  They look and sound good together.  This is fun more than anything else. Blake brings out the good time in Jermaine.

Tony Lucca ~~~ Harder to Breathe

This is Tony’s tribute to Adam.  What I’ve noticed is that the only time Tony wasn’t at the top of his game was when he didn’t wear a hat. Not sure what that means. Once again, Tony is rocking it, but I think he made an oopsey with the lyrics.

And in what will probably be the most talked about moment of the night, Tony takes a moment to thank not only Adam, but all four judges, however it seems Christina is too busy tweeting on her phone to pay attention. Classy.

Juliet Simms ~~~ Free Bird

Great song, but not sure if it’s a great choice for the competition.  In fact, this may have just handed the whole thing to Tony. Juliet looks like she’s glowing. In fact, I think she is. She’s got that grit in her voice. She prowls the edge of the stage for a bit, then for the big ending stands where her red cape will be blown up into the air. She sounded a little strained, but still great. Is it enough to overtake Tony?

Adam: What you do is just so incredible. It was beautiful.

Christina: I loved that song, you killed it.

Cee Lo: I have one thing to say.  With Juliet Simms on my team, I have no problems.  (He then stands and we see his tee shirt that says “No Problems.”)

Me: It was cool.  But this isn’t going to win it for her. If she wins, then it will be for her first song and because her fans remember Roxanne. 

So who will win?  Here’s the final round up.

Chris Mann: Great voice, technically probably the best in the competition. But it’s not just about vocal talent. It’s about having that “it” factor.  Does Chris Mann have it?

Jermaine Paul: I can see why Blake chose him. Out of everyone left, Jermaine connects with the songs more than anyone else.  He tells the story of the song. Something that country singers understand.  But I don’t know if it’s enough to take him over the top tonight.

Juliet Simms: I think Juliet has been the best from this season. She wasn’t the best tonight. But she may still have been good enough.

Tony Lucca: Three out of four coaches agree that Tony is a great singer.  Guess who the fourth is? However, Christina’s attitude may just help win it for Tony. Not that he wasn’t good enough to win on his own. Between 99 Problems and Yesterday, Tony owned it tonight.

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