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Interview with Towanda of Starting Over

by LauraBelle

RS: What is the latest news about your solo career?

Towanda: I am currently working with a producer by the name of Orlando Calzada, and I have completed my demo to send out my package to shop to different record companies.

RS: You and Iyanla had a rocky start. Can you attribute that to anything
in particular?

Towanda: I believe it was about respect. My mother taught me to always respect my elders, so it was hard for me to express my feeling without feeling that I was being disrespectful to Iyanla.

RS: Kim and Jennifer found out about Deborah’s true reasons for leaving
and her fear of being pregnant on their way to Denver. When did you find

Towanda: I found out when I got a phone call from my husband, Andre, and when my sister Tamar called me to tell me I was right about having my fish dream.

RS: You had your share of ups and down in your relationship with Sommer.
How did you feel about the manner in which she left?

Towanda: It wasn’t a happy moment for me when Sommer was asked to leave the Starting Over house. I did feel however it was inevitable due to the constant warnings.

RS: It was very difficult to hear your dad rejected your efforts to work
things out while you were on the show. Have you worked things out since?

Towanda: I talk to my daddy as much as I can now, and we are rebuilding our relationship. Before we hang up the phone we always say, “I love you.”

RS: Since returning home, how has your relationships changed with your
husband, mom and sisters?

Towanda: My relationship is better for me, because I now speak my truth, and my husband supports me in my efforts of standing up for myself. My family respects my changes.

RS: What is your current relationship with the other members of your
Sisterhood on Starting Over?

Towanda: The sisterhood is alive and strong!! I talk to Kimmie everyday, and Jennifer and I talk a lot as well!

RS: What did you learn from the other women of the house and your life

Towanda: I have learned that no matter where you come from, we all have problems – big or small, and it is up to you as an individual to make a change.

RS: Thank you, Towanda, for your time, and we are wishing you much success in your new solo career!

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