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The Voice, May 7 – Final Showdown (Christina & Tony) Edition

And then there were four.

Jermaine Paul

Tony Lucca

Chris Mann

and Juliet Simms.

Juliet Simms is the favorite to win 1/2, while Tony Lucca is right behind at 5/2.  Paul is down at 15/2 while Mann is the long shot at 10/1.  This according to The Spread.

According to me, I think it’s going to come down to either Tony Lucca or Juliet Simms.  At the outset, I’ll say Juliet has the edge, but we’ll see what happens as the night progresses.

Tonight, we get a song from each, a duet with their coach, and then something else that they aren’t telling us.  Juggling?  Probably not.  Curling?  I wouldn’t hand out the brooms just yet.

Jermaine Paul ~~~ I Believe I Can Fly

Really? Hasn’t anyone passed a law outlawing the use of this song for either a singing competition or a political campaign?  If not, they should.  Jermaine is rocking the after-wedding look of a white jacket with the tie and black tie unbuttoned.  He’s actually standing on something that makes him look like he should be on a really big wedding cake; he’s just missing a big plastic bride. But I digress.  He sounds wonderful.  He takes his time and builds the song into an amazing climax.  It was an intense performance and a good way to start the show; however this song should still be persona non grata.

Christina Aguilera: You just sing with so much heart and emotion.

Cee Lo Green: I think it was the perfect song choice. You look strong, a handsome man.

Adam Levine: You’re so powerful; you are an incredible singer.  It was so elegant.

Blake Shelton: My heart is in my throat. I’m speechless.  I’ve listened to that song so many times, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard it until tonight.  (We’ve all heard it so many times. People have gone into diabetic comas from this song.)

Juliet Simms ~~~ Crazy

As a tribute to her coach Cee Lo Green, Juliet performs one of his songs. (As they all will do tonight.)  I’m not that familiar with it, but she sounds great.  It was pretty rocking.

I’m noticing as we go on that there’s little rhyme or reason in the order tonight.  Also, earlier as Jermaine Paul was being interviewed, we were getting tweets from famous people.  Most were about the fantastic performance just delivered by Jermaine Paul, (From Jordan Sparks, Alicia Keys and maybe even Barbara Walters.) Justin Bieber tweeted about how he’s going to be on tomorrow night.

Chris Mann’s Duet with Christina Aguilera ~~~ The Prayer

Under a red arch, with an amazing stain glass backdrop, Christina and Chris sing to one another.  It’s powerful and emotional and mostly in another language.  It was amazing.  You can buy this on ITunes, but they (any of the duets) don’t count as votes. 

Tony Lucca ~~~ 99 Problems

Tony is ambitious.  He starts out standing behind a kick drum, with a guitar and singing.  Maybe he really should juggle too?  Whatever, this feels like a performance that belongs in a stadium. It’s big, bold and pretty damn bad. (I mean that in a good way) A crowd pleaser.  So far, the best of the night.

Blake: That was a lot of fun and a really cool version of that song.

Christina: I thought it sounded great. The lyrical content was a little derogatory towards women. (This after she points out that his wife and daughter were in the audience.)

Cee Lo: Tony Lucca. (In what I guess is his Italian Godfather voice?) I thought it was hard. (I think that’s what he said. I think it means he liked it. Cee Lo certainly seemed to like it.)

Adam: (Adam defends the song choice. Christina still isn’t happy, but Adam doesn’t back down. Good for him. ) The intent behind the song – the use of the word “bitch” –  isn’t directed at women. Christina doesn’t relent, and Adam responds: It’s a metaphor.

Me: Song lyrics aside, it was great.  I don’t know that Christina should have made such a big deal on air about it either.  Sounds like this is something that has been a bee in her bonnet, so to say. Not sure how true it is, but judge for yourself.

Uh oh, trouble in paradise?

Chris Mann ~~~ The Voice Within

This is Christina’s song.  There are words scrolling above Chris as he sings. Not sure how they’re doing that, but it’s cool, even if a little distracting.  Of course, Chris doesn’t put on a major show.  His voice seems flawless as he makes his way through this song.  Christina is glowing as she watches.  Chris hits the big note at the end. Then Christina runs up for a hug and gets in another dig at Tony Lucca.  Was that really needed? We got the point; you didn’t like the lyrics of Tony’s song.  Did you complain when Jay Z did it? Or is this reserved only for other former members of the Mickey Mouse Club?