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The Amazing Race, May 6 – Captain Poopy Pants Wins the Race!

The subway teams arrive and decide to work together. Meanwhile, Vanessa and Ralph are trying to catch another cab, but a driver thinks they’re waving at him. They finally catch one as the others find out they were at the old building as well, and need to head to the newer one. Apparently Big Brother didn’t get enough help from the locals.

Art is still trying to run the length of the treadmill, and this time he does it. He gets his next clue, and it tells and at J.J. to head to the roof of the Umeda Sky Building to look for a pair of Windows 7 Touch PCs where they will view the Detour choices. Border Patrol gets back in a cab, and J.J. tells Art he looked so ridiculous, but he loved it.

Vanessa and Ralph arrive at the newer TV studio, and she has to do the Roadblock because he has already done five. It might be hard for her to run on the treadmill with that bum ankle of hers. She’s hoping it’s not something too physical while she puts on all the safety equipment. The other two teams arrive, and since Redhead Rachel has done five Roadblocks, Brendon will need to do this one, while Dave also will do it.

Vanessa comes out in her equipment, followed by Brendon. They start running on the treadmill, and Vanessa complains it really hurts. She falls as Brendon jumps up and grabs his first and second chicken. He’s used to this type of challenge from Big Brother. She falls again, and he does as well trying to get his third chicken. Blonde Rachel joins them and gets one chicken, but can’t get the next. Brendon gets his third chicken and dives for the finish, but is told he has to jump and not dive, so has to run to the finish again.

Vanessa is still falling down repeatedly. Blonde Rachel gets her second chicken and falls going for number three. Brendon finally jumps to the end and is done. Blonde Rachel finishes as well. Vanessa is struggling to get her first chicken and finally does, only to fall again. She apologizes, and Ralph tells her to come talk to him. Her wants her to stop and take the penalty just to finish the Race. She sobs as he tells her if she wants, to go finish.

He ankle is obviously swollen as as she falls again and obvoiusly hurts her ankle all over again. He orders her to stop, saying it’s just not worth it. She doens’t want to quit and let Ralph down, but is in excruciating pain. She gets the second chicken, and starts disrobing trying to help her get the third one. Sh finally gets the third one and takes a huge fall. Now she has to run and jump on the finish.

Border Patrol reach the Detour and find a beautiful view on the top of the building. They play the Windows 7s and see that the Detour involves Bingo or Photo. In Bingo, teams will need to correctly identify the sushi coming off a conveyor belt with letters attached to them and match them to a name on the Bingo board. Once they spell out “Sushi,” they will yell out “Sushi,” eat all five pieces, then receive their next clue. In Photo, teams will pick up a camera and three life-size cutouts of sumo wrestlers, and convince locals to pose for a photo. After ten photos, they will deliver the photos to the photographer to get the next clue. Border Patrol decides to do Bingo, as all men love bingo and sushi.

Blonde Rachel/Dave and Big Brother both reach the top of the building at the same time. Rachel and Dave ask security for the clue, only to find out they are up one floor too high. Big Brother search for the clue and can’t find it either.

Vanessa is putting her safety gear on again as Ralph asks if she’s going to keep trying this until her ankle breaks. She just reaches the end only to fall off and go flying all the way back. On her next attempt she hits it, and Ralph is very proud of her sticking it out. It’s not quite Kentucky, but still good. However, in the cab, she’s trying to reaffix her most-likely false eyelashes, saying she looks like hell. Ralph reminds her about priorities.

Big Brother is deciding to look for the clue on a different level as Blonde Rachel and Dave finally find the Windows 7s. They decide to do Photo just as Big Brother arrive and decide to do Sushi. Stepping into the cab, Dave finds his bag open and notices something roll out onto the street. He finds it. Redhead Rachel asks locals where the sushi place is. Dave yells at his Rachel about unzipping his bag, and she yells back she didn’t do it. He calls her a freak and tells her silence is golden, prompting her to say “Then shut the [muted] up.”

Vanessa and Ralph have caught up and are deciding which Detour to take. Big Brother is worried with them “right on our tails.” Vanessa and Ralph decide to do Sushi, as she says she’s so excited to eat something. Border Patrol arrive at Sushi first and find really excited locals. They have no idea what the types of sushi are, though, as it’s in Japanese. Blonde Rachel and Dave finally get to Photo and start trying to grab people. Dave tells her to use her flowery personality to get people. She realizes it’s going to be harder than she thought. They finally get one photo snapped. She tells him to work the charisma.

Big Brother reach the sushi place as Border Patrol is still working on it. Art figures out the strategy, that they need to figure out what letter they need on their board, then wait for the announcer to call the sushi that matches that letter. J.J. looks bored and/or frustrated. Big Brother walk in and begin playing. Rachel grabs the sushi off the conveyor which upsets Brendon as it’s not the way he wants it. Blonde Rachel and Dave are still working on their photos and have five of the ten taken.

The other two teams are working on their sushi matching. Vanessa and Ralph are still in the cab on the way there. Blonde Rachel and Dave get their ninth photo, and finally their last. They arrange the pictures on a board and present it, getting the next clue to head to the pit stop at Osaka Castle.

Border Patrol are still playing Sushi, and have three different pieces will give them Bingo. They finally get it, but Art yells out Bingo instead of Sushi. They cram the sushi in their faces and get the clue to the pit stop. Brendon and Rachel are arguing their way through it. Vanessa and Ralph arrive as the arguing continues with Big Brother. When he was in control of the board he got upset with her for grabbing random sushi off the conveyor. Now that she’s in control, she gets upset at him grabbing random sushi. Instead of working on Bingo all ways they can, they are just looking for it in one direction and are waiting for a U.

Blonde Rachel and Dave land on Phil’s mat and are named team number one. They are one of the three teams who will be in the final leg and have tied the record for the most legs won by one team. Additionally, they have won a trip from Travelocity to New Zealand. Phil tells them it’s his homeland, and he promises them it will be a good trip. She promises they’ll make history on the next leg.

Border Patrol is in the cab on the way to the castle as Brendon and Rachel are still looking for their U. They finally get it as Ralph tells Vanessa to not worry about them and just concentrate on what they need to do. Big Brother is on their way, as Border Patrol can’t find Phil and his mat at the pit stop. Vanessa and Ralph get Bingo, eat, and head to the pit stop. They hate to wish losing on anyone but hope another team got lost or abducted by aliens.

Well that would be Border Patrol who still can’t find Phil and his mat, but do see Big Brother arrive. They both race up stairs, and neither of the teams can find it. Border Patrol finds it first, telling Phil he had a good hiding place. They are team number two. They promise they’ll win. Big Brother are still searching as Vanessa and Ralph arrive and start searching as well.